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“Help! There’s A Kidnapper in my Apartment!”

16 Dec

From the Heart

Louise Gibson



Well, not really.
But my cat is acting like one.
I set up a miniature village under my tree,
the source of a lot of fun!

There are houses, a church, commercial buildings,
and a ski slope brings a smile.
Skiers actually go up and down,
so watching them is worth your while.

Corky, my little feline friend, watched patiently-
His eyes moving from north to south.
But curiosity got the best of him.
A little man walking down the street
wound up in Corky’s mouth!

Corky didn’t know what to do.
His captive put up no fight.
He dropped him when he looked at me.
Ha! He had to make it right!

Christmas brings out the kid in me.
My heart is filled with play
as I look to our Savior,
a God of wisdom, with us everyday.

I wish you a “Merry Christmas”
Keep looking up, dear friend.
And don’t forget to look around you,
The need for love has no end!



She Didn’t Deserve to Die

10 Apr

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson

Charlene had a sweet disposition.

She was the first to greet me when I opened the door.

One of five of my outdoor cats,

I have to confess, I adore.


They were born during ” Hurricane Charley”

“Charley’s Angels” to me.

Bonded in love from the start,

They were a very close family.


When I looked out of my kitchen window last Friday,

my heart was disturbed to no end.

Charlene was crying out in pain,

seeking help from a friend.


I went out to comfort her,

unaware of the nature of it all.

My son helped take her to the Animal Clinic

where I leraned, to my appall,


She had been poisoned,

By who, or what is a mystery-

but my heart has been saddened

by such a catastrophe..


She is buried in my back yard,

under the shade of a tree-

always to be remembered

for the joy she gave to me.


P.S.  It would be hard to forget that she died on Good Friday.


The Cat Who Predicted Seizures

27 Dec

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

                           Tee Cee

Animals are such remarkable creatures-
often misunderstood.
Were it not for their independent personalities,
Cats might be naturals for all sorts of jobs.
“Service Cats”, if you would.

So far, however, they’ve firmly rejected
any such callings.

All save for one.

The cat in question is named Tee Cee,
who has earned International fame
for his uncanny ability to predict
epileptic seizures of his owner.
Modestly, he answers to his name.

Ironically, the English feline had endured
quite a bit at the hands of a human who
stuffed Tee Cee and his littermates in a
box and tossed it in a river.

He was rescued and taken to an adoption center
where he became the pet of Michael Edmunds.
a man who suffers from an extremely dangerous
and unpredictable form of epilepsy..
The disorder causes sudden violent seizures
that strike without warning.

The problem is so serious that Edmonds can’t leave
home unescorted for fear of having an attack at
some unexpected time or place.
Edmunds’ new cat provided almost providential

Tee Cee took a great deal of interest in his new owner-
particularly when he was about to seize.

This was remarkable, because Edmonds displays
no symptoms prior to attacks…or, at least, none
detectable by humans.

“We noticed that Tee Cee began staring at my stepfather\
prior to a seizure and then ran to my mother to let her know all
is not well, acting as an early warning system.”

Edmund’s stepdaughter, Samantha Laidler, told the BBC.,
“Once assistance arrives, Tee Cee doesn’t leave Michael’s
side until he regains consciousness, and his warnings have
proved invaluable to the family.”

The behavior was so unexpected that it took a while for
family members to make the connection between the cat’s
staring sessions and Edmonds’ epileptic fits. But once the link
was established the fame of the former stray spread far and wide.

In 2006 he was nominated for a prestigious
“Rescue Cat of the Year Award”-
quite an accomplishment for a feline who was once thrown
away as garbage.

P.S. Corky and Angel, my little feline friends, are holding their headsup higher, too. They may never receive public recognition for their loyalty or rescue service, but they definitely deserve recognition from me. There is nothing that will bring one’s blood pressure down like a purring cat against your legs or lying peacefully on your lap  They look up at me with eyes that seem to say “Thank you.  I love you, too”  

GrandPa “The World’s Oldest Cat”

18 Oct

From the Heart
Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

These days, pampered felines enjoy the food,

accommodations and medical care money can buy.

But none can match the record for longevity achieved by “Grandpa”

No matter how hard they try.

He lived to the slightly overripe age of thirty-four years,

Two months, and four hours-

Earning him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records

And worldwide gifts of cards and flowers.

The Story


Grandpa’s life was as strange as it was long. A rare hairless sphinx, he was taken to the Humane Society of Travis County (Texas) on January 16, 1970 by a good Samaritan who found him running loose near a busy intersection.  Jake Perry, a plumber, almost immediately adopted him, part-time cat show enthusiast, and feline rescuer. Figuring such an unusual cat must have a worried owner somewhere; he put up posters about him around town. Months later he received a call from a Frenchwoman, who in December, 1969 had come to the United States to visit her daughter.  While there her cat, Pierre, had escaped through an unlatched screen door, never to be seen again.

By that time Perry had owned the male sphinx, whom he had renamed Grandpa Rexs Allen, for quite a while. Nevertheless he agreed to let the woman have a look at him.  After confirming that it was indeed her cat, she graciously allowed his benefactor to keep him.  She even handed over his pedigree papers, which stated that he was born early on the morning of February 1, 1964 in Paris.

