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I Have Questions

2 Feb

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

On a recent shopping trip to our local produce market, I found Kiwi on sale, 10 for $1.00. As I chose ten of them, I joked with the man putting them out that if I ate all ten of the kiwi super fruit, I would live to be 150 years old. It seems that I get emails everyday touting the latest superfood. But I have questions. How many of the “super foods” does one need to eat, to be super?


During blueberry season this past year, I purchased two quarts from a local berry farm. I think I may have eaten almost a quart the first day. A week later I had some scheduled blood work and the results were the best I have had in years. Does this mean I need to eat a quart of blueberries a day?

I visited the American Heart Association page and it listed some super foods but except for fruits and veggies, It didn’t tell me how many servings I would need to be super. They recommend 4 ½ cups Fruits and veggies. I can do that!

From there, I decided to give WebMd a shot at enlightening  me.  The second food on their list is blueberries. It seems I over did it eating a quart of them. WebMd recommends ½ cup per day. If I eat them every day, they will lower my risk of heart disease, cancer and inflammation. They also mention them being helpful in weight loss. I can debunk that one.

Tea is a listed super food. I guess it makes sense to provide a beverage to wash down all these things I need to eat. Does it make a difference if it is hot or cold? I do live in the south, so this is an important question.

Let’s talk about fish. It seems I need to eat 2-3 servings per week of salmon, mackerel, herring, or sardines. How do I determine a serving?  Sardines are a lot smaller than salmon and mackerel.

Speaking of fish, tomorrow is THE DAY. The universe has aligned, the winds are perfect, the temperature not too hot and we are going fishing! We got our resident fishing license renewed last week, put new line on our poles and we are ready! Now I just have to figure out if the fish we catch qualify as a super food since they won’t be caught in cold water.

Like I said, I have questions.

PS How could I have forgotten this? DARK CHOCOLATE is a super food! There was a caution against eating it in large quantities. Gee, this is one instance when a vague guideline makes me happy, happy.


How do you manage to fill your daily meals with super foods?

Christmas Dinner “Take Out”

15 Dec

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

The Christmas dinner I wrote about last week, gave me an unexpected “take out.” I didn’t ask for it and would have gladly left it there, but alas, it was somehow sent home with me and for the next twelve days I found myself changed into a cough factory. To complicate matters, I decided to bring out my stubborn panties and refused to see a doctor. After nine days, I waved the tissue of surrender and visited a walk in clinic. And voila, three days later I am on the mend.

As I am writing this, the sweet Holy Spirit tapped me on my heart, reminding me that the nasty cough is a learning opportunity. The next time I get my panties in a wad, don’t wait until I am miserable before taking the problem to the ultimate physician.

Ok, moving on… At our home in the North Carolina mountains, I like to celebrate the seasons and my favorite way is with an entryway display. I am not a crafty sort of person. Well, I can be devious, but I am talking about being crafty in an artsy sort of way, so this is a stretch for me. Over Thanksgiving I asked Rebekah to help me do something special for Christmas. I have an old Windsor chair that is the central piece. ( I think my mother rescued it from a trash heap)

Usually, I add a woven basket and fill it with shiny Christmas ball and pinecones, but this year I wanted to change it up. Our town in Florida recently was blessed with a Hobby Lobby store and the abundance of Christmas stems had me itching to use them.

I wanted the items in the display to have a story and as my mind make a mental inventory of items I could repurpose, I remembered a butter churn that came from my grandparents farm. It was old and dull and the paddle was broken. It lived at my parents home. One year my mother and husband worked together to give it a fresh coat of paint and fashion a new paddle. They gave it to me as a Christmas gift, a labor of love and I have treasured it. I decided it would make a perfect “vase”.

Rebekah helped me choose white, glittery poinsettia to go with the rather dashing red and green spray-ish  stem I had chosen to give it height. In some leftover Christmas supplies I found  red mesh ribbon and we tied it around the churn and attached a glittery bow ornament. ( Can you tell I am in a glittery phase) Now the poor paddle looked naked and lonely, so I rummaged through discarded tree decorations and found some tightly wound tinsel. We wrapped it around the paddle handle and it looked good, but was missing something. Rebekah pulled out a tree topper that was too heavy for our current tree. It is made of beaten metal and the lights gleam through Mickey Mouse ear shaped holes. Perfect!

