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Pencil Sharpeners

19 Feb

My Take

DiVoran Lites



I hear they have

Electric pencil sharpeners now

Bzzz and the point is made

When I was bored in grade-school

To amuse myself

I walked up front to the pencil sharpener

With my yellow number two.

Didn’t know there was another kind

Of pencil in the world

Nowadays I love to art

I have rainbows and lollipops of color in stick form

Inktense, watercolor, wax pastels,

Crayons, and colored pencils

Too many art supplies

But that’s because

Artists are art-store junkies

All my color sticks need to be

Sharpened periodically

I have many hand sharpeners

But for a tough job such as

A colored pencil with

A broken off head

I open to the secret on the linen closet wall

And hand grind the wood away

To expose the purple underneath

For stroking highlights into books,

Especially Holy Bibles on gossamer thin

Paper with light-catching golden edges.

Dog Saturday

12 Feb

My Take

DiVoran Lites




Morning Dogs:

We walked into Lowe’s not expecting dogs
One tiny old and disabled Pekinese on a blanket in a buggy
One terrier carried by a young man
With an old man’s long scraggly beard
He shows the on-off light on the dog’s collar
This is for when he goes out at night
It’s for in case a hawk or some other creature
Of the night tries to get him.
Course we might just see the light lifting
And what will we do then?


They let people bring dogs to Lowes now?
Yes, Walmart too especially service dogs
This one keeps me calm
I wonder if the young man
Has PTSD…an acronym for shell shock or
Battle fatigue. Or is he kidding?
Next, he says: they threw us out of a
dollar-type store.
I told ‘em they didn’t have to yell,
Just tell me quietly.
But back to Walmart.
They won’t allow dogs in the buggies
They say they ain’t sanitary
But what about babies in dirty diapers
Are they sanitary?
I bathe my dog once a week
Whether she needs it or not
I never take her into restaurants.
But his wife was already moving on
And I had lost my Will of the Wisp husband,
Somewhere in another part of the store.


Afternoon dogs:

Walking the trail I hear deep, heartfelt baying
I figured hounds on the trail had a squirrel or
A raccoon run up a tree.
Small animals for such big dogs to chase
I rounded the corner and saw
A standoff. A man and a woman each
With a very large hound on a leash
And a mother far over on the trail
Hurrying past holding a terrier in one arm
And guiding her tiny daughter on her tiny
Tricycle with the other hand
I said to the mother as she passed
The woman was out for a pleasant walk with her dog and daughter
The hound couple were out for a pleasant walk with their hounds
When the woman and her charges were gone,
I asked what kind of dogs these were.
The man said, “Hounds” and pointed
That little dog barked first
The woman said this here one’s a lab/boxer mix
And that black one is a Blue Tick.
I waved and went on.
They came behind me but they had
To get off the trail for everyone who passed
When I came back up.
They were still coming down.
The Blue-Tick bayed at me in a different tone.
“Tell me all about it,” I said.
The man laughed, and then I hurried by.
It was a beautiful Saturday as I
Danced home to the sound of jazz.

Getting a Pup

5 Feb

My Take 

DiVoran Lites




By DiVoran Lites

My parents got a puppy
I don’t know where
But on their 50th anniversary
Dad left the party and came
Back with a small, black,
Boy they called
Casey or O’Casey
I can’t imagine why.

When I was little Daddy
Had curly black hair
I sat on the couch arm and
Ran my fingers through the silkiness
While he was resting after work
When I grew up, I became a hair stylist
I was at that 50th party
We stayed with Mom and Dad

I volunteered to love the beast
Through his scary first night.
We put him in a box
At the side of my bed
And when he woke
I dangled my hand in the box
And he quieted
Next day we took him

For a walk. The neighbors
Admired him. Aww
Casey traveled to Marrowstone Island,
Blue Mesa reservoir, and the Salton Sea
When it was still a sea.
But Casey didn’t fish or eat fish
Casey got cataracts and had a two thousand dollar
Surgery. He could see for a while but then had to
Navigate by running into walls
When dad went to the nursing home
Casey stayed home with Mother
And Patches the cat.
The three of them cuddled under the homemade
Afghan and watched, “Bonanza,” reruns.
He got let out at night to potty
While white-haired Mother stood by the sliding glass door

Waiting for him to come in.
When Mother went to the nursing home
Brother told Mother that a relative had come to get him.
Mother soon forgot
Mother and Dad both loved
My first memory, or so I’m told
Is watching mice play under a bush.

Giovanni and the Magnolia Tree

29 Jan

My Take

DiVoran Lites



Hot pink flowers growing through green grass

Yellow cosmos glowing to be seen

Cherry laurel with a network of roots

Choke the yard. Call them choke-cherries.

A neighbor who owns a store knocks

On our door, wants to know if he can chop our

Chokers that grow yellow, inedible seed pods

That drop to the ground like accomplices to

The network of underground roots that choke out all other vegetation.

“I have too much energy,” says Giovanni “don’t want to spend it at the fitness center.”

We said yes, but tied a ribbon to the small, misshaped baby Magnolia

Which yearned to be free of overshadowing.

On Sundays, sometimes, we’d hear the crack of the ax

Against a tree and the ker-thump when the giant fell.

We never had one pang of remorse.

We and the magnolia wanted sunlight and at least a glimpse of blue

When most of the cherry laurels were gone,

The magnolia began to grow.

It was warped and scraggly and would never be anything but a runt.

