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You Can Be Alone- Without Feeling Lonely

7 Apr

From the Heart

Louise Gibson



People need people-
It’s embedded in our soul.
But to be contented when by yourself
Is a God-given role.


” My peace I give to you”,
proclaims the Lord of Glory”.
Christ is our sufficiency.
It’s an oft-repeated story.


Christ advises, “To have friends,
show yourself friendly.”
Who can resist a smile?
And look at the person straight in the eye.
It will be worth your while.



Are You a Pillar or a Caterpillar?

31 Mar

From the Heart 

Louise Gibson


The pillars are a strong foundation
in any relationship.
On their strength we do depend.
The caterpillars crawl in and out,
failing to connect.
They dream to be a butterfly in the end.


God created all of us,
and He did it all with vision.
I don’t have your attributes-
That was God’s decision.


I will strive to be the best I can
with what God has allotted me.
To be more like our Maker,
That is our destiny.


The Curve in the Road

24 Mar

From the Heart

Louise Gibson


People need people.

That was God’s ultimate plan

when He created the earth

and related Himself to man.


To love and be loved

is the theme of every love song.

Open your heart to welcome it.

True love can heal a wrong.


God didn’t design us to live alone.

That’s why Adam was given a mate.

Open your heart to receive love.

You are robbing yourself if you wait.


We can support one another in all that we do,

and offer help when there is a need.

We all aspire to find that “curve in the road”

that satisfies the need to succeed.


Painting by DiVoran Lites


You Are Not What You Think You Are

17 Mar

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson



(But what you think, You are)

Now that is controversial,
and truly is confusing.
You are toying with my thinking,
But I do find it amusing.


If I think that I am coping
with the problems of old age,
And truly believe that my life
is not ruled by a calendar page,
Then I will continue on my journey-
finding meaning as I go,
Trusting God to teach me
all that He wants me to know.


It never ceases to amaze me
when I think about the past.
The trials never seemed to end-
While the good times went so fast.


Everything in life happens for a reason.
God wants to conform us to the image of His Son.
When confronted with life’s problems,
Remember, the battle has already been won.



Slaying the Giants In Your Life~ Destroying Discouragement

13 Jan

From the Heart

Louise Gibson




Can you recognize the enemy?
There’s a battle to be won.
Know what you are fighting-
Your armor is the Son!


There are three ways to live:
You can live out-
You can wear out,
You can burn out!


It’s erroneous to say
working too hard is burnout.
Working hard “at the right thing”
is what it’s all about.


Bring everything out of that “anxiety closet”
and expose it to the light.
When looked at as they truly are,
you can put them all to flight!


Emotions are treacherous advisors.
We need to be disciplined and stay on track.
Work can be wonderful therapy.
It will get your confidence back.


The biblical story of David
can turn your life around.
Get your slingshot ready-
“Discouragement”, you are going DOWN!”


Psalm 46:1-3

God is our refuge and strength.
A very present help in trouble,
Therefore, we will not fear.
Though the earth be removed
and though the mountains be carried
into the midst of the sea;
Though its waters roar and be troubled,
Tho the mountains shake with its swelling.



Celebrate Who You Are

7 Oct

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Fresh journal page by DiVoran Lites

Fresh journal page by DiVoran Lites



There is more to life
than what we can see.
Who we really are
is our true identity.


Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by talents of others.
God created you to be unique!
He gave you special gifts of your own –
You are far more talented than you think.


We are all actors on the stage of life.
Study the script, my friend.
Notice that even the brevity of parts
doesn’t determine the end!


Do your best to honor the Lord –
Serve honestly and be fervent.
In the end you’ll hear the Master’s words,
“Welcome to the joy of the Lord,
good and faithful servant.”


Quote by Reverend Oliver G. Green
“Use what talents you have –
the woods would have little music
if no birds sang their song
except those who sang best.”


A Servant’s Heart

25 Dec

Louise Gibson posted this last year at Christmas. This year, she is having some health issues, so I am reposting this lovely poem for Christmas~Onisha

All of us here on Old Things R New wish you a very happy Christmas, spent with people you love, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

From my Heart

Louise GIbson

Louise Gibson


The true spirit of Christmas is one of giving.

To give of yourself is the greatest gift of all.

To follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

we learn to develop a servant’s heart

in answer to our Savior’s call.


Jesus welcomes, “Come, follow Me.

I will make you a fisher of men,”

“Oh, yes, dear Lord, I want to follow you.

Life on earth is not he end!



The three Marys who served


The three most prominent women in the gospels

were all named Mary. The first was Mary of Nazareth.

God chose her to raise Jesus because of her servant’s


“For He has regarded the lowly state of His maidservant;

for behold, “henceforth, all generations will call me blessed,”



The second was Mary of Bethany. She was His student.

Whenever she appeared in the gospels, she was at

the feet of Jesus.


The third was Mary of Magdala. Though successful in

business, she had deep spiritual needs in her life.

Jesus freed her from demons, saved her, and she

became His zealous supporter. She supported His

ministry from her own resources, according to Luke 8:1-3.


Mary and Joseph xmas 1001 (2)

Painting by DiVoran Lites



God Never Says “O-O-O-PS”

11 Dec

From my Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson


That’s a theological truth in disguise.

God is a Master of Perfection.

His truths stand to confuse the thinking of the wise.


Every moment we feel overwhelmed by problems,

God is busy dealing with them, dear friend.

Every time we despair over the lack of God’s presence,

Remember, He promised to abide to the end.


The Bible has been written for people

who are living in the land of the living-

It is so much more than “pie in the sky

in the sweet by and by”.


The Bible is written for the tough realities of life,

the nitty grittry of the here and now.

Its pages are filled with real life solutions

to relieve our strife and our sigh!



“There has to be a song-

to make our burdens bearable,

to make our hopes believable,

to transform our successes into praise.

to release the chains of past defeats.

Somewhere- down deep in a forgotten corner

of each man’s heart-

There has to be a song,”

Robert Benson


“At times when we feel forsaken,may we know

the presence of the Holy Spirit who brings comfort

to all human hearts when we re willing to surrender

ourselves.  May we be convinced that soon before

we reach up to Thee, Thou art reaching down to us.”

Peter Marshall

Originally published on Old Things R New January 2015


Say That AGAIN!??

30 Oct

From the Heart
Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson





Too wise you are,
Too wise you be.
I see you are
too wise for me.


The young woman hiding
in this old body
came out to have some fun.


Please join in the levity-
the battle is already won!

Latch on to Love

4 Sep

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson

When we let go of the negative
we can latch on to the positive,
and that positive emotion is love.
Love is like a healing balm.
Open your heart to receive it.
It comes from our Lord above.

Accept what you cannot change.
The circumstances wouldn’t have been different
by anything you could have done.
Love is forever.
With love battles are won.

Love shows up in so many ways.
It brings comfort and strength when we feel weak.
Hate doesn’t take you where love does.
It is the peace of God that we seek.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
Fear is the killer of dreams.
Rise above your circumstances, don’t stay under them.
Nothing is as bad as it seems.

Painting by DiVoran Lites

Painting by DiVoran Lites

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