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Celebrating our Poet Louise Gibson

30 Aug

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

Our sister blogger, Louise Gibson began sharing her poetry with us in 2013. She appropriately titled her writings From the Heart. Her offerings were the most popular on the blog and always drew in new subscribers. On August 20, 2022 Louise and her love-filled heart met face to face with the One who loves best. Her Jesus.

I’ve known her since my high school days, the mother of my best friend. Even at age 70 I still call her Mrs. Gibson. In the self-absorbed way of teenagers, she was simply Lynn’s mom. Of course as time went on I realized she was an amazing woman and later learned of her love for poetry. After reading her life story that her daughter shared with me, I realized her life was so much more than I knew. I decided to share her beautiful life story with our readers.

Louise Eleanor Gibson, age 93, of Orlando, Florida, passed away Saturday, August 20, 2022 of natural causes. She was preceded in death by her husband of 55 years, Retired Lt. Col Doyle Gene Gibson, her infant son Gary Gibson, her parents Edgar Brown and Clara Swaising Brown, and her brother Edward Brown.

She was born on February 13,1929 in Akron OH, her life shaped by growing up during the Great Depression. Riding her bike was a favorite pastime in her youth, she was always a voracious reader, and she had a lifelong love of writing poetry. As a young teenager, she worked as a hospital volunteer known as a candy striper and she often talked of making coffee for the doctors at Akron City Hospital. Always outgoing, she made friends easily and often reminisced of fun times at Portage Lakes. There were also great stories of dancing the night away with the weekly music of Big Bands at both Meyers Lake and the YMCA. In her high school years, she was fondly nicknamed “Jinx” and “Legs” and the green-eyed, raven-haired beauty was on the May Queen Court. Once graduating business school, she became an executive secretary at Goodyear and was chosen as a model for many of the company’s business ads. 

Louise and her husband raised their children while living as an Air Force family. They enjoyed living in Ohio, Florida, Oregon, Alabama, Alaska, Nebraska, and California before finally resettling in Florida. She enjoyed sewing her own elegant clothing, decorating beautiful cakes, making elegant crafts, and loved her cats. Wherever she moved, she immediately made her house a home. Once becoming a grandmother, she enjoyed spending quality time with her grandchildren each summer. Her great grandchildren were also adored. 

Writing poetry became a renewed passion in her later years. Her uplifting, clever, spiritual, and inspirational poems were posted on the Old Things R New blog along with other very talented writers and artists. She touched many people with her awesome words of encouragement. 

In all stages of her life, Louise built a legacy of love. She will always be remembered for her kindness and dedication to loving the people God placed in her path. She had a heart of gratitude and encouraged others. 

I’m not certain if I will continue to re-post her poems. Her family is planning to create a book for them. Prayers for her family appreciated.

Left to right-Judy Wills, DiVoran Lites, Onisha Ellis, Lynn Shepherd (Louise daughter) Louise Gibson, Janet Perez Eckles, Back row Bill Lites

Counting One’s Interests

16 Aug

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Reblogged from March 29, 2013

“One should never count the years–one should count one’s interests. I have kept young
trying never to lose my childhood sense of wonderment. I am glad I still have a vivid curiosity
about the world I live in.”

Helen Keller, 1880-1968
Blind and Deaf American Writer and Scholar

The writer of that beautiful philosophy
expressed my sentiments so eloquently-
But I humbly acknowledge my advantage-
I can hear! And I can see!

But did she hear more clearly than I?
And did she see through the Master's eye?
Oh, how blessed to have the Master's touch-
to live to serve-to give so much.

May I never take for granted
the blessings of each day-
A kind word, a noble deed,
encouragement along the way.


9 Aug

 From the Heart of Louise Gibson

Reblogged from March 15, 2013




The struggles in life are many

In those times we begin to grow.

As the caterpillar becomes a butterfly,

Our metamorphosis is tedious and slow.

When God strips us of all vanity,

And we truly search our soul

We ultimately find it is He that we need

The One who can make us whole.

Others may fail us, oft no fault of their own

But if we trust our Savior,

We’ll not walk alone.



What Matters to You?

26 Jul

Reblogged from September 15, 2017

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

Compassion and love are what matters
Reach out to a needy soul.
There is such a hunger for recognition
Make communication your goal.

