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Word Association

31 Jan

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

Is there a secret to having a good memory?
If there is, won’t you share?

As a military wife, I found myself always
in a social setting-
meeting new people everywhere.

I tried “word association”
where you picture things in your mind.
For instance, when I met a Mrs. Finnifrock.
I pictured a dress with a fish tail on the back-
truly one of a kind.

SO, what did I call her when we met again?
All I remembered was the fish tail!
Instead of “Mrs. Finnifrock “
“Mrs. FISHBACK” was my anxious wail!

P S. “There” seems to be the most common name
We hear it everywhere-
When memory fails, and the name won’t come,
We cheerfully exclaim, “HELLO.There!”

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