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She Didn’t Deserve to Die

10 Apr

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson

Charlene had a sweet disposition.

She was the first to greet me when I opened the door.

One of five of my outdoor cats,

I have to confess, I adore.


They were born during ” Hurricane Charley”

“Charley’s Angels” to me.

Bonded in love from the start,

They were a very close family.


When I looked out of my kitchen window last Friday,

my heart was disturbed to no end.

Charlene was crying out in pain,

seeking help from a friend.


I went out to comfort her,

unaware of the nature of it all.

My son helped take her to the Animal Clinic

where I leraned, to my appall,


She had been poisoned,

By who, or what is a mystery-

but my heart has been saddened

by such a catastrophe..


She is buried in my back yard,

under the shade of a tree-

always to be remembered

for the joy she gave to me.


P.S.  It would be hard to forget that she died on Good Friday.



Corky and Angel

5 Jul

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

These two are my feline friends,

So precious, a gift from above.IMG_1693

Born during Hurricane Charley,

Their heart is a “garden of love”.

They were two of a family of eight,

And bonded from the start.

As I watched from my kitchen window,

Their antics touched my heart.

They were tiny, but, oh so feisty!

They, chased, and wrestled in play.

I confess, I prayed for their safety,-

That they would survive another day!

It is almost eight years later.

They live in the house with me.

IMG_1695I would like to share my pictures,-

Illustrations of activity.

The activity is mostly due to them

(as they curtail most of mine)-

They demand my full attention

(which, secretly, suits me fine!)

The “guest room” provides a window

That satisfies Corky’s curiosity-

“Is that racoon still out there?

I’m glad he can’t see ME!”IMG_1699

It is a wonder that I pay my bills on time-

Angel tries to steal my pen.

She even lays on my check book,

(IMG_1700Help me, please, Lord-Amen!)

There are no signs of aging.

As far as the eye can tell-

They have so much energy

That seems to serve them well.

I must confess they have a little help-

When bad weather comes our way-

A  little “catnip” lifts their spirit-

It’s a joy to watch them play!

I am so grateful to the Lord,

He is with us every day.IMG_1692

I couldn’t begin to count my blessings-

He provides in every way.

It is now almost eight years later.

They live in the house with me.

I have taken many pictures.



Corky and a Halloween cat


7 Jun

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

You have heard of “Charley’s Angels”,

But these are quite unique!–

They were born during Hurricane Charley

When the winds were at their peak

They were the start of my WindowWonders

Their appearance was a shock to my eyes.

One by one they came out of our shed-

Their appearance was a disturbing surprise!

I had such mixed emotions-

“Lord, is this really true?

You know my husband doesn’t like cats-

What am I to do?”

The Lord doesn’t make mistakes-

Our future is foreseen

He sent the cats for me to love-

Definitely not to be mean.

“Big Momma” is a disciplinarian,

Who rules her kids with her paw-

But, conversely so, her affection

Has filled my heart with awe!

They truly are a family,

Bonded in loyalty-

Their protection of one another

Is a sight worthy to see.

It took awhile to name them-

Personalities came into play

“Big Momma”, “Ginger”, “Pepper” and “Tinkerbell

Bonded in every way.

“Corky” and “Angel” two black and whites

Live indoors with me-

Their presence is truly heartwarming-

Their antics a joy to see.

Have you ever had a “furry friend”

That truly communicated with you-

With tender eyes that seemed to say,

“Thank you, I love you, too”?

I don’t look forward to hurricanes-

They fill me with fear and dread-

But “Charley” truly was a blessing

Intended to bring comfort, instead!

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