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What is Required of Us

31 Oct

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson



We aren’t required to do great things-

just small things with great love.

Open your heart to help someone.

Do all things as unto the Lord above.


Be present in the moment.

Do you hear the plea?

“I need someone to listen,

Won’t you give five minutes to me?”


When you open your hand to help,

you are truly opening your heart.

and when you do all things as unto the Lord,

He will strengthen you from the start.


” Lord, we all need people in our life-

It’s implanted in our soul.”

To love and to  be loved is an inborn emotion.

Make communicating today your goal..


A day without love is wasted.

There is always such a need.

When you reach out to your neighbor,

You are expressing God’s love in deed.


L                E

O     V

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