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5 Nov

Melody Hendrix

A Time to Live

A very vocal Thrasher enjoying the bird bath.

Image by F McDaniel from Pixabay

MelodyWelcome! I’m so glad you stopped in to visit. I am retired and enjoying life. My hobbies are my 5 grandchildren, son and daughter, and my loving husband. I am a photographer and extreme nature lover. I love spending time in my garden or in the wilderness connected to God my Creator.
What a beautiful world we live in. We all have that in common. Natural beauty is everywhere, but sometimes we are not connected until we see a picture, taken just right, that makes it really come into focus and be admired. My passion is to make a connection between the lens and your soul. Photography is my passion.
My photography passion began when my Father handed me his old Ricohflex box camera when I was 12.  It was love at first sight. I still have it. My hand was never empty of a camera since.
I am a native Floridian. I am so lucky to call it home. I was born in Orlando BF (before Disney). My family moved to the Winter Park area when I was very young. Central Florida was so simple and quaint at that time. I wandered the streets barefoot with my friends, never worrying that something bad could ever happen. My Mom used to pick the sand-spurs out of my feet. I still go barefoot. It grounds me to earth and connects me to nature.
I have extensively explored Florida and its diverse beauty. So much to see and so little time. I would love for you to join me in my travels through the images I have taken. I wish you could hear the sounds, smell the fragrance and feel the breath of it. But for now we must be content with exploring with our eyes and only imagine the rest.
Thank you for your interest.

This is My Story and I Am Sticking to It

23 Jul

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

This summer has certainly had its ups and downs. Our family members have been Onishaplagued with ongoing physical challenges and a precious uncle went to be with the Lord. The garden I was so excited about in the spring has pretty much fizzled. The weather has included rain most days and when it has been nice, my work with Rebekah Lyn Books has kept me hard at work on my computer instead of chilling on the porch.

Then Monday morning I looked outside and the sun was shining, my husband was feeling better and a flower basket hanging outside my front door was beautiful and

House Wrens love to nest here.once again housing a bird nest. For the past three years we have purchased the same kind of flower basket and each year an adorable bird has nested there. Something about that basket and the new life growing inside of it sparked a thrill of joy. It reminded me that whether I am experiencing mountain top highs or walking down a thorny path it is all a pattern in the seasons of life. I have rejoiced in the glorious days and I will choose to rejoice in these trying days.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  John 14.27

More Window Wonders

24 May

My kitchen window

Never fails to excite my inner core.

Each tiny glimpse of nature

Whets my appetite for more

The behavior of the animal life

Is utterly absurd

The birds are eating the cat’s food

And a cat is acting like a bird.

Two cranes are walking slowly

Pecking down at the ground for food.

The cats are watching quietly

As is to disturb them would be rude!

I keep my camera by my window

To capture moments such as this

A cat is drinking from the birdbath

The absurdity is bliss.


Window Wonders

26 Apr

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

                                              My kitchen has always been a busy place
                                              that occupies my days.
                                              It welcomes family and friends alike
                                              And serves in many ways.
                                              It has a picture window
                                              where I often stand to view
                                              the fascinations of nature
                                              while cooking, perhaps, a stew.
                                              I wonder why the Blue Jay
                                              defies the danger of its play,
                                              as he swoops down on the patio
                                               to the cat’s bowl everyday.
                                              I put bird seed in the feeder
                                              so safe up in the tree,
                                              Why he prefers the cat food
                                              is a mystery to me.
                                              And the scrawny little Hibiscus tree
                                              was an epic in the making-
                                               Oft filled with buds that never bloomed
                                              My attention I was forsaking.
                                              As I poured my morning coffee one day,
                                              I glanced, as I always do
                                              to see what nature had in store for me,
                                              my senses to renew.
                                              “Oh, Lord, I can’t believe my eyes.
                                               Is that really a flower I see?
                                               What glorious color, and, oh so proud
                                               is that small Hibiscus tree.
                                               Frost warnings came on the news all day-
                                               “Protect your plants” the newscasters say.
                                               So I spread the mulch over the roots of young trees,
                                                praying, “Keep them all safe, dear Lord, please”.
                                                As I approached the small Hibiscus tree reality set in.
                                                It”s leaves were dry and curled up,
                                                much to my chagrin.
                                                The tree was supported by a tall green stick,
                                                tied with a plastic band
                                                As I reached to straighten the little tree
                                                it broke off in my hand.
                                                The beautiful flower was its Swan Song
                                                It must have known its fate.
                                                It rewarded my window wonder
                                                before it was too late.


