The Cat Who Predicted Seizures

27 Dec

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

                           Tee Cee

Animals are such remarkable creatures-
often misunderstood.
Were it not for their independent personalities,
Cats might be naturals for all sorts of jobs.
“Service Cats”, if you would.

So far, however, they’ve firmly rejected
any such callings.

All save for one.

The cat in question is named Tee Cee,
who has earned International fame
for his uncanny ability to predict
epileptic seizures of his owner.
Modestly, he answers to his name.

Ironically, the English feline had endured
quite a bit at the hands of a human who
stuffed Tee Cee and his littermates in a
box and tossed it in a river.

He was rescued and taken to an adoption center
where he became the pet of Michael Edmunds.
a man who suffers from an extremely dangerous
and unpredictable form of epilepsy..
The disorder causes sudden violent seizures
that strike without warning.

The problem is so serious that Edmonds can’t leave
home unescorted for fear of having an attack at
some unexpected time or place.
Edmunds’ new cat provided almost providential

Tee Cee took a great deal of interest in his new owner-
particularly when he was about to seize.

This was remarkable, because Edmonds displays
no symptoms prior to attacks…or, at least, none
detectable by humans.

“We noticed that Tee Cee began staring at my stepfather\
prior to a seizure and then ran to my mother to let her know all
is not well, acting as an early warning system.”

Edmund’s stepdaughter, Samantha Laidler, told the BBC.,
“Once assistance arrives, Tee Cee doesn’t leave Michael’s
side until he regains consciousness, and his warnings have
proved invaluable to the family.”

The behavior was so unexpected that it took a while for
family members to make the connection between the cat’s
staring sessions and Edmonds’ epileptic fits. But once the link
was established the fame of the former stray spread far and wide.

In 2006 he was nominated for a prestigious
“Rescue Cat of the Year Award”-
quite an accomplishment for a feline who was once thrown
away as garbage.

P.S. Corky and Angel, my little feline friends, are holding their headsup higher, too. They may never receive public recognition for their loyalty or rescue service, but they definitely deserve recognition from me. There is nothing that will bring one’s blood pressure down like a purring cat against your legs or lying peacefully on your lap  They look up at me with eyes that seem to say “Thank you.  I love you, too”  

One Response to “The Cat Who Predicted Seizures”

  1. oldthingsrnew December 27, 2013 at 8:23 am #

    Cat are extremely sensitive to their friends moods and needs. I’m glad Tee Cee was recognized.


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