For the chair, I decided to use a precious quilt a friend had made for me out of pieces of my mother’s favorite clothes.  We spread it over the chair, then placed a white stuffed bear, a discard from a grandchild, on the seat. I thought he looked a bit bare, so I went through drawers and found a pair of Sponge Bob Square Pants Christmas boxers. They were used one Christmas when the whole family wore Christmas PJs.  I slid them on and although they are too big and droopy, I like them. Memories are better than making a fashion statement. We added a Christmas pillow and a couple of small stuffed friends and the display was complete. It certainly is not elegant but the glow I feel when I pass it, makes it beautiful to me.


If you look closely you can see the star lights on the paddle top, peeping through the shiny stem.

Ten days until Christmas!

My Internet is Evil

1 Sep

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I probably shouldn’t use the word evil to describe my internet, but the level of frustration it provokes in me leads to dreams of random acts of revenge.  It isn’t the internet itself that is evil, it’s my internet provider. It has no respect or concerns for my needs. Whether I am in the middle of booking a reservation or snagging a sudden opening  on a promotional site, it does not care. It will drop me faster than an egg in an egg and spoon race and as often.

Egg and Spoon Race


After a particularly dreadful bout of internet failure, I appealed to the provider on Facebook. Their social media team expressed dismay and distress for my predicament and sent a request to their escalation team asking them  to call me. They did call. I missed it but they did leave a message. It seems I live in a high usage area . No consolation of an impending improvement. Basically too bad, so sad.

Now you might be thinking, why doesn’t the woman change providers?  I would love to. BUT we have DSL and it seems that all of the internet in the area runs over the same system. No matter who we pay, the service will be the same. Now that I have grumbled and groused, I need to say that I am grateful and blessed to have internet service, Many families in rural areas have no DSL or broadband internet.

Another thing I am grateful for is my husband’s improving health after two years of decline. This summer he has completed multiple projects and is almost finished with his current one, replacing our entryway stairs.


I am working on grousing less and giving thanks more, but my internet service is really testing me!


Diet Journal Entry~2

7 Jul

My Take

DiVoran Lites



DiVoran and her mom

Mom-Dora, Me-DiVoran probably at my highest weight, several years ago.


Day Four

I can’t believe we’re starting day four on our diet. That means we only have two weeks and three days left, and then three weeks on maintenance when we have more food choices and won’t be limited as far as calories go. If we follow the rules adequately, we will keep it off for a good long time, who knows, maybe forever.

The diet has been in existence for over fifty year after Dr. Simeon researched and experimented with it on his willing patients for over fifteen years.* I think it was the diet Bill and Judy’s mom went on many years ago, only she had to go the a doctor’s office and get hormone shots. Nowadays we don’t use the real hormone, we use a homeopathic, which the body perceives in exactly the same way. Agnes was thrilled with the results, and we were thrilled for her. She never went back up to her original weight.

The rules are detailed because while the hcg triggers the body to let go of the fat, the chemical make-up of various foods either aid or hinder the loss. The website we use has counselors online to help.

We spent half an hour after lunch yesterday hashing out the directions, our experiences with the diet, and our needs (or wants). Both of us are first-born, perfectionist, control freaks so we have many discussions over almost everything. Certain words such as sorry, say, again, I blipped, and let me see if I understand what you’re saying, are vital to the discussions. The cats don’t like it if we raise our voices.

We appreciate every bite we get, except at this point we still can’t stand the Stevia we have on hand. We’ve had it since the first diet about five years ago, though, so we’re thinking of getting a new package, hoping it has improved and will be better when it’s fresher.

This morning the scale put on a light show of flashing numbers ending with an ERROR message. Yesterday, my first day, I’d lost two-and-a-half pounds. Bill has lost four. The scale is working fine now, maybe it had to change its mind from continually showing gain, to showing loss.

By this time, you may be thinking that we’re rich and fussy about food. Are you thinking of the poor, the homeless, and the people dying in countries where their governments deliberately starve them to death? I need to pray about all that again, will you join me?

Dear Lord, only your omniscience can know how deeply grateful we are to have so many varieties of food and drink to choose from. We thank you that we can buy what we need and what we want. We don’t have the power or the resources to supply jobs, farms, and sustenance for everyone in the whole world, and as you say in your word we will always have the poor with us. However we do ask you to show us where and when to share, and to give us the wisdom, the power, and the love to obey you. All we do know to do is to trust you with all our hearts, to thank you, and to help us not to depend on our own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

The way I wrote part one it sounded as if MAINTENANCE consisted of no oils at all. That’s a false impression. It’s the diet that lets you have no oils. Maintenance give you all the fats you’d want: dairy, cheese, cooking oil, butter, etc. The way I’m understanding it, our bodies are supposed to run on the fats they break down. What gets us into trouble is combining them with starch or sugar or both. After three weeks on maintenance, the directions explain, you may start back with carbs, but carefully.