A few years later, Perry started entering Grandpa in shows sponsored by the International Cat Association under the “household pet” category.  To his great surprise, he feline who was already into his second decade and thus considered old, earned the rank of supreme grand master, the highest possible reward for pets in his division.

As his age reached the high twenties, Grandpa’s fame grew. Each year for his birthday, he got a vanilla cake topped with tuna and broccoli icing.  Not surprisingly, he was generally the only one to partake.  The rest of his unusual diet, however, would have passed muster with most human diners.  Breakfast consisted of Egg Beaters, chopped bacon, broccoli or asparagus, and coffee. (Yes, coffee!!) He also enjoyed either jelly or mayonnaise smeared on his food: he would choose which one every morning by putting his paw on the jar he preferred,  (too cute!)

Fortified by lots of vegetables, Grandpa persisted into his early thirties, which is roughly 150 in cat years.  Finally, on April 1, 1998, he gave up the ghost after a long bout with pneumonia. After an elaborate funeral, inside a tiny, laced-lined coffin, he was interred in his owner’s backyard pet cemetery, which already contained about two dozen cats. Roughly four hundred fans from around the world sent cards, flowers, and other mementos.

His final honor was, of necessity, posthumous. The 2000 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records duly recognized the wizened French expatriot as the oldest cat who ever lived..  His record just barely squeezes out the previous record holder, an English cat named Ma who survived for thirty-four years and one day, it just goes to show that in longevity, as in any other endeavor, persistence is key.

The Cat Who Charmed the Dickens Out of Dickens

13 Sep

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


It is no secret that I love cats-

They make a most loyal friend.

So, needles to say

When I read a story that touches my heart.

My enthusiasm has no end.

English novelist, Charles Dickens

Was a great fan of dogs and birds,

But cats were banned from his home.

Much to his chagrin, all that changed

When his daughter was given a kitten as a gift

That had free rein to roam.

The cat was christened William,

Which was a source of mirth-

William became “Williamina”

Shortly after giving birth!

The feline family was to “stay in the kitchen”

“In a box (can you BELIEVE?)”

Well, needless to say, THAT didn’t happen-

Williamina had other plans “up her sleeve”

One by one she carried her kittens into the study-

But naturally they couldn’t stay!

They were ordered “back to the kitchen”-

Determined, Williamina would have her way.

After two attempts to hide them in the study

She vowed “not to go down in defeat.”

This time she boldly walked up to Dickens

And dropped the kittens at his feet!

Then she looked up at him imploringly

And “begged to stay” with her eyes.

Permission was finally granted-

Much to everyone’s surprise.

The kittens enjoyed the privilege of climbing up the curtains

And scampering across the desk in great fun.

When old enough, all were found good homes,

But Dickens couldn’t find it in his heart to part with one.

Because it was deaf and could not hear its name,

He left it go at that.

Instead, he was known throughout the house

Simply as “The Master’s Cat”.

Indeed he was, he followed Dickens

Like a dog around the house-

And would sit quietly by him as he wrote,

As quiet as a mouse.

Not that The Master’s Cat didn’t demand attention,

After all, he had an ego that had to be fed.

One night Dickens sat in his study,

Completely engrossed as he read.

Suddenly the candle flickered out-

Dickens didn’t notice the cause.

He relit the candle and began to read-

Again, the cat put out the flame with his paws.

A minute ore two later, the candle flickered again.

Dickens looked up just in time- what he saw made him grin!

The author set his book aside

And played with the cat.

He would share the story with his family the next day.

“What do you think of THAT!”


What Cats Can Do for You

9 Aug

 From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

Dogs are said to be “Man’s best friend”

To their owner that may be true-

But please allow me to list some things

That a cat can do for you..

Yes, I am a cat lover-

I grew up with them, you see-

Never allowed to have a dog,

Cats gravitated to me.

Cats warm your lap, and

Give you someone to talk to-

They help reduce your blood pressure

As they communicate with you.

Cats are so easy to entertain-

They can turn a bottle cap into a toy.

They display daring acrobatic feats

That turn “hum drum” into joy.

Cats make you more aware of birds.

I used to have so many-

But since the Lord sent those cats-

I find I don’t have ANY!

Cats teach you how to “land on your feet”-

And how to “lick your wounds and go on”.

They contribute to living a longer life-

As your affection they try to “con”.

They remind us that life is mysterious-

They share the “all is well” purring with you.

They make an old worn couch look beautiful!

You can see why I love cats- can’t you!


26 Jul

 From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

Like a “thief in the night

You stalked your prey

You watched my “goings”in and  out

You hid behind the tree all day

It was my heart you were searching out!

You were abandoned, hungry, and frightened,

Always anxious by day.

You were left at the home of the “Cat Lady”.

Would you be welcomed,

Or turned away?

” You don’t know the heart

 Of the “Cat Lady”, little friend-

You were welcomed the moment

She looked into your eyes

And saw the need that has no end-

It’s called “love!”

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