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Avoid Premature Aging With One Word “Enthusiasm”

9 Feb

From the Heart

Louise Gibson




It is not how long you’ve lived
Or how long you have left.
It’s how much life is packed into those years
So you are not feeling bereft.


Sometimes our greatest work is
encouraging other to do
their greatest work.


Perhaps our aim is purpose.
To find our reason for living.
Experience has taught me, it’s not what we get –
But the joy is to be found in giving.


“Find an aim in life before you run out of ammunition.”
Arnold Glasow, “Our Aim in Life”


2 Feb

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders



When we wake up in the morning
there is promise in the air.
We don’t know what the day will bring,
but the expectancy is there.

The time to be happy is now.
We have this day to explore.
Every day is a special occasion.
What are you waiting for?

Avoid premature aging with one word.
Enthusiasm would be my choice.
Get excited about each day.
Give your heart a voice!


It is Always Too Soon to Quit

26 Jan

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders




Let your dream be bigger than your fear.
Hold on to your vision and persevere.
The fuel for your journey is a spark.
By perseverance the snail reached the ark.

Love always perseveres.
a force strong and true.
It motivates your best interests
and brings out the best in you.

Don’t despise the day of small things.
It is the small thing that forms
the framework of our day.
Keep an attitude of gratitude
as the Lord leads you to do
all things His way.

Father Jean Nicholas Grou wrote:
“Little things come daily, hourly, within
our reach, and they are no less calculated
to set forward our growth in holiness than
are the greater occasions which occur but
rarely. Moreover. fidelity in trifles. and an earnest
seeking to please God in little matters is a test of
real devotion and love.”

Let your aim be to please our dear Lord perfectly
in little things.”



19 Jan

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders



Mindfulness is being aware of this moment.
Listen to your heart.
Your life matters.
Live it fully from the start.

Water the seed of optimism.
Have a love affair with life.
Think positive thoughts
and you will drive away the strife.

How will being mindful
help you with your pain?
Being aware of God’s presence
will bring peace to your heart again.



Credit to


12 Jan

From the Heart

Louise Gibson




If ever I wanted to loosen my tongue-
And speak out to those who are young,
It is now.

Please be patient.
Don’t give up in despair.
Our Lord has a plan for your life.
Trust He is always there.

Keep looking up –
God wants the best for you.
Follow your dream
And trust that it will come true!


Don’t let your age determine your dream!

5 Jan

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders



How Old is Old?
Your mind is not controlled by a
calendar page.
Let your dream be bold
There are blessings as we age.


People don’t expect as much from us.
That’s actually a blessing, you know.
When you do come up with “wisdom
from above”
You can stand back and glow.


“When we do the best we can,
we never know what miracle is
wrought in our life. or in the life
of another”

Helen Keller



The Power of Words

29 Dec

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders



Choose your words carefully
for they are powerful. you’ll agree.
They can encourage one’s heart
and turn sadness into glee.

How does one express love?
How do you define it?
It stems from the heart.
There is hope and promise in it.


“Colors fade, temples crumble,
empires fall.
but wise words endure”.
Edward Thorndike


Words of love
“Therefore comfort one another with these words”
1 Thesalonians 4:18

God gave you a gift of of 86,400 seconds today.
Have you used one to say “Thank you”?


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