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Identify Your Gift- God Gave You One

24 Oct

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson

“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me

than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge”.

Albert Einstein


Lord, I know there is a lot to be serious about in life,

but there is a need for levity, too.

Laughter is good medicine and lowers your

blood pressure quicker than a pill can do.


You have given us the gift of “Helps”

Look around.  There is always a need.

The good Lord turned my home into a “cat haven”

I now have eight cats to feed!


The gift of fantasy has served me well throughout the years.

Born during the “Great Depression”,

I wrote poetry to dispel my fears.


Magazines were a great source of material

used in composing cards for family or a friend.

I cut out a “knight in shining armor,”

which pleased my father to no end.


Have you identified your gift from God?

There is no doubt you have one.

God has created us in His own image.

We now have fellowship with the Son.


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