For more information here is a handy link to a PDF



Old Age is Not the End

11 Oct

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

How do you measure life, my friend?

Life on earth is not the end.

God fashions us with a Master Plan

to love and care for our fellow man.


Reach out and touch another soul-

a kind deed can be your goal.

Hearts are lifted from daily care

by sincere concerns and heartfelt prayer.


I yearn to hear a friendly voice,

to see a smile or two.

I know that God hasn’t changed,-

I see His love in You!


12 Jul

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

Today is the “tomorrow” that I thought about yesterday-

Then, why is it said, “Tomorrow never comes”-

When it came today!!?

I have so much to do today-

I’ll have to think this through.

If I can’t complete it all,

Here’s what I’ll have to do.

I’ll set myself free from stress-

More time I’ll have to borrow.

I’ll reschedule today’s events-

Thank God for “tomorrow”.

P.S.  I’m going to stop procrastinating-

(Once I get around to it.)

The Long, Smooth Highway

22 Apr

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Photo by Melodie Hendrix

Photo by Melodie Hendrix


One Sunday on the way to church, Bill asked if I had any aspirin. No, but here’s something else if you have a headache. He took it. He was rather sluggish all day, but headaches will do that to you. After lunch he said, I can’t wait to lie down. Though he usually takes a nap it wasn’t’ like him to actually say he was tired.

That night or I should say the next morning at 1:41, he woke me and asked me to take him to the hospital. “I think I’m having a heart attack,: he said.” I got out of bed, went to my closet got warm clothes, but not warm enough as it turned out, got my iPod, we got in the car. I was calm, he was calm. We rode down the smooth newly asphalted highway that runs through town in our comfortable old Merc. We talked about how this might not even be a heart-attack so why get our knickers in a knot. Bill walked into the emergency room while I parked the car. He told them he couldn’t get his breath because of the pain and pressure in his chest, so they didn’t make us wait long. They took me in to him after he got his backless nightie and a nitroglycerin tablet. They gave us blankets from the warmer and they started hooking him up to a beeping machine, drips, tubes and I don’t know what all. We were both praying with faith that was given by God and not of ourselves. An old friend who works in environmental services came in and sat down and talked to us the whole time of her break. It seems like it was a long time and we were happy to have her there, happy for the distraction.

I was thinking our daughter would go to work the next morning and since we didn’t know what to tell her I didn’t call until 6:00 a. m. As soon as she got up and got dressed she came. She had called our son and he came from another town, but didn’t get there until after we’d been moved to a room. Both of them were there when the doctor came to talk to us. It was New Year’s eve Monday so the doctor scheduled a catheterization for Wednesday. The adult children and their support made a tremendous difference. There was no fear, no panic, we all thought it was a small thing and not life-threatening, at any rate we knew everything was going to be fine.

You can imagine our surprise when we saw the video of the catheterization the minute it and the insertion of two stints was over. He could have died, the doctor said. It’s a good thing you came when you did. (He had been saved by medications, especially heparin which thinned the blood and allowed it to pass through the two damaged vessels. ) We left the hospital on Thursday morning. We hadn’t called anyone else, there was nothing anyone else could do. We knew everything was going to be all right. It was especially good to spend the time with our children. At one time a nurse said, “Is your company going to stay all day.” Which meant go away and let him rest, I guess she didn’t know they were the best medicine he could have in addition to the methods and medicaments given to save his life. It was all like a dream, a dream on a cloud where everything ran smoothly just like the car did on the Long Smooth Highway.

Bill is doing great. He has been to all the cardio classes, done the exercise therapy and taken up his other exercises again. If they hadn’t had stints, they would have had to do by-passes. Oh, we are so thankful he didn’t have to go through that. He’s taking good care of himself and has lost twenty-five pounds. We have nothing but praise and thanksgiving to our Lord and to all the wonderful people who took care of him. We’ve seen the veins for ourselves and they are in good shape. We are not worried, should we be? No—it’s not necessary, each day is complete in itself. But I’d say we are all a bit more appreciative of each day we have together and we are hoping for a whole lot more of them, God willin’ and the crick don’t rise.

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