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3 Oct

Yesterday was a long…. day! My husband had two doctor appointment two hours from our home. I am thankful we were able to schedule both on the same day. 

We both slept in this morning but I didn’t miss my porch quiet time. Before I sette in the chaise lounge a Hummingbird flew to the feeder. She took a tiny sip then flew up close and hovered as if to say, fill up the feeder! The nectar and seed feeders were both empty! Cooler weather is coming so the birds must be stocking up.

My husband took this photo several years ago using a tripod and remote trigger.

To my surprise the Hummingbird zipped over to the garden area and began extracting nectar from the blooms on a Basil plant. Somehow she managed to pull the bloom off yet hold on to it longer to drink. She then moved on to the blooms on my huge Coleus plant. I wish I could have snapped a photo while she was drinking.

Waiting to hear from the doctor with test results is trying my patience. The practice has a patient portal and I have been haunting it all morning. We have been praying for the doctors to have wisdom in finding the source of my husband’s heath issues, but I’m not handling the waiting well. If my mom were still alive she would tilt her head and look me in the eye and ask..”what do you have a Lord for?” 

31 Days of God’s Comfort~Day 25

8 May

Painting and Paraphrase by DiVoran Lites


Day 25,





Life is short-

No one gets out of it alive.

Consider yourself blessed and privileged to live at all.

Enjoy your days the best you can. I will help.

Do the work I give you to do.

Take the comfort I give and be grateful.

You will have enough of whatever you need.

Don’t put your desire into earthly riches or pleasures.

Instead, know that I am your resource for everything.

Spread the blessings around

When you feel lonely, remember the people I have placed in your days.

They are there to treasure and care for you.

You also may treasure and care for them.

Above all, put us: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit first.

That is the only way to live the good life you seek.

Faster Weeks, Slower Me

19 May

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I'm a winner

I mistakenly believed that once I retired life would slow down and weeks would not fly by faster than a comet. It seems the only slowing down that has occurred is me. Maybe since it takes me longer to accomplish tasks, that is why it feels that weeks are zooming along.

On Monday the husband and I went to work on the slide area in our yard. The  county Soil and Water department suggested we replant the area with tall Fescue grass. We decided to fertilize, amend with lime and re-seed the entire yard. My husband used the garden tiller to break up the grassed areas that had become particularly bare and hard. After that we put out lime, then fertilizer and seed. My job was to gently rake the tilled area to spread some soil over the seeds. We have no idea if that is what one does when seeding clay soil. Growing grass in Florida is totally different. Finally we spread wheat straw and watered everything. I am NOT a fan of yard work, but the day was beautiful with a gentle cool breeze and I enjoyed it.

Tuesday was an interesting day. The charging port on my husband’s phone stopped working and my do-it-yourself man decided he could change it out. He is pretty sharp at fixing things but this one almost defeated him. Ten tiny screws had to be removed to change the port. No problem, Spilling the screws and losing one, now that is a problem. After an hour of searching, he put the phone together without the screw. It powered up and he was able to place a call. Yea! Except he could not hear me talking to him. So, tear the phone apart again. The missing screw had not appeared but being a problem solving kind of guy, he remembered that his old phone was the same brand as his current one. He pirated the old one for a replacement screw, put the phone back together and now it charges and has sound. Problem solved.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Missing screw found! We are cleaning house for company and removed rug and furniture from the room of the lost screw. Handy husband pushed all the debris into a pile and used his flashlight to illuminate the screw. Now to save it or not to save it.

Wednesday started off well. We had breakfast with friends then spent the rest of the morning running errands. Somewhere along the way, my energy drained away and my mood slipped lower than the thermometer on a Ontario winter day. I decided to hibernate.

After a good night’s sleep and some motivational musing, today is looking up. I am not the center of the universe. That job belongs to someone far above me. My job is to keep looking up.

Cherry Blossoms on tree.


Nothing Exciting Going on Here

30 Oct

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I'm a winner

I don’t have anything exciting or interesting to say today. Life seems to be hurrying along, pushing me with it. We took two drives while Rebekah was visiting, to enjoy the Fall color. The trees in our front yard are putting on quite a show this week and I am amazed the Knock Out Roses are still in bloom. This morning, fog was hovering low while the sky was a crisp, clear blue. Colder weather has moved in and the”S” word has even be mentioned for the weekend.

Foggy Fall

We are enjoying a visit from my aunt and cousin who live in Raleigh. Since today is chilly, I am going to cook Pasta Fagioli with bread sticks for supper. The recipe is suppose to be as good as Olive Gardens. We don’t have an Olive Garden in our town so this is the next best thing. Rebekah will post the recipe over on Rebekah Ly Books.

Pasta Fagioli

I don’t have all the ingredients so that gives me a good reason to take a trip into town. I have some mulled apple cider that will be just the thing to warm me up after the outing.

Hubby has been busy in his wood working shop. Last week he finished up a tortilla press for our son. Today he is working on a bread rack for our daughter. It should be a practical fix for her lack of kitchen counter space.

tortilla press copy


I would like to add here, that our son, Matt, is doing wonderfully well after his hip surgery. We give thanks to God for His perfect plan and timing, although watching Matt suffer was very difficult.


Well, this pretty much sums up my last few weeks. What have you been up to?

Speak Up Saturday- I Learned Life Isn’t Fair

12 May

We  welcome author, Rebekah Lyn to Speak Out Saturday.  Rebekah has published her debut novel, Summer Storms and is almost ready to release Julianne, a novel set in coastal North Carolina.  Rebekah  has her own blog, Rebekah Lyn’s Kitchen but since she was busy editing and needed to rant we offered Speak Up Saturday as a quick vent.  A link to her blog is in the sidebar. So, Rebekah, rant away.

Driving around this weekend, I saw a bounce house in a backyard, presumably for a child’s birthday party.  It made me think about how things have changed since I was a kid. Growing up, we had birthday parties at Burger King or McDonald’s.  I remember wearing a paper crown and sitting in a booth with my friends.  Those were great parties.

As I continued driving in my nostalgic state, I noticed many of the houses had plastic play sets in place of the metal swing-sets I grew up with.  These play sets are fine I guess, but I feel bad for the kids who don’t have the chance to ride the glider, one kid on each side, pretending it was a horse.  I learned not to let my bare legs touch the slide after the first time I burned them on the metal that had been baking in the sun all day.

Sure some of the kids I grew up with had big wooden tree houses or forts, and I only had the rickety old metal swing set, but I had monkey bars, a slide, and swings.  I could climb up the support poles and make my way across the whole set without touching the ground.  I wasn’t scarred for life because some of my friends had nicer things than me.  I learned life isn’t fair, but it is what you make of it.  I’m glad I grew up in the time  I did; I had the chance to learn from my mistakes.

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