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Facts About Cats

20 Oct

From the Heart

Louise Gibson





Cats sleep an amazing amount of time-
close to three-quarters of the time,
counting, of course, the kind of nap
they have made famous.


I am a firm believer in the theory
that one of the ways in which
cats show happiness is by sleeping.
They don’t feel threatened,
so they can relax.


Cats do not “Come”.!
But they do respond to a treat!
Just rattle the bag
and they will come running to your feet.


Cat toys are not expensive-
a bottle cap will do.
A string or a ping pong ball
will keep them running to you.


Note- If I want to get this published,
I better stop being a snail.
I’ll give my cats a treat
and rush to put this in the mail!



23 Jul


Judy Wills




Do you have a pet? Have you ever had a pet? Cat? Dog? Bird? Fish? Snake (yuk!)? Turtle? I could go on and on….

I’ve written a previous post about my adventure with our family cats (please see my post of April 21, 2013 – Boots and Tippy), and how much we enjoyed them. And included in that post was the information about my Aunt Jessie and Granny’s dogs. That was really the best of both worlds – we had cats, and 10 minutes away from our house was Granny and Aunt Jessie’s house with dogs. Loved them all.


Bill and Judy and Boots 1956


Boots and Trixie


But then I met and married Fred. His family was a military family, and his parents said that, because they moved so often, it wasn’t practical to have pets. So Fred didn’t have the pleasure of growing up with animals around the house, as I did. And, consequently, he didn’t feel the need for pets in our house. And that feeling was emphasized following his entrance into the military, himself. Same feeling as his parents – we moved so often that it wasn’t practical to have pets. So we never did.

But that’s not to say that I didn’t miss having a cat or dog following me around the house. But I also have to admit, even now, that, because we travel as often as we do, it is quite convenient not to have to arrange care for an animal.

And I find it interesting – and amusing – to find that both our daughters have pets: Karen and her family have cats; Janet and her family have dogs.

But that brings a memory to me of a time that we cat-sat for someone. We were in our first tour of duty in Germany – Wiesbaden. It was 1968, and Karen was just one year old. A family from our church went on vacation, and asked us to keep their new kitten for the few days they would be gone.


Credit Google Search and the Kitten Lady


It was cute little thing, and Karen was quite taken with it. I remember she had a set of winter mittens – hooked together by a long yarn cord. She would run through the apartment – holding one of the mittens, with the other trailing – and the kitten would chase it. She had great fun out of that.

On to the crux of this story: it was my habit to put her in the bathtub to play in the water while I cleaned the rest of the bathroom. We would have conversations, as well. I had done so one particular day when we had that kitten with us. I had cleaned the toilet, and had the lid propped up to let the seat dry. The door to the bathroom was open – and that kitten made a mad dash for the toilet – and jumped up to sit on the closed lid – only to realize, mid-leap, that the lid was up and the toilet was open! With front paws splayed, that kitten landed smack in the water in the toilet bowl! And then leaped out with a loud yowl!


Credit Google Search and Warren Photographic


That poor, wet, bedraggled kitten was quite pitiful to see! But it was one of the funniest things I think I’ve ever seen! I never knew animals could have an expression of pure terror on their face – but that one did that time!

Karen and I had quite a laugh over it. And everyone I have ever related this story to, has also gotten a good laugh out of it.

It was quite the cat-astrophy in the making!!






The Cat Walk

18 Mar

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson


Cats are territorial
They love to mark their space-
But the way they’ve taken over
is truly a disgrace!Quick and nimble,
Sly as a fox-
They’ve claimed my whole yard
As their “litter box”

A concrete walkway
was formed for Me-
to allow a path that was dirt free.

Designed to have “eye appeal”,
as well as being practical-
Whoever dreamed the cats would think
that my plan was so radical!

The morning after cement was poured,
I went out to check the walk.
Tiny pawprints were everywhere-
Believe me, CATS CAN TALK!

Now my Window Wonder is,
as I look out at my view-
“Dear Lord, Did you send these cats
so I would “keep in touch” with YOU???

Source: Reflections of the Heart: The Cat Walk

Winter Begins

17 Nov

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Author, Poet and Artist

Suddenly the nighttime temperature was 50 degrees, then 40. It was also time to set our clocks back and stay in our warm cozy beds for an extra hour. Bill got the cat beds down from the attic so our little darlings wouldn’t catch cold, but Jasmine and I both got the sneezes anyway.

