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Facts About Cats

20 Oct

From the Heart

Louise Gibson





Cats sleep an amazing amount of time-
close to three-quarters of the time,
counting, of course, the kind of nap
they have made famous.


I am a firm believer in the theory
that one of the ways in which
cats show happiness is by sleeping.
They don’t feel threatened,
so they can relax.


Cats do not “Come”.!
But they do respond to a treat!
Just rattle the bag
and they will come running to your feet.


Cat toys are not expensive-
a bottle cap will do.
A string or a ping pong ball
will keep them running to you.


Note- If I want to get this published,
I better stop being a snail.
I’ll give my cats a treat
and rush to put this in the mail!


It is Always Too Soon to Quit

2 Jan

From my Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson


Let your dream be bigger than your fear.

Hold on to your vision and persevere.

The fuel for your journey is a spark.

By perseverance the snail reached the ark.


Love always perseveres;

a force strong and true.

It motivates your best interests

and brings out the best in you.


Don’t despise the day of small things.

It is the small thing that forms the framework of our day.

Keep an attitude of gratitude

as the Lord leads you to do all things His way.



Father Jean Nicholas Grou wrote:

“Little things come daily, hourly, within our reach.,

and they are no less calculated to set forward

our growth in holiness than are the greater occasions

which occur but rarely. Moreover, fidelity in trifles, and

an earnest seeking to please God in little matters is a

test of real devotion and love. Let your aim be to please

our dear Lord perfectly in little things.”


Small Things



Attitude is Everything

10 Oct

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

If you can’t change your circumstances,
Change your Attitude.
A dramatic benefit you will see.
An acceptance of things that we
Cannot Change
Will develop a sense of serenity.


God uses life as “on-the-job training”-
He never promises A life free from care.
But He does promise never to leave or
Forsake us,
And never gives us “more than we can bear.”


God could spare us from hardship,
But, then how would we learn,
How would we grow?
Problems prove our integrity,
I learned far more from my losses in life,
And reached a higher plateau


Food for thought:
“Our character, if genuine, is never altered by circumstance”

You Are Unique

26 Sep

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Balderdash Mirth copy



God created you to be YOU!

He is the one who gave you talent.

He is the one who gave you lifel

When you struggle to be another,

it will only lead to strife!


Trust in the Lord with your whole heart.

He wants the best for you.

When you are doing what you love,

God is saying “Yes” to you.


Don’t let failure define you.

Hold on to your vision.

Ask the Lord to guide you

in making the right decision.


When you are doing what you love,

it excites your inner core.

It energizes creativity

and allows you to do more.


Keep in mind, your biggest cheerleader

in life is you..

Choose a positive attitude in reaching your goals,

and watch your dreams come true!


When You are doing what you love


12 Sep

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders


                                                  S                  E

                                                       m         L





Do yourself a favor-

Smiling is good for you,

It slows down your heart  beat and reduces stress-

and lowers your blood pressure, too.


A smile is infectious.

It will always remove a frown.

Facial muscles will be raised up-

It’s the best face lift in town..


A smile can delight your heart-

and is great at lighting a soul..

Lift someone’s spirit today-

make smiling a top priority goal.


I put my theory to “the test”

The woman in the mirror was frowning at me-

I gave her the brightest smile I could muster-

and she smiled right back at me.


Numbers 6:25

“The Lord make His face to shine upon you,

and be gracious to you.”


Your smile could be a message of cheer from God

to a needy soul.

One Person Poetry Fair

11 Aug

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Author, Poet and ArtistI have been enjoying my IPod for a lot of different things. I especially like to listen to poetry and I’ve bought some from Audible. I am, however, greedy for more so I kept searching in my bumbling way for more poems to listen to. I especially wanted the more up-to-date poets, but not what they call the modern ones because as you know, the modern ones, such as T. S. Eliot, even though I like him too, are really not very up-to-date.

I’ve known about the Poetry Foundation, and when I entered audible poetry in the Google search bar they came up. I looked the website over, but still didn’t see how to get spoken poems onto my IPod, so I contacted them by email. A nice man wrote back and suggested I get their podcasts on ITunes. I finally managed to figure out how to do that and now I’ve got a bunch! I subscribed to all the Poetry Foundation podcasts free and downloaded the archives of those podcasts as well. I put them on playlists, and today I started listening to poetry to my heart’s desire. I have seven plus hours worth, many in the poet’s own voices, and more to come. I’ve struck gold!

Listening to a wonderful poem gives you a similar feeling similar to listening to a transcendent piece of music. Poems give insights and epiphanies, two of my favorite brain candies. Even though it was a hot day and I had a mile to go, I listened on my walk and was exhilarated with what I heard. The one that sticks with me most from today is: “Monet Refuses the Operation,” by Lisel Mueller. I may have liked that one best because I like to paint too.