People need people.
Listen with your heart to this plea.
“I don’t want to walk alone.”
There is such comfort in company.

Every day is a blessing
that comes from our Lord above.
Walk with a grateful spirit.
Do all things in the spirit of love.

I recognize that bad things happen,
Most of which we cannot comprehend.
But then, we are not made to understand it.
Try to be an optimist to the end.

When you accept the things you cannot change
You will dwell on things worthwhile.
Put on a happy face –
You are never fully dressed until you smile.

Food for Thought:
“When God pushes you to the edge, trust Him fully,
because only two things can happen.
Either He will catch you when you fall
or He will teach you how to fly.” Unknown

Measure Your Words

19 Jul

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Reblogged from January 27, 2017 and even more relevant today.

Years ago an anonymous writer penned a short
poem about the merit of measuring our words:

“A wise old owl sat in an oak.
The more he saw the less he spoke.
The less he spoke the more he heard.
“Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?”

There is a connection between wisdom
and limiting what we say.
It is wise to be a good listener
while holding our tongue at bay.

Be sensitive to the needs of the one
you are speaking to.
Listen to what their heart is saying
before expressing your point of view.

Wisdom from above:

“Although there is a time to be quiet
and a time to speak (Eccl.3:7)
choosing to speak less allows us
to hear more.”

Psalm 19:14
Let the words of my mouth,
and the meditations of my heart,
be acceptable in Thy sight.
Oh Lord, my strength and my redeemer.

Psalm 96
Shout to the Lord
(If you are depressed you need to read the Psalms.)

Psalm 119
“Forever, oh Lord, your word is settled in Heaven.


Are You a Pillar or a Caterpillar?

12 Jul

From the Heart 

Louise Gibson


The pillars are a strong foundation
in any relationship.
On their strength we do depend.
The caterpillars crawl in and out,
failing to connect.
They dream to be a butterfly in the end.

God created all of us,
and He did it all with vision.
I don’t have your attributes-
That was God’s decision.

I will strive to be the best I can
with what God has allotted me.
To be more like our Maker,
That is our destiny.

Our LIfe is Meant to Be

28 Jun

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


Our much loved poetess, Louise hasn’t been able to compose of late. Her poems spoke words of comfort, encouragement love and humor. Just the sort of words our current world needs. So, I am planning to reblog them. Enjoy

May you always remember
God is in control.
He has a plan for your life.

Listen with your heart
As he leads you.
You will ward off the strife.

The events in our life
Are meant to be.
There is a peace that
Can be found.

The challenges are many
Diligence is profound.

We may not have chosen
The path we are on,
But trust it was meant to be.
God works in mysterious ways
As he plans our destiny.

There is a peace that can be found,
Know God has a plan for our life.
Keep your faith strong in him.
You will ward away the strife.


When Does One Grow Old?

21 Sep

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson




silver tabby cat lying on green grass

Photo by Pixabay on



When we wake up in the morning
there is promise in the air.
We don’t know what the day will bring,
but the expectancy is there.

The time to be happy is now.
We have this day to explore.
Every day is a “Special Occasion”.
What are you waiting for?

You’ve heard it said,
“Old age is not for Sissies”.
Well, believe me, that is true.
Put on a happy face.
Good things will come to you!


Keep Your Eyes On The One Who Is Invisible

7 Sep

Louise GIbson

From the Heart


Photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash



As a child, who did you go to for answers?
As a teenager, who was your “go to” friend?
As an adult, do you have a mentor who helps you
find answers you seek?
You can engage the wisest person in the universe
as your councilor to the end.


(Without council, plans go awry,
but in the multitude of councilors.
they are established. Proverbs 15:22)


Move in the direction of life, not fear.
Stand on the promises of God, our Savior.
He promised to always be near.


If you are feeling “in the dark”,
look up to “The Light.”
Keep your eyes on the one who is invisible.
He will guide you safely through the night.


31 Aug

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders




When was the last time you looked up?
I mean “REALLY looked up”?

As I stand on earth and set my sights on high,
I marvel at God’s handiwork-
the Mystery of the sky.

When I look up as far as the eye can see-
There is evidence of God’s planning-
How beautiful Heaven must be!



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