Another sign that winter has arrived is that last year’s and the year’s before poinsettia plants on the porch are full and lush, and even have a few leaves turning to red. Isn’t nature is wonderful?


I got out a red plush sweater and a plaid flannel shirt to wear with my jeans. Soon I will reorganize my closet and drawers putting most of the shorts and t-shirts away, but not all. I do this twice a year, donating things I haven’t liked or worn and thus saving enough room for the ones I do enjoy wearing.

My winter stash yielded a velveteen, long-sleeved top with woven in flowers. I love that one, but each year when I wear it, a woman at church says something like: that top is so pretty. It’s to bad you can’t buy those any more. Well, okay, some people aren’t famous for their tact, but I’m not all sweetness and light myself – anyhow not always. Ask anyone. It’s the truth that counts. Am I going to let public opinion stop me from wearing something I want to wear? I’ll have to give that some thought.



New International Version
Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. http://biblehub.com/james/3-5.htm

Asparagus and the Cat

21 Apr

My Take

DiVoran Lites


Author, Poet and ArtistI just got home from the grocery store. Even though Bill’s not here, I just had to buy some asparagus. Have you seen the email that says asparagus cures cancer? The smell you get jn the bathroom after eating it is actually its detoxification properties. Bill knows a man who was at death’s door and had all kinds of chemotherapies who was healed by it. I haven’t believed it before, but now for some unfathomable reason I do. I got the email again this week and printed it out for a friend.

Miracle foods abound. Some, like coconut oil, we may not have thought about. But now it too, is the talk of the town. Our internist who was a locally famous doctor told us to start using coconut oil, but I didn’t know how to use it. I bought a book by a woman who used it to slow her husband’s Alzheimer’s. She was a doc and she documented the whole thing. She could tell by his memory when she had given it to him and when she hadn’t. But she fed him large amounts I didn’t think I could handle. Lately I’ve been scrambling an egg in about a teaspoon of it every morning, which is, I understand, is not nearly enough coconut oil.

So anyhow, on his trip, Bill likes to go to Marie Callender’s for breakfast. He’s been telling me over the phone about their Eggs Benedict and how much he loves to order the dish for breakfast. They have soft buns that don’t get soggy, tomatoes, avocados, eggs, and of course hollandaise sauce. I’ve heard about hollandaise sauce for years, but I’ve never known what was in it.

Well, here are some synchronicities. Today I got an email about over a hundred things coconut oil can do for you and what you can do with it. It’s good for skin and for healing on the inside. The site has delicious sounding recipes, like chocolate coconut clusters that are actually good for you. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make for my cat, Jasmine, some soup. I’ll call it allergy soup because she suffers from terrible skin problems. The soup will have asparagus, coconut oil, and beef broth. I’ll use canned asparagus for her, which is perfectly acceptable. I’ll put in her arnica Montana (that’s a homeopathic for pain) and her skin irritation homeopathic, and her animal probiotic. I think she’ll love it and it will have a healing effect on her. For me, it’s hollandaise on asparagus and dark cocoa coconut clusters. You can find those and a whole lot of other good things on www.wellnessmama.com. I get my homeopathics from www.1800homeopathic. That’s good stuff!


“Dear Friend-I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.” 3 John 1-2 (New Living Translation)

Feeding the Neighbor’s Cat

30 Sep

My Take

DiVoran Lites

We’re feeding our neighbor’s cats.

They live next to the woods,

Three black cats with yellow eyes,

Now, doesn’t that sound good?


The other stays indoors,

A brown Abyssinian girl,

She purrs and rubs against our legs,

And gives her tail a whirl.

We give her little tidbits,

Put treats down in her bowl,

She lies upon on her back,

And takes a little a roll.


If we could catch the feral ones,

they’d hiss and scratch and bite.

And when they got a chance

they would run away in fright


Too bad they cannot trust us,

Those cats with yellow eyes.

If they were not so terrified,

They’d  get a nice surprise.


Author, Poet and Artist


Corky and Angel

5 Jul

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

These two are my feline friends,

So precious, a gift from above.IMG_1693

Born during Hurricane Charley,

Their heart is a “garden of love”.