The Robins Are Gone

11 Aug


Speak Up Saturday

Patricia Franklin

    The robins are gone.  I do hear them calling once in a while, and one of the adults flew up onto our fence near the flower beds where I was working.  Instead of flying away, which I would expect, he flew down almost at my feet and retrieved something to eat.  The young ones come around every now and then too, and they all seem to be “our” robins, as they are not afraid and will continue looking for food.   
     As I left for Texas for a week, the mama dove was still sitting on her nest.  When we got back, there were two little heads peeking out from the flimsy nest and the mother was gone, but we could hear her cooing nearby.  Two days later, one little dove was sitting out on the branch. The next day, both of them were out of nest on the branch.  The following day they were out of sight.  I saw one on the front lawn a few days later and went over to get it, as the cat roams around out there. But when I got close, the little fellow flew into the tree, so I knew all were safe. 
    Now, a few weeks later, my husband and I were sitting on the patio last evening and two doves flew right close to us onto the bare branch just below the dove nest. We started talking and moving around, and instead of flying away as doves usually would, they settled down and kept us company, cocking their heads as though listening to what we had to say.  They stayed there as long as we were outside.  Is it my imagination, or did they recognize us and were seeking our company as well?
    At first I felt a little void in my life when I could not see the birds every day, but I know they are all still here and they come around now and then, while keeping up with their busy lives.  I decided I will encourage them to stick around, so have put out the bird bath, a hummingbird feeder and a little cage with suet to attract more birds. The finches seem to love it.  So they are chirping all over the place now and trying to avoid the aggressive little hummingbird who seems to think he owns the whole territory and tries to chase them all away.  And so …..  life goes on in my little bird world.


The Robin Diaries- Part 6

28 Jul

Speak Up Saturday

Patricia Franklin

Our yard is becoming popular real estate for birds now. Besides the two nests in the yard, some little red finches were inspecting our satellite dish. They did not come back though. I noticed a hummingbird sailing around in that heavy wind yesterday. I don’t know how they do it. I put out our hummingbird feeders now. They like zeriscape. After noticing that the robins really like the millers, which are migrating to the cool mountains now, I released a bunch of millers from under the BBQ cover and watched the robins catch them.

I was worried a couple of days ago about the robins. One got in a big fight with robins and neither of them would quit. They ended up chasing each other all around the neighborhood. Then I only saw one robin for the rest of the day. I kept watching and finally, just before I went into the house that night, I saw both of them at the nest again. That meant I could sleep without worrying about them. The same evening we took a walk around the block and ran into a neighbor we had never met before. He was coming out of the house with his son-in-law. We said hello and he told us he was going to show his son-in-law the robins. So of course, we inquired about it. He showed us a nest, and, surprise, they had all flown away. So the man ran into his house to get his camera and show us the close-ups he had taken of the three babies. I was excited to hear he was so interested in them. He said he had been off work, and so he watched them all week.

Frank sneaked a peek into our nest and said there was nothing there, but I know there is. They must have scrunched down. I said, “No more peeking in the nest.” I want to stay out of their way. I don’t want them getting anxious and leaving prematurely. They are still small. I have not heard them chirping yet, but the adult robins sit on the fence and sing to them so they will recognize their voices and learn how to chirp back.

Robin nest

Robin nest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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