Didn’t look like other magnolias, but it was free now and perhaps someday we’d pick a big flower from its

Boughs and wouldn’t have to ask someone else in the neighborhood

For a blossom to put in on a bowl where it could fill our olfactories with

Fragrance and our eyes with its creamy white petals and bright yellow filaments.

One day, I suppose it was a few years later,

I happened to look out a high window

To see the Magnolia tree, though still not shapely,

Reaching with its grateful branches

Into blue background

Taller than the remaining cherry laurels

With every dark green leaf polished to a flash.

In my mind the tree

Told me all it had needed was light

And there it was, thriving,

Giovanni thrived, too

And fairly newly married has

Possessed a baby son,

Giovanni may be seen every day walking the

New walking child

On cold days the tot wears a thick white sweater with a fuzzy, matching cap.

Sometimes you see them with the stroller coming home from store up near the highway.

Maybe someday they will chop trees or hike the world just to be together and spend their energy.

And the magnolia with be white with flowers.


22 Jan

My Take

DiVoran Lites



Why oh why must every thought

Demand to become a poem

That’s arrogant and demanding.

How can I put down my toothbrush

To write a poem?

How can I stop sweeping the floor

Folding laundry

Cooking supper

Going to the bank?

To write poems, poems, poems

How can I take the time to type them?

So they’ll not be lost?

Ironing 1950

15 Jan

My Take

DiVoran Lites


Painting by DiVoran Lites from Go West



Whoever you iron for

Whatever you iron

Shirts, pillowcases, skirts,

Dresses, jeans, tea towels,

You are ironing to caress

And to earn a dollar a week

For the basketful.

Hanging Out the Clothes

8 Jan

My Take

DiVoran Lites


Author, Poet and Artist




Hanging Out the Clothes 1950


Painting by DiVoran Lites from Go West


Under the clothesline.

Light layer of snow on the ground

Mother bends down and reaches up

Bends down and reaches up

She tells me this is how the cord

Got wrapped around my neck

Before I was born


She teaches me how to hang clothes on the line

I like the pinching clothespins best

But we still have some old wooden ones

From which you can make dolls with round faces

We only have so many clothespins

Use only one to clip like things together

Shirts, Towels, jeans, dresses, sock,

A lone sock requires its own clothespin

Oh-oh, here’s dad’s boxer shorts

Upside down or by the waist?

When it’s time to take them in

Everything has frozen

The boxers stand on the table

It’s the perfect time to start ironing

But day is done and shadows fall

Ten Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

1 Jan

My Take

DiVoran Lites



  1. Jesus’ advent-ure on earth to teach Him all about being human so he could help us with our humanness.
  2. Living free in a free country in good health.
  3. My dear husband of sixty years. We’ve been through so much together, and more to come.
  4. Maturity. It helps me to take things in stride.

5. Good cheer mixed with tears, just because of the season.

  1. Family and friends who joyfully celebrate Christmas with decorations, cookies, cards, presents, trees, music, and best of all family get-togethers.
  2. But, it makes me happy too, not to work so hard at celebrating that I wear myself out.
  3. Poinsettias and Christmas cactus blooming on the porch because we get to live in Florida.
  4. Snuggling with my fifteen-year-old cat, Jasmine. She’s a good girl and I love her.

10. Art, writing, taking walks on a woodsy trail, good books, listening to Christmas                music all day every day. “Joy to the World, the Lord is Come.”



18 Dec

My Take

DiVoran Lites





Romans 8


When you took me on, you received a gloriously adventuresome life. You know you are my child and that along with your brothers and sisters in Christ you will inherit everything I have. I help you to be ready for anything whether so-called bad times or good times.

Believe Me when I tell you that We of the Trinity are praying in you, through you, and for you at all times. My Spirit will always make something good come from the seemingly bad. We will always guide you through your mind and your intuition. Don’t panic or jump to conclusions. Wait, ask for wisdom to think things through. When you turn to us you can tell the difference between your thoughts and ours. Ours bring peace, yours bring illusions.

The way to handle suffering is to know that it will not last forever. Inner change is inevitable no matter what you are going through.

Quotation: “The life of a Christian is a sometimes confusing combination of joy and sadness, contentment and restlessness, comfort, and pain.” Kenneth C. Haugk, Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart

“For I consider [from the standpoint of faith] that the sufferings of the present life are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is about to be revealed to us and in us! Romans 8:18 Amplified Bible (AMP)



Coming Alongside

11 Dec

My Take

DiVoran Lites



Coming Alongside

November 23, 2017

2 Corinthians 1


Suffering touches everyone, but I am here to come alongside you. I promise to make things turn out for good. Because of your salvation, you experience body, soul, and spirit miracles throughout your life.

You go through hard times, thanking me for being in your trials and problems. You are never alone. You will understand and comfort others. You will bring them to Me.

When you suffer, I ask you to invite Me in to help. I want you to be aware that I am praying in you and through you at all times. That and your praise is all the sacrifice I have ever wanted. I can do more for you and everyone around you than you have ever dreamed. Many people try to handle their own lives without Me. But as for you, you know that you need Me and that I am here for you.

Quotation 2 Corinthians 3-5

“All praise to the God and Father of our Master, Jesus the Messiah! Father of all mercy! God of all healing counsel! He comes alongside us when we go through hard times, and before you know it, he brings us alongside someone else who is going through hard times so that we can be there for that person just as God was there for us.” The Message

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