They were two of a family of eight,

And bonded from the start.

As I watched from my kitchen window,

Their antics touched my heart.

They were tiny, but, oh so feisty!

They, chased, and wrestled in play.

I confess, I prayed for their safety,-

That they would survive another day!

It is almost eight years later.

They live in the house with me.

IMG_1695I would like to share my pictures,-

Illustrations of activity.

The activity is mostly due to them

(as they curtail most of mine)-

They demand my full attention

(which, secretly, suits me fine!)

The “guest room” provides a window

That satisfies Corky’s curiosity-

“Is that racoon still out there?

I’m glad he can’t see ME!”IMG_1699

It is a wonder that I pay my bills on time-

Angel tries to steal my pen.

She even lays on my check book,

(IMG_1700Help me, please, Lord-Amen!)

There are no signs of aging.

As far as the eye can tell-

They have so much energy

That seems to serve them well.

I must confess they have a little help-

When bad weather comes our way-

A  little “catnip” lifts their spirit-

It’s a joy to watch them play!

I am so grateful to the Lord,

He is with us every day.IMG_1692

I couldn’t begin to count my blessings-

He provides in every way.

It is now almost eight years later.

They live in the house with me.

I have taken many pictures.



Corky and a Halloween cat


7 Jun

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

You have heard of “Charley’s Angels”,

But these are quite unique!–

They were born during Hurricane Charley

When the winds were at their peak

They were the start of my WindowWonders

Their appearance was a shock to my eyes.

One by one they came out of our shed-

Their appearance was a disturbing surprise!

I had such mixed emotions-

“Lord, is this really true?

You know my husband doesn’t like cats-

What am I to do?”

The Lord doesn’t make mistakes-

Our future is foreseen

He sent the cats for me to love-

Definitely not to be mean.

“Big Momma” is a disciplinarian,

Who rules her kids with her paw-

But, conversely so, her affection

Has filled my heart with awe!

They truly are a family,

Bonded in loyalty-

Their protection of one another

Is a sight worthy to see.

It took awhile to name them-

Personalities came into play

“Big Momma”, “Ginger”, “Pepper” and “Tinkerbell

Bonded in every way.

“Corky” and “Angel” two black and whites

Live indoors with me-

Their presence is truly heartwarming-

Their antics a joy to see.

Have you ever had a “furry friend”

That truly communicated with you-

With tender eyes that seemed to say,

“Thank you, I love you, too”?

I don’t look forward to hurricanes-

They fill me with fear and dread-

But “Charley” truly was a blessing

Intended to bring comfort, instead!


21 Apr


 Judy Wills



 I have always loved animals.  And I had the best of both worlds – we had cats in my house, and my Aunt Jessie and Granny had dogs.  Jessie and Granny lived only about 10 minutes away from our house, so we were over there often, and they were at our house often.  While we didn’t take our cats with us when we visited them, they usually brought the dog(s) with them when they came to visit us.  And the animals got along together surprisingly well.

 Daddy grew up on a farm, one of 13 children, and I suppose there were cats and dogs on that farm, but I’m sure they were “outside” animals.  Consequently, he was rather opposed to our having an inside animal.  But I was just so attached to any stray that I could find – I even remember taking a stray kitten I had found into a church meeting with me!  I think that’s what convinced Mother to convince Daddy to let me get a cat of my own.  Especially since I contracted ring worm from one of the strays I found!

And so, we found ourselves at the home of a church family whose cat had recently had a litter of kittens.  We finally picked one out that we thought would be a good fit for us.  When we got him home, we began the course of naming him.  He was mostly white, with large black spots on him.  But he had black “tips” on the tips of his ears, and so we named him Tippy.

He was a good little cat, and I no longer picked up the strays.  He was not necessarily a full-time indoor cat – he was outside quite a bit.  And so, one day he just didn’t come home.  We were all devastated!  After a few weeks, we went to another house where the cat had recently given birth to a litter, and I was allowed to pick out another kitten.  These kittens were long-haired, and really beautiful.  We picked out one that was part dark tabby on his back and hind quarters, with a large white area in shoulders, chest and paws.  His head and ears were mostly dark, with a white face.  And so, we named him Boots, aka Bootsie.





We really loved that cat.  And Daