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Heaven is in Your Future

20 Nov

My Take

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1 Corinthians 13:12 Paraphrase

Comforter-Heaven is in your Future

You do not see things clearly. You’re squinting in a fog, peeking into a smoky mirror. It won’t be long, though until everything clears up. When you see the Kingdom of Heaven you will know Me as thoroughly as I now know you. You will see with your spirit. Wondrous things you have seen on earth will be as nothing to you.

Until that completeness comes you have four things to do. One, trust steadily in Me; two, constantly hope for the best; and three stop considering the worst that could happen; four, love with all your heart and with all My power.

Trying to imagine what old age or Heaven will be like is the same as worrying about the future. Faith, hope, and love is your focus now. You can never understand until you get there, so don’t dwell on it. It’s a promise that will come true and that’s all you need to know.

Faith, hope, and charity. And what is charity? It is goodwill toward others. Liberal giving of all kinds. Mercy. Minimal judgment. I will give you plenty of people to love and help. Your love will not come out of your need, but out of the power of My Holy Spirit who is your Helper.

Live now as you did under your parents’ protection, never worrying about the future. Whether earthly parents were good or bad really makes no difference, though. I have always been the one who looked after you and I always will be.


9 Oct

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Painting and paraphrase by DiVoran Lites


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