Anyhow, now I’ve got poems, and I’ll be receiving more as the podcasts come out. I’ve got discussions of poems, I’m sure to learn something from them. What else can I say, I’m rejoicing, thanking God and all those who make it possible and in general just very happy and satisfied with the first day of my one person poetry fair.

The First Speeding Ticket

13 Jun

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders




This is ludicrous, compared to today.

The first American ever arrested for speeding
was Jacob German, 26, a taxi driver for the
Electric Vehicle Company of New York City.
On May 20, 1899 he was hauled off to jail
for bolting down Lexington Street in Manhattan
at 12 mph in an 8 mph zone.


What would Jacob German think now?
Compared with 1899, the pace of life has advanced
to science fiction levels.
We bolt through every hour until the days
become a blur, and the years fly by like a movie
stuck on “fast forward”


Sometimes, in our rush, we grow impatient with the Lord
because He doesn’t hurry as we do.
Our times are in His hands and His clock operates
at a different speed.
A day to Him is like a thousand years.


(2 Peter 3:8 “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing
that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a
thousand years as one day.)


Perhaps you want the Lord to answer your prayer Now,
to provide deliverance “This instant”,
but when we put God on our timetable, it often brings


Learn to wait on the Lord, and let Him work at His own speed.
He has a perfect sense of timing, and He knows our every need.


From an old anonymous hymn:
” His method is sublime. His heart profoundly kind.
God never is before His time, and never is behind.”




My transportation from age 10 to 21 was a boy’s two-wheel bike-
My father wouldn’t sign for me, so it was either “bike” or “hike”.
I rode with the traffic-, youth has no fear.
My love of speed and adventure did truly domineer.
When I ran across this story, I thought it worth a smile.
According to my memory, I beat him by a mile!


Vintage girls bike

Living in the Sunshine

6 Jun

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders


A Merry Heart copy

Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart doeth good like medicine”
And it won’t cost you a thing..
It’s actually infectious, you know.-
Amazing what it will bring.

In times of suffering we must always choose
to ” walk in the light”.
We must mind our attitude by mending our thoughts.
A smile is a welcome sight.

I was “put to the test” this morning
when my son needed a ride.
I had had a surgical procedure on my face,
so the scar I could not hide,

He meant to be kind as he candidly remarked,
“It really doesn’t look bad, Mom,
It fits in with the lines in your face:”
(Remember your own words, girl-
The ink you can’t erase),

: – )

So, I smiled in amusement
And thanked the Lord above.
It truly isn’t “how we look”-
The important thing is love.

Laughter~An Oil Change for the Brain

9 May

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Balderdash Mirth copy



{An Oil Change for the Brain)

Oh, what fun it was,
An evening of “Balderdash”-
A board game played by the “Gibson girls.”
Our reward was laughs, not cash

!I was reluctant to play, at first-
I felt intimidated by their knowledge.
I graduated from high school,
but I had never attended college.

The game, I found, was a stimulant.
It taxed my inner core-
We had to guess whose answer was true,
which made us laugh all the more.

I have to confess, I was a pretty good liar-
My answer was often chosen as “true”.
The game called for a great imagination,
based on our “point of view”.

The memories I treasure on Mother’s Day
are preserved in my heart-
I carry them with me at all times-
they are “riches” set apart!

Laughter in the Bible:

Genesis 18:13 “And the Lord said unto Abraham,
Wherefore did Sarah laugh, saying, “Shall I of a surety
bear a child, who am old?”

Eccl. 2:2 “I said of laughter, it is mad: and of mirth.
What doeth it?”

Psalm 126:2 “Then was our mouth full of laughter,
our tongue with singing”

The Fox and Hound Chase

14 Feb

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

Louise Gibson

I have to smile as I reminisce
about my “high school days”-
So many memories of good times and bad,
of friends, exams, and plays.

My transportation in those days
was a boy’s two-wheel bike-
It served me well for many years-
no choice but to ride or hike!

I planned a “Fox and Hound Chase”-
I was the Fox, naturally.
The plan was to ride ahead and post my signs-
clues of where I might be.

I had to be fast with the “hounds” on my trail-
I was having so much fun.
My plan was to be the first at the park-
After the chase I had won!

After posting my “CLUES”
and enjoying my fantasy-
Who won the chase?
It was not ME

The designated area for the big event
was Metropolitan Park-
where all the kids went!

We were to have a picnic-
and play baseball for fun.
But the secret got out-
to my chagrin- the hounds won!

By the time I arrived at the park,
the game was well under way.
Everyone laughed as I wandered in
and joined in the play!

Ah, but chivalry rose to
the forefront by far-
as the “Hounds” insisted
I ride home in their car!

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