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The Cat Walk

18 Mar

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson


Cats are territorial
They love to mark their space-
But the way they’ve taken over
is truly a disgrace!Quick and nimble,
Sly as a fox-
They’ve claimed my whole yard
As their “litter box”

A concrete walkway
was formed for Me-
to allow a path that was dirt free.

Designed to have “eye appeal”,
as well as being practical-
Whoever dreamed the cats would think
that my plan was so radical!

The morning after cement was poured,
I went out to check the walk.
Tiny pawprints were everywhere-
Believe me, CATS CAN TALK!

Now my Window Wonder is,
as I look out at my view-
“Dear Lord, Did you send these cats
so I would “keep in touch” with YOU???

Source: Reflections of the Heart: The Cat Walk

She Didn’t Deserve to Die

10 Apr

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson

Charlene had a sweet disposition.

She was the first to greet me when I opened the door.

One of five of my outdoor cats,

I have to confess, I adore.


They were born during ” Hurricane Charley”

“Charley’s Angels” to me.

Bonded in love from the start,

They were a very close family.


When I looked out of my kitchen window last Friday,

my heart was disturbed to no end.

Charlene was crying out in pain,

seeking help from a friend.


I went out to comfort her,

unaware of the nature of it all.

My son helped take her to the Animal Clinic

where I leraned, to my appall,


She had been poisoned,

By who, or what is a mystery-

but my heart has been saddened

by such a catastrophe..


She is buried in my back yard,

under the shade of a tree-

always to be remembered

for the joy she gave to me.


P.S.  It would be hard to forget that she died on Good Friday.


The Army of the Kind

22 Nov
From the Heart

Louise  Gibson

author of Window Wonders

If you have compassion for the homeless,
and charity is on your mind-
You are enrolled in God's army,
called "The Army of the Kind".

To an animal lover
a homeless animal is a cause of great concern.
All animals need our loving care,
our affection they want to earn.

At the moment, I feel like a recruiter-
Won't you please "step up to the plate?"
Do your best to fill a need, my friend,
before it is too late.

Join the army of people who care-
Open your heart to the homeless everywhere.
A kitten's purr will touch your soul
Let rescuing God's creatures be your goal.

             Animal facts:
Cats have overtaken dogs as the Number One pet in
the United States.

Cats do a better job of lowering stress and blood pressure-and purring may have a lot to do with that.
All from a simple stroke of a feline fur.

GrandPa “The World’s Oldest Cat”

18 Oct

From the Heart
Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

These days, pampered felines enjoy the food,

accommodations and medical care money can buy.

But none can match the record for longevity achieved by “Grandpa”

No matter how hard they try.

He lived to the slightly overripe age of thirty-four years,

Two months, and four hours-

Earning him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records

And worldwide gifts of cards and flowers.

The Story


Grandpa’s life was as strange as it was long. A rare hairless sphinx, he was taken to the Humane Society of Travis County (Texas) on January 16, 1970 by a good Samaritan who found him running loose near a busy intersection.  Jake Perry, a plumber, almost immediately adopted him, part-time cat show enthusiast, and feline rescuer. Figuring such an unusual cat must have a worried owner somewhere; he put up posters about him around town. Months later he received a call from a Frenchwoman, who in December, 1969 had come to the United States to visit her daughter.  While there her cat, Pierre, had escaped through an unlatched screen door, never to be seen again.

By that time Perry had owned the male sphinx, whom he had renamed Grandpa Rexs Allen, for quite a while. Nevertheless he agreed to let the woman have a look at him.  After confirming that it was indeed her cat, she graciously allowed his benefactor to keep him.  She even handed over his pedigree papers, which stated that he was born early on the morning of February 1, 1964 in Paris.

A few years later, Perry started entering Grandpa in shows sponsored by the International Cat Association under the “household pet” category.  To his great surprise, he feline who was already into his second decade and thus considered old, earned the rank of supreme grand master, the highest possible reward for pets in his division.

As his age reached the high twenties, Grandpa’s fame grew. Each year for his birthday, he got a vanilla cake topped with tuna and broccoli icing.  Not surprisingly, he was generally the only one to partake.  The rest of his unusual diet, however, would have passed muster with most human diners.  Breakfast consisted of Egg Beaters, chopped bacon, broccoli or asparagus, and coffee. (Yes, coffee!!) He also enjoyed either jelly or mayonnaise smeared on his food: he would choose which one every morning by putting his paw on the jar he preferred,  (too cute!)

Fortified by lots of vegetables, Grandpa persisted into his early thirties, which is roughly 150 in cat years.  Finally, on April 1, 1998, he gave up the ghost after a long bout with pneumonia. After an elaborate funeral, inside a tiny, laced-lined coffin, he was interred in his owner’s backyard pet cemetery, which already contained about two dozen cats. Roughly four hundred fans from around the world sent cards, flowers, and other mementos.

His final honor was, of necessity, posthumous. The 2000 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records duly recognized the wizened French expatriot as the oldest cat who ever lived..  His record just barely squeezes out the previous record holder, an English cat named Ma who survived for thirty-four years and one day, it just goes to show that in longevity, as in any other endeavor, persistence is key.


Corky and Angel

5 Jul

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

These two are my feline friends,

So precious, a gift from above.IMG_1693

Born during Hurricane Charley,

Their heart is a “garden of love”.

They were two of a family of eight,

And bonded from the start.

As I watched from my kitchen window,

Their antics touched my heart.

They were tiny, but, oh so feisty!

They, chased, and wrestled in play.

I confess, I prayed for their safety,-

That they would survive another day!

It is almost eight years later.

They live in the house with me.

IMG_1695I would like to share my pictures,-

Illustrations of activity.

The activity is mostly due to them

(as they curtail most of mine)-

They demand my full attention

(which, secretly, suits me fine!)

The “guest room” provides a window

That satisfies Corky’s curiosity-

“Is that racoon still out there?

I’m glad he can’t see ME!”IMG_1699

It is a wonder that I pay my bills on time-

Angel tries to steal my pen.

She even lays on my check book,

(IMG_1700Help me, please, Lord-Amen!)

There are no signs of aging.

As far as the eye can tell-

They have so much energy

That seems to serve them well.

I must confess they have a little help-

When bad weather comes our way-

A  little “catnip” lifts their spirit-

It’s a joy to watch them play!

I am so grateful to the Lord,

He is with us every day.IMG_1692

I couldn’t begin to count my blessings-

He provides in every way.

It is now almost eight years later.

They live in the house with me.

I have taken many pictures.



Corky and a Halloween cat

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