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“Help! There’s A Kidnapper in my Apartment!”

16 Dec

From the Heart

Louise Gibson



Well, not really.
But my cat is acting like one.
I set up a miniature village under my tree,
the source of a lot of fun!

There are houses, a church, commercial buildings,
and a ski slope brings a smile.
Skiers actually go up and down,
so watching them is worth your while.

Corky, my little feline friend, watched patiently-
His eyes moving from north to south.
But curiosity got the best of him.
A little man walking down the street
wound up in Corky’s mouth!

Corky didn’t know what to do.
His captive put up no fight.
He dropped him when he looked at me.
Ha! He had to make it right!

Christmas brings out the kid in me.
My heart is filled with play
as I look to our Savior,
a God of wisdom, with us everyday.

I wish you a “Merry Christmas”
Keep looking up, dear friend.
And don’t forget to look around you,
The need for love has no end!



Going Around the Mountain with Turkeys and Eagles

5 Mar

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I'm a winner

Yesterday my husband and I were discussing Netanyahu’s speech to Congress the previous day. The leader of Israel was asking for support against a nuclear Iran. Meanwhile Iran is in talks with the United States and other countries promising peace. My husband pointed out how similar this seemed to the 1940s when Japan was talking peace while planning for war. He voiced his concern of how history repeats its self and we never seem to learn.

This brought to mind, our former pastor, Peter Lord, who taught me lesson of the mountain. God loves us so much, He will allow us to repeat our mistakes and keep going around the mountain until we learn what He is trying to teach us. Is it painful? You bet but I am grateful he is patient and doesn’t give up on me.

History repeating itself, over and over seems to fall into Pastor Lord’s going around the mountain lesson. Time after time, mankind has the chance to make good choices and time after time we have not. I wonder what the world will choose this time turkeys or Eagles.



Turkeys and Eagles

Susie’s Daddy

29 Jul

My Take

DiVoran LItes

Author, Poet and Artist

Earl plays the guitar for our praise team. He’s one of those who can play many instruments and play them without notes on paper.

Earl is a big man, younger than my son, older than my grandson.  I hold his hand in our prayer circle after practice. His hand is gentle, patient, and strong.

His little girl, Susie, is in my Sunday School class. She’s about to be seven as she puts it.

One day she brought a plush horse to Sunday School and I noticed he had construction paper wings. They were designed and cut and adhered to the horse with tape that stayed on through all Susie’s loving. “Who made your horse’s wings?” I said.

“My daddy,” she said. Later I learned that almost all her critters have wings daddy has made for them. One Sunday she told me about a small worry, and I suggested she tell her Mommy about it. AND my Daddy says Susie adamantly.

After practice on Father’s Day it came to me to compliment Earl on his fathering skills. Everyone likes to be encouraged in this way.

As we left the platform I said I had something I wanted to tell him. A look of fear came into his eyes and I realized that he had perhaps in the past been told a lot of things he didn’t want to hear, but he was brave, he didn’t bolt.

“Susie really loves you, I said. You are a good father.”

“She’s my baby,” he said, still wary.

I told him about the wings and how impressed I was with the way Susie loves him and trusts him.

“Just doing what comes naturally,” said Earl.

I told him I understood that, but that few daddy’s of my acquaintance gave their little daughters the kind of TLC he does.

“Oh, I didn’t know….” His face began to crumple.

In order to escape his embarrassment if he started to cry I started to move discretely away, but he kept pace with me. “Thank you for telling me that,” he said. “You can’t know what it means to me.”

I told him I did understand what he meant. Regular people so rarely see our own excellent qualities.

My grandmother Maire would approve of my telling him how I felt.. She always taught that if you saw something good about someone they deserved a compliment.

Pastor Peter Lord would approve too. His number one message these days is Eulogy:.tell people good things about themselves while they are alive. Don’t wait until you go to their funerals.

Most people need encouragement for the good things they are and do. To coin a phrase a quart of praise is worth more than a gallon of criticism. It’s one gift that makes both the giver and the receiver as happy as can be.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. I Thessalonians 5:11

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