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According to My Purpose

4 Sep

What is the correct way to pray? 

2 Sep

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles


His Way




September 1, 2017 Reblogged


Do I pray too quick? Too long? Not enough words? Too many words? Is my heart in it? What is the correct way to pray?

How much we labor in our prayer time has nothing to do with Labor Day. I just heard a pastor teach about this topic. And admittedly, a few of us squirmed because his words stirred a bit of guilt.  And, goodness, his message elbowed us out of our comfort zone.

“When we ask God for blessings,” he said, “we often repeat mousy petitions.”

Mousy petitions? He explained the prayers we blurt out often carry doubt. We lack the reassurance that God will grant what we ask. They repeat the circumstance, not the victory we can count on. They mention the dark side, and fail to declare the victory that comes in His answer.

And when we ask, we forget to give thanks. We forget to anticipate He will answer. We overlook the mighty way He can exercise His power.

So, what’s the best way to pray? With boldness, with conviction, with authority, with firmness and with holy audacity.

The number of words we use doesn’t matter. Or the flowery expressions either. But, what does matter is the complete faith, the firm authority because of Jesus that makes the difference.

They did for John and Peter. They saw the beggar at the entrance of the temple. “Then Peter said, ‘Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk. Taking him by the right hand, he helped him up, and instantly the man’s feet and ankles became strong. He jumped to his feet and began to walk. Then he went with them into the temple courts, walking and jumping, and praising God’” (Acts 3:6-8).

Why did Peter take the man by the hand? Because he was sure he could get up. Because he declared it in the name of Jesus. Because he counted in Jesus’ power at work. Because he was confident Jesus was working through him. And because he knew the man’s crippled legs were no match to Jesus’ healing power.

Father, remove doubt from my prayers. Instead, show me how to pray with conviction, authority, and boldness as I ask in the name of Jesus’ amen.

What level of certainty do your prayers have these days?


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Source: What is the correct way to pray? ~ Janet Perez Eckles

How long will God take to answer my prayer?

29 Jul

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles



July 28, 2017


We pray, we ask and we beg, but still no answer. Have you ever wondered, “Is God there? If He is, why doesn’t He answer my prayer? How long, Lord?”

We’re not alone; the Israelites join us in that grumbling.

As Pharaoh approached, the Israelites looked up, and there were the Egyptians, marching after them. They were terrified and cried out to the LORD. They said to Moses, “Was it because there were no graves in Egypt that you brought us to the desert to die? What have you done to us by bringing us out of Egypt? Didn’t we say to you in Egypt, ‘Leave us alone; let us serve the Egyptians?’ It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert!”

Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” (Exodus 14: 10-14)

Have you ever complained like that? I have. And that’s because we’re deep into our own struggles. We end up terrified like the Israelites. We grumble in the hot desert of frustration. And as we trudge through the dry land of conflict, of uncertainty and nervousness, we desperately look for God’s answer, a clear path, a solution; we look to be rescued now.

But no one is there. And we have our own Egyptians called stress and anxiety that chase us, threatening to ruin our day.

But if Moses were alive today, he might post a message to all of us, “Do not fret, God will fight your battles. His answer is already here. You need only to be still.”

That’s because it’s in the still of His presence that His peace can fill our nights. In the still of our heart is when His whisper brushes through. And in the still of the moment is when we see His promises come alive.

Father, calm my heart, whisper your answer into my longing. Silence the distractions so I can see your answer to my prayer. In Jesus name. Amen.

Can you tell me, in the midst of your hectic life, what keeps you from being still enough to hear His answer?


Audio sneak peek: http://www.artistfirst2.com/ArtistFirst_Sweet_Talk_2017-07-19.mp3


Source: How long will God take to answer my prayer? ~ Janet Perez Eckles

31 Days of God’s Comfort~Always

13 Mar

Painting and Paraphrase by DiVoran Lites


Day 17


Psalm 103




Don’t hesitate to ask others to pray for you.

They will be honored.

Each of you prays in your own way, but

You are one with Me and with each other.

Some ask me what and how to pray.

Some lay out every detail to fend off mistakes.

Some pray and walk away, leaving it all in My hands.

Some begin to thank me right away that the prayer is answered.

When two or three gather together to pray, your hearts beat in the same rhythm.

Jesus prays too.

He says to His Father,

It’s time for our family to know beyond any doubt that they are ours.

Our joy is completed in them.

Guard them from the evil one.

Make them whole.

Let them become of one heart and one mind.

Three steps to getting your prayers answered.  

11 Feb

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles


February 3, 2017

I really don’t want to walk in the rain, I thought.

“C’mon let’s go anyway,” hubby said as we walked out the front door. The wind was blowing and a few sprinkles came down.

I hesitated but relinquished to his insistence. “The sun will come out; trust me,” he said.

I held his hand as we made it to the driveway. “Wait a minute,” he said as he opened the car door, “let me grab the umbrella from the trunk, just in case.”

Umbrella? I thought he was confident it wouldn’t rain. I thought he was acting in faith that the sprinkles would stop. His words said one thing, but his actions said another.

We do that too, don’t we? We declare we have faith God will take care of the situation. We just know that our trust is complete. But as we claim to believe God will show up and solve all our needs, our actions tell a different story.

And when we do our best to walk on that faith, something inside whispers doubt. And next, we focus on the circumstances urging us to act contrary to what we said we believe.

But there’s help. If you’re walking in a downpour of conflict or disappointment, in 1John3:14-15 are nestled three powerful ways for you to walk through any circumstance with confidence, secure and firm.

Step 1:  “…our trust isn’t placed in things of this world, in the situation or in others. Not at all, this is the confidence that we have toward him [Jesus]…”

Step 2:  We know to ask not according to our whims, but according to God’s will, “…that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.”

Step 3:  Sleep comes easy at night because with renewed confidence, we declare: “And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him.”

Do you believe in this truth…or are you holding onto the umbrella of doubt?


Source: Three steps to getting your prayers answered. | Janet Perez Eckles


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Why do our prayers go unanswered?

17 Dec

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles


Am I being silly with this prayer request? I thought as I asked God for help.

“You’ll never make it,” the airline agent said on the phone as I booked my flight. “You only have 30 minutes and you have to go through the airport to change airlines. The aircraft is very small with limited seating.”

“Book me anyway,” I said.

Was that faith or foolishness on my part?

Weeks later, I boarded the flight from Orlando to St. Louis. Holding on to the airline agent’s arm, she helped me to my seat inside the airplane. I settled down, folded my white cane and stuck it in the front pocket of the seat.

I buckled in. “Okay, Lord, I need a miracle,” I began my silent prayer, “place beside me a young man who can walk fast, and who’s nice enough to offer to help me to the gate to catch my next flight.”

But as rare as it was, no one sat beside me, I mean no one. Lord, what’s up with that! I can’t afford to miss my next flight.

We were descending and the announcement came through, “Ladies and gentlemen, seems like the air current was in our favor; we’ll be arriving in St. Louis 20 minutes early.”

I grinned. God is so good! That would make it very possible to reach the next flight. So I thought…

“Can you run?” I asked the airline escort waiting for me at the exit of the airplane.

“Sure can,” he said.

And we did. We zipped past passengers, up the elevator and dashed to the gate. I handed my ID to the agent behind the counter.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am,” the gate agent said. “The flight is completely full.”

I took a deep breath. “No you don’t understand. God made it so I could get here on time. Please, please look again, there has got to be one more seat left,” I pleaded.

“It’s a seven-seater aircraft,” he said, “how much do you weigh?”

“How much do you want me to weigh,” I chuckled. “One hundred thirteen.

“Hmmm…seems like one passenger didn’t show up,” he said. “I’ll get your boarding pass.”

I nearly reached over the counter and hugged him.

That lesson taught me a lot. So often God tests our faith, our trust and our commitment to remain calm.

He probably did that for you, too. When you so badly want to get on the flight that takes you to the answer, you ask and beg. And just when you are specific in your prayer request, He seems silent. He seems distant, ignoring your request.

But if hope seems to vanish and doubt knocks at the door, He’s whispering: “’For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the LORD” (Isaiah 55:8).

In the desperation of your request, will you trust He’s working on the answer…not in your way but His?

Source: Why do our prayers go unanswered? | Janet Perez Eckles

Will God answer my prayer? Five keys.

26 Mar

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles

Janet Eckles Perez

03-18-16 keysI sat beside a delightful lady at a recent prayer gathering. She related with passion each of the steps of her healing from a devastating car accident.

“The healing was miraculous,” she said.

Broken bones healed with no need for casts, cuts on her face healed with no scars. And doctors said she would lose her teeth as they had turned gray because they began to die due to the severe impact. But God healed them as they turned white before her eyes, leaving the doctors stunned.

We all listened in awe. But after the astonishment subsides, do we sometimes wonder: Why aren’t our own prayers answered and why do miracles seem to pass us by?

I imagine Joni Erickson might have wondered the same from time to time while spending her life, paralyzed in that wheel chair.

But even when we question, God still insists for us to bring our requests before Him. (Philippians 4:6)

And when we do, here are five steps to make sure He will answer them:

  1. Readjust our priorities. If we seek the answer to our Prayer with more passion than we seek God Himself, His patience rather than answers is what will be at work. (Matthew 6:33)
  2. Resist the temptation to recite memorized, perfect prayers, with lovely words and deep insight. God simply wants the genuine expression of our heart. (1 Samuel 16:7)
  3. Recognize that sometimes we don’t know how to pray or what our requests should be. So we can freely ask for Him to show us what to pray for. (Psalm 139:23)
  4. Remember that His answer is always in His timing, not ours because a thousand years in God’s sight are like a day that has just gone by. (Psalm 90:4)
  5. Relish in the fact that while we wait, He’s working in us, in our heart, in our situation. He has the answered already prepared. (Ephesians 2:10)

Why follow these steps? Because “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him” (1 John 5:14–15).

Visit Janet’s blog to read more: Will God answer my prayer? Five keys. | Janet Perez Eckles


Sometimes God says “yes,” sometimes he says, no,” and sometimes He says, “not yet.” The key is to trust Him no matter what the answer. My dear friend and I prayed for God’s hand to open doors in places where only He can. And this time His quick and clear “yes” left us in awe. I received an invitation to minister to women in Quito, Ecuador. I’m packing lots of gratitude in the suitcase of my heart.

SMH Prayers

30 Apr

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis
I'm a winner

Have you noticed that garage sales have moved online? It seems many towns now have a Facebook page, moderated by an individual, dedicated to buying and selling.  I joined one in the hope of finding a used refrigerator and quickly posted what I was looking for. After that I scrolled through the timeline and noticed no one was looking for anything. It was all for sale or iso. Now for sale was easy, but what the heck was iso? The post would read something like this:

iso kids clothes, good condition size 6.

I had no clue what that meant so finally, I asked. The Facebook page was for our town in North Carolina and I figured I didn’t know enough people there to be embarrassed. The answer came quickly….iso means in search of. I guess looking for is just too much to type. Which leads to my next puzzle.

Working as a publicist for Rebekah Lyn Books, I spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook. I noticed SMH attached to tweets and Facebook comments and again I had no clue. Did it mean social media hottie, so many hormones, shake my husband? This time I discretely questioned a friend who explained. SMH means shaking my head. This one I could relate to because I find myself shaking my head-a lot. In fact, I SMH so much I have decided to  connect the head shake with a prayer. I’m trusting that praying as my head shakes will turn my thoughts on His solutions rather than my human frustration.

Head banging computer GIF

Yes, I know this poor lady isn’t shaking her head but it was so funny it had me ROFL

ps I am still iso a fridge for my garage in good working order at a reasonable price.

What If I Prayed The Way a Mockingbird Sings

9 Feb

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Author, Poet and ArtistWhat if years of praying and studying how to pray were to culminate in putting on Jesus’ light yoke and allowing Him to do most of the praying through me?

What if prayer, even intercessory prayer became no strain but praise and worship? I could pray for a lot of people that way without being responsible for solving their problems. I’m not responsible for that I know, but still I try to figure and fix. If I were a mocking bird, singing and prayer would simply well up from my innermost being.

The mocking bird can sound like many different birds. He is a baby bird begging to be fed, a chickadee, a quail. In the days when we lived in California, the mocking birds in our yard took up whining like the dog. I must say, it drove me crazy. Mocking birds express whatever sounds enter them.

If I prayed the way mocking birds sing I probably wouldn’t know what I was praying for half the time. The focus would be totally on God. How could anybody lose by that? We would participate in His life together. This reminds me of a bookmark my friend, Pam, gave me a long time ago. Though I have lost the gift, the words will remain with me forever. “Birds don’t sing because they have a melody, they sing because they have a song.” Yes, and who gives them their song?

New Living Translation

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Isaiah 26:3


New Living Translation
And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words.

Roman’s 8:26


Communicating With God

26 Jan

My Take

DiVoran Lites


Author, Poet and ArtistMany years ago, when we attended Park Avenue Church a man came to speak. His way of doing things changed many lives – mine was one.

Mark Virkler teaches people to communicate with God, just as our Pastor Peter Lord always has and does. I’m so deeply grateful. The thing about communing with God is that He knows each of us as an individual. No one else’s knowledge of Him is ever going to be exactly the same as mine and vice-versa.

(One caveat – I must be willing to launch myself into the water and swim with my imagination. Later I can read it back, or if I’m feeling insecure, I can read it to someone I trust spiritually and see if they confirm that it was God speaking. Also, of course not all my or your communications will be about praise or music. They will be about anything you or I, or the Father wish to discuss.)

God: Beloved, I’m building a road right through the ocean and through the pounding waves so that you may walk on dry land. Forget about what has happened, don’t keep going over old history. Jesus already knows all about your weaknesses and has set them aside as healing projects for the two of you to do together.

Be alert. Be present. I’m about to do something new in you. It’s bursting out. Don’t you see it? It has to do with your learning to praise me and also with your being able to accept my praise of you and of what you do for me. Yes, what you do counts, and yes, I acknowledge it. I don’t just keep asking more and more of you. It’s like a beautiful dance, and it goes on all your life.

Me: Father, is there anything you want to tell me about your new plans for me?

God: Stand by. Whenever you begin to feel your weaknesses as you did yesterday, just remember that I have already forgiven you, and you need to forgive yourself for all imperfect acts and thoughts. The best way to do that is to praise me. I need and want your praise as much as you need and want water to drink. You need my praise, too.

Me: Please will you give me motivation and inspiration to please you – perhaps a small routine – something to trigger my memory and get me going.

God: You may play the Gaither sites on your Pandora stations more. That will be a big help to you. Those singers and musicians are part of my praise team, and they have spent their entire lives praising me in the very best ways possible. They are my modern-day beacons and examples of what I want and what I want you to do. Do you recall the times I have asked you to sing the songs I’ve given you?

(Reader, remember, this is my message, yours will be different. He wouldn’t expect you to follow music in your private life that doesn’t resonate with you.)

Me: Yes, knowing you want me to sing thrills me.

God: All right now, my dear, just put on any praise stations you like and sing along. It will be good for your breath – your inspiration and fine for your muscles and energy tone – your motivation.

Me: It’s strange, Lord, but I think I got away from praise songs because they seemed to jazz me up too much.

God: They can do that. I don’t mean for you to stay over-stimulated all the time. There is a time for action and a time for rest. Don’ worry you won’t lose control.

Me: Oh, ha, ha, Lord, I see what you mean. I’m always afraid that if I get excited and too happy, I’ll make a fool of myself or disgust somebody. You know that, don’t you?

God: Of course. I know everything about you. I’m not the one who got after you about being, “a lady.” The world did that to you. You are well-disciplined – don’t worry. Don’t worry about your singing voice, either. Don’t worry about being thought, “loud.” Wouldn’t you enjoy singing with the Gaither’s?

Me: Yes, indeed, I would. I’m looking forward to the new plan. Thank you, Lord.

God: You’re welcome. Thank you, too.

If you’d like to know more about communing with God check out http://www.cwgministries.org/




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