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Reach Out

3 Nov

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


author of Window Wonders



Lord, thank you for friends.
They warm our heart and lift our spirit every day
Our thoughts are lifted to you, Lord
You are The Truth, The Light, The Way


The joy of creating, of touching another soul.
That is the reward of reaching out.
Lord, in You we are all made whole.


Knowing God has a plan for our life
is important, don’t you see-
Faith in God’s plan allows us to trust
that the events in our life are meant to be.


The joy of creativity,
of touching another’s soul
That is the reward of “reaching out”
The reward will make you whole.


You Can Be Alone- Without Feeling Lonely

7 Apr

From the Heart

Louise Gibson



People need people-
It’s embedded in our soul.
But to be contented when by yourself
Is a God-given role.


” My peace I give to you”,
proclaims the Lord of Glory”.
Christ is our sufficiency.
It’s an oft-repeated story.


Christ advises, “To have friends,
show yourself friendly.”
Who can resist a smile?
And look at the person straight in the eye.
It will be worth your while.



Thanks Giving

26 Nov

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I'm a winner

I would like to wish all of our readers a blessed Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter and joy.

In Janet’s blog this week she included a recipe for Thanks Giving. A few weeks ago, DiVoran created a photo that she titled, A Fresh Journal Page. I joined them together. I plan to  incorporate this recipe into my life this holiday season. Will you join me?

A Thanks Giving Recipe

Every day I am thankful for my friends and fellow bloggers on Old Things Are New!

Love you!

Old Things R New  Family

The Book Barn of Beulah Colorado

12 Aug

Sometimes a letter or email turns into a great blog. Today’s post is one of those.-Onisha


Loved this letter from my friend, Patricia Franklin, who lives in Colorado. I thought you’d like it too, so we got permission to share. It’s a book lover’s joy-DiVoran
Hi DiVoran,
Just had to tell you about our  Sunday afternoon drive today.  We drove up to the little  mountain town of Beulah in the foothills of the Wet Mountains. It has one main street that is about two blocks long with a coffee shop and a general store. We went into the general store and went to the lower level which is a little antique store. We wandered beulah General Storethrough there looking at all the things I remember as a child, and also hoping to find a couple of items to replace some that we broke, but still were using up until that time. Ha!  Not finding anything, we had a nice conversation with the owner.
We were also looking for an old book for a friend of ours.  She did not have it, but told us to go to the Book Barn, which was just this side of the Coffee Shop. She said “People leave their used books there and the proceeds go to the school… hard backs 50 cents and paperbacks are 25 cents. You just put the money in the knothole.”  I was intrigued by that comment and we drove on up the street to the Coffee Shop .
There were a couple old gents sitting out front of the Coffee Shop.  We stopped and asked them where the Book Barn was.  One of them said, “It is right behind you.”  I looked at a little old shed behind me by the side of the road and said “Is that it?”  He said, “That’s it.”  … and something to the effect of “You might not both fit in there at the same time.”  We backed our car up and parked right beside the colorful little shed that had the door wide open.  We both got out of the car and walked into the 6′ x 8′ shed. No one was in attendance. All sides were lined with bookshelves to the ceiling, which were filled with books of all kinds… not in any particular order, with boxes of books on the floor.  Being the book lover that I am, we both looked through the books, having  to squeeze past each other in the aisle.  We did not find the book we were looking for.  I saw some great books, but I have so many right now, that I did not get any, although I wanted to just to put the money in the old knothole by the side of the door.  I immediately thought of you and said to myself “DiVoran would love this little Book Barn.”  So I had to tell you about it as soon as I got home.
Need to get dinner on!
   Love, P
The book they were looking for was Colorado Wildflowers, Volumn 2, The Mountain flowers by Guennel. It is on the Internet, but it’s beyond the price the friend can pay. If you have a copy you don’t want or need let us know and we’ll see that they get it.
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