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23 Jun

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I'm a winner

I remember Summer vacations and the trips we made from Florida to North Carolina to visit with my parent’s families.  Getting together with my cousins was always fun but the visits where my parents sat and talked with their elderly relatives were torture. They would sit in rocking chairs and rock, talk, rock, talk, asking if this relative or that one was still living. Had it not been for my love of books I would have disgraced myself and pitched a fit to relieve my boredom.

Years later as I reflect on my childhood boredom I have a better understanding of it. As a child my memories were written on a virtually blank space, consisting for the most part of things my brothers did to aggravate me.There was very little to stimulate pleasant memories, because only a few had been written. Now, in my senior years, my mind bounces like the steel ball in a Pinball machine. A scent, a song or even picking up a frying pan used by my mother all set my memory bells dinging. My present and past mingle in pleasant harmony and sometimes my mind is so refreshed that the sharp pain of an aching knee comes as a shock.

My body betrays.

Disconnected from my soul.

Childish dreams remain.

Back in the “day” I had a tape by Beth Nielson Chapman. Her writing is poignant, expressing deep feeling.  I love the song Emily which talks of lasting friendship and Like a Child Again, which portrays the inner being of a person with Alzheimer’s. I decided to share Years with this post as it seemed most appropriate. I hope you enjoy it and check out her other songs.

Am I only one who is surprised when their body is not in sync with their mind?

Word Association

31 Jan

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

Is there a secret to having a good memory?
If there is, won’t you share?

As a military wife, I found myself always
in a social setting-
meeting new people everywhere.

I tried “word association”
where you picture things in your mind.
For instance, when I met a Mrs. Finnifrock.
I pictured a dress with a fish tail on the back-
truly one of a kind.

SO, what did I call her when we met again?
All I remembered was the fish tail!
Instead of “Mrs. Finnifrock “
“Mrs. FISHBACK” was my anxious wail!

P S. “There” seems to be the most common name
We hear it everywhere-
When memory fails, and the name won’t come,
We cheerfully exclaim, “HELLO.There!”

Touching Memories

16 Aug

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

 I was unloading the dishwasher on Sunday, not my favorite job, when I realized I was taking a particular pleasure in putting away a cereal bowl. It’s not anything special to look at, a white melamine bowl with a light blue rim decorated with dark blue and purple abstract seagulls. The inside of the bowl has a lighthouse with clouds and more birds. If you saw it at a garage sale you would offer ten cents to take it home for a cat dish.  What makes this bowl special is the memories associated with it’s use, memories of our RV days, crossing the country by day and cozy nights.

I’ve noticed it’s not just the bowl that evokes these feelings and it’s not related to just the age of an item. I love running my fingers along furniture my mom rescued from someone’s trash and restored as well as the shiny green surface of the plates we bought at IKEA when we were setting up our mountain home.

I think it is magical to be able to touch or see an object and experience once again the memories those items created. I wonder if that is why I love to touch in the antique stores.


Philippians 1:3



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