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Wow Look at Me!

7 Nov

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson



Still making mistakes at my old age.

Wisdom doesn’t come by a calendar page.

When do we accept ourselves with all our flaws?

Does society rule?  Or our self-inflicted laws?


Lord, I need your power to live victoriously.

I can’t do it on my own.

None of my good intentions will work

unless You are “on the throne”.


You have placed eternity in our soul.

To be your obedient servant is my goal.

There is one main truth none of us can deny.

We can’t fully enjoy life-

Until we are prepared to die.

“If any of you lack wisdom,
 let him ask of God, who gives to all
 liberally and without reproach, and
 it will be given to him.”
                           James 1:5

What is Required of Us

31 Oct

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson



We aren’t required to do great things-

just small things with great love.

Open your heart to help someone.

Do all things as unto the Lord above.


Be present in the moment.

Do you hear the plea?

“I need someone to listen,

Won’t you give five minutes to me?”


When you open your hand to help,

you are truly opening your heart.

and when you do all things as unto the Lord,

He will strengthen you from the start.


” Lord, we all need people in our life-

It’s implanted in our soul.”

To love and to  be loved is an inborn emotion.

Make communicating today your goal..


A day without love is wasted.

There is always such a need.

When you reach out to your neighbor,

You are expressing God’s love in deed.


L                E

O     V

Identify Your Gift- God Gave You One

24 Oct

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson

“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me

than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge”.

Albert Einstein


Lord, I know there is a lot to be serious about in life,

but there is a need for levity, too.

Laughter is good medicine and lowers your

blood pressure quicker than a pill can do.


You have given us the gift of “Helps”

Look around.  There is always a need.

The good Lord turned my home into a “cat haven”

I now have eight cats to feed!


The gift of fantasy has served me well throughout the years.

Born during the “Great Depression”,

I wrote poetry to dispel my fears.


Magazines were a great source of material

used in composing cards for family or a friend.

I cut out a “knight in shining armor,”

which pleased my father to no end.


Have you identified your gift from God?

There is no doubt you have one.

God has created us in His own image.

We now have fellowship with the Son.


Know the Joy of Being Imperfect

5 Sep

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders




When I first read the article on aging.
I truly wondered about the author’s age.
These are broad statements to make,
unless related to a calendar page.

“Older people are happier.
Being imperfect brings a sense of joy”
The author has a great sense of humor..
“Has society changed since you were a boy?”

“Longer life will improve quality of life”
Are you delusional?
“Aging increases knowledge”
If Alzheimer doesn’t make you institutional..

I have made my own observation about life..
Being imperfect is a natural state to be in..
Thank God, we have a Savior,
That should put an end to our chagrin

Blue Birds on bird bath

Where Do I Go To Cry

22 Aug

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

                                    Life presents many challenges-
                                    When confronted, I honestly try,
                                    But when bad things happen,and they surely do,
                                    Where do I go to cry?
                                    It isn’t gender related,
                                    nor is it ruled by a calendar page.
                                    Bad things happen to good people
                                    Regardless of sex or age.


                                   Emotional tears are the body’s way
                                   of reducing stress-
                                   So let those tears flow
                                   in times of sadness… or happiness.
                                  Mathew 5:4
                                  “Blessed are they that mourn,
                                  for they shall be comforted.”
                                  Psalm 30
                                  “Weeping may endure for a night,
                                  but joy comes in the morning.”

The Joy of Encouragement

16 May

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders



Written applause carries a special

power all its own.

It is tangible evidence of appreciation

that can never be overthrown.


Penned praise can be savored.

It can bring joy to a heart.

Email may be a time saver –

But a handwritten note is set apart.


Has someone done you a favor,

even “gone the extra mile?”

Touch their heart with a letter

It makes their effort worthwhile.


We don’t do “good works” to be praised,

that is truly not our intention.

God created us to serve our fellow man.

It is heartfelt intervention.


“H-m-m-m Wait a minute, please!”

This lady has changed her mind –

While penning my thoughts I received 3 emails,

Each one of a kind.


One, especially, touched my heart.

Its words I want to savor.

I simply pushed the “print” button

And did myself a favor.


The lesson I just learned is so true.

It isn’t important “how” your communicate –

Just be sure you do!


Handwritten note copy

The Joy of Encouragement

21 Mar

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders



We can be encouraged by what we hear-
Words are powerful; of this we are aware.
But nobody cares how much you know,
until they know how much you care.

It’s wonderous what a hug can do-
A hug can cheer you when you’re blue.
A hug can say, “I love you so”,
or “I sure hate to see you go”.

A hug is, “Welcome back again”-
and “Great to see you, where’ve you been?”
A hug can smoothe a small child’s pain,
and bring a rainbow after rain.

The hug- there’s no doubt about it,
We scarcely could survive without it.
A hug delights, and warms and charms-
It must be why God gave us arms.

Hugs are great for fathers and mothers,
Sweet for sisters, swell for brothers.
Kittens crave them; puppies love them.
and politicians are not above them.

No need to fret about your store of them-
The more you give, the more there’s more of them.
So stretch those arms without delay,
and give someone a hug today!

The message of this poem is “encouragement”-
When we touch someone with the love of God,
It fills a void;
That is my intent.

We are to encourage one another.
I know that I am encouraged by what I sense,
by what I hear, by what I read.
Reach out and touch someone-
Sense the hunger, sense the need.

Footnote: Learn to build up, not beat up.
The command to encourage one another is found
five times in the New Testament. It’s addressed
to all believers. It is not conditional, it is not optional.
It is a command.

“He climbs highest who helps another up”
Zig Zagler

Let it Go

28 Feb

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

What is it that’s bothering you?
Something you should have done,
but failed to do?


You forgave someone
when they didn’t seem to care?
Perhaps of the pain you felt at the time
they were totally unaware.

If we harbor our resentments,
we can cause an internal traffic jam.
Be kind to yourself and “let it go”-
Say “That’s just not who I am”.

Don’t be like the old man with bended head,
carrying a bag of feathers that he thinks is lead.
Take it to the Lord in prayer-
He is faithful, and He does care.

“I will be your helper, says the Lord, even He who takes up your cause”. Isaiah 41:4

“I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4


It's hard to be happy

Word Association

31 Jan

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

Is there a secret to having a good memory?
If there is, won’t you share?

As a military wife, I found myself always
in a social setting-
meeting new people everywhere.

I tried “word association”
where you picture things in your mind.
For instance, when I met a Mrs. Finnifrock.
I pictured a dress with a fish tail on the back-
truly one of a kind.

SO, what did I call her when we met again?
All I remembered was the fish tail!
Instead of “Mrs. Finnifrock “
“Mrs. FISHBACK” was my anxious wail!

P S. “There” seems to be the most common name
We hear it everywhere-
When memory fails, and the name won’t come,
We cheerfully exclaim, “HELLO.There!”

You Are a Star

13 Dec

From my Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders


Being good isn't good enough
to meet another's expectations-
I'll be the best I can be,
But I have to be ME-
What do you see in YOUR reflections?

God created us just as we are-
He had a plan, don't you see.
In His plan for your life,
You are a STAR!,
But I will still remain Me!

Oh, but God has a plan for all of us-
even though we can't all have top billing.
On the "Stage of Life" we all have a part-
To serve takes a heart that is willing!

God, Himself, came to seek and to save-
What an example He set for you and me-
Lay down your life for your fellow man,
We are here to love and serve all humanity.

1 Samuel 7:3, 12:14 “Thou shall fear the Lord and serve Him.

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