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Spring Unfurling

9 Apr

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I'm a winner

  We left Florida earlier than usual this year and arrived in North Carolina before spring. Our daffodils greeted us with their beautiful faces and the Bradford Pear trees were spectacular but everything else was brown. Temperatures continued to drop into the upper twenties and lower thirties and it seemed spring might forget to arrive.IMG_2476   Each day we searched for signs our plants were waking up. The first to awaken were the forsythia. We seldomsee them in their bright yellow coat and they are a treat to our eyes. Don’t you think it is cool the way God staggers the arrival of spring so each plant gets it own time to shine? IMG_2486   The weather warmed this week and it seems the rest of nature is anxious to share its beauty. While the forsythia is shedding its yellow coat and daffodils are beginning to fade the blueberries and apple buds are swelling. Plants that had lain hidden all winter are sending out new shoots.   I am especially thrilled with one of our peony plants. You see, it came from the yard of a precious friend who passed away. One day, as I sat with her I asked if I might have a root from one of her beautiful plants and she said yes. We had spent many hours rocking on her porch and admiring them and I wanted something special to keep those memories close. Sadly, at the end of the summer it seemed to die. Imagine my joy this morning when my husband told me the plant was coming back to life! IMG_2490   So far, we have late daffodils, one tulip, bleeding heart and a fat bee on a dandelion!

On Wednesay we drove down to Clayton, Georgia to see the cherry blossoms. We had gone the week before and they were bare sticks but this week they were glorious.

The weather today is warm bordering on hot so I know spring will be fully unfurled in a few more days. My husband decided today was a good time to erect a handrail for the stairs down to his workshop. I sneeked a picutre thorugh the screeon of him and our porch dog gus. Mike and gus copy 3   I’m not sure why, but I kind of like the texture the screen adds to the picture.

Even Nature Worships

3 Apr

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson


I look through my kitchen window each day,

seeking as I always do-

All the signs of God’s presence

in the soul-stirring scene that I view.


It never ceases to amaze me

that His presence is everywhere.

The Easter Llilies are radiant-

postural, as though in prayer.


They are programmed to bloom at Easter,

then close for another year.

Their role is to glorify the Savior-

then silently disappear.


Springtime is a season

of new life with a goal.

New leaves are forming,flowers are budding-

there is a stirring in my soul.


I read an interesting quote this week by Max Lucado

that I would like to share with you.

‘”The next time a sunrise steals your breath, or a meadow of

flowers leaves you speechless, remain that way

and say nothing, and listen as Heaven whispers, “Do you

like. it?  I did it just for You.”

Sunlight lillies


27 Apr


Judy Wills


I  have a hard time deciding which is my favorite season of the year. I really love Spring. All the trees leafing out……..those with blossoms..blossoming …..all the flowers popping up their heads, full of color and fragrance. Just knowing the earth is coming back to life. The temperatures are mild with very low humidity – I really like that, since I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the humidity is practically non-existent. There are so many days here where we can open up the windows and doors and let all that fresh air flow through the house.

However, I also enjoy the Fall. Here in Florida, Fall seems to take a bit longer than in other places, but it does get here eventually. Once again, the humidity takes a dip, we can open up the house, and the living is great. I almost enjoy Fall more than Spring, simply because I know it will be months and months before the humidity hits us in the face again.

But Spring brings its own neat stuff. One of our favorite things to do – especially at Disney and especially at EPCOT, is to be on the lookout for new baby ducks. We’ve seen them swimming in the ponds quite often, so we look there. Occasionally we see them following-the-leader (momma duck) along some of the walkways.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They are just so CUTE! Just the other day we saw cars stopped along the roadway, to let the momma duck and her little ducklings make it safely across the street. So I guess we aren’t the only ones who enjoy that sight.


We were at SeaWorld recently, and we saw three sets of Spoonbill wading birds in their respective nests in one tree. We assumed there were either eggs or newly hatched babies in the nests, but the nests were too high in the tree for us to see.

Another favorite thing is for us to see the Sandhill Cranes with their babies. Those little fuzzballs really aren’t so little! And we especially get excited when we see mom, dad, and TWIN fuzzballs! Adorable!

As I said, Springtime is just the time for the earth – and life – to come back into its own. It’s such a joy to watch.

They (Your blessings) are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:23

God’s Creation Carries On

6 Apr

A Few Thoughts

Patricia Franklin

I’m sitting here in my backyard on Holy Saturday morning recalling the shocking events of Good Friday. I imagine what was going through the minds of Jesus’ followers…  the let down, the unbelief, the grief and pain.  After suffering through the crucifixion and death of their Saviour, the followers of Jesus are devastated and confused, as are all of us. Is there any hope?  What lies in the future? What are they to do?
The sun is shining brightly today. Nature is still intact. My yard is showing signs of new life as the grass is beginning to green up and a few plants are peeking through the brown earth.  I listen to the sounds of the birds. While the doves are still mourning and proclaiming the loss of the Lord, the robins, red finches, blue jays and sparrows are loudly singing joyously… in anticipation of what is coming.  There is a cacophony of song, along with the staccato of the woodpecker chiming in with the chorus. The birds are totally focused on serving their Creator in the only way they know how.  Do they, in some strange way, instinctively understand and anticipate the resurrection and its significance? 
Then suddenly it is quiet, as they all go back to their silent vigil of waiting… only the mourning sound of the doves continues.  All at once a little red finch lights on a branch close by. He begins quietly chirping, as though speaking to me and explaining that everything will be ok. Then a song sparrow chimes in. Together they are proclaiming to me and to the world that there is hope! In spite of all that has happened, God’s Creation carries on.
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