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You Are a Star

13 Dec

From my Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders


Being good isn't good enough
to meet another's expectations-
I'll be the best I can be,
But I have to be ME-
What do you see in YOUR reflections?

God created us just as we are-
He had a plan, don't you see.
In His plan for your life,
You are a STAR!,
But I will still remain Me!

Oh, but God has a plan for all of us-
even though we can't all have top billing.
On the "Stage of Life" we all have a part-
To serve takes a heart that is willing!

God, Himself, came to seek and to save-
What an example He set for you and me-
Lay down your life for your fellow man,
We are here to love and serve all humanity.

1 Samuel 7:3, 12:14 “Thou shall fear the Lord and serve Him.

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