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Avoid Premature Aging with One Word- “Enthusiasm”

19 Sep

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders



It is not how long you have lived-

Nor how long you have left.

It is how much life you have packed

into those years,

So you are not feeling bereft.


Living is loving-

You can’t separate the two.

Loving is not conditional-

That’s how God created you.


Love is sincere-

It begins in your heart.

It is the fruit of the Spirit.

He promises never to depart.


Love truly can’t be explained.

It is best shown in action.

Sacrifice yourself for the good of others.

Sincerity is a heartfelt attraction.


We are being transformed by our Creator.

What an example He set for you and me.

Love in action, caring for others

Prepares us for eternity.


kitten and puppy

Know the Joy of Being Imperfect

5 Sep

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders




When I first read the article on aging.
I truly wondered about the author’s age.
These are broad statements to make,
unless related to a calendar page.

“Older people are happier.
Being imperfect brings a sense of joy”
The author has a great sense of humor..
“Has society changed since you were a boy?”

“Longer life will improve quality of life”
Are you delusional?
“Aging increases knowledge”
If Alzheimer doesn’t make you institutional..

I have made my own observation about life..
Being imperfect is a natural state to be in..
Thank God, we have a Savior,
That should put an end to our chagrin

Blue Birds on bird bath

Old Age is Not the End

11 Oct

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

How do you measure life, my friend?

Life on earth is not the end.

God fashions us with a Master Plan

to love and care for our fellow man.


Reach out and touch another soul-

a kind deed can be your goal.

Hearts are lifted from daily care

by sincere concerns and heartfelt prayer.


I yearn to hear a friendly voice,

to see a smile or two.

I know that God hasn’t changed,-

I see His love in You!


12 Apr

         From the Heart

       Louise Gibson

                         I am fighting the battle of resistance.
                         I have to be me, in spite of insistence.
                         The world is doing its best night and day
                         to alter my thinking, to follow its way.
                        Commercials tell me what I should buy,
                        Etiquette dictates the “how” and the “why”.
                        Experience has proven to be my friend.
                        My values I no longer have to defend.
                        Don’t try to make me an image of you.
                        It is so refreshing to have one’s own view.
                        No longer young, my spirit tells me.
                        In spite of man’s thinking, I have to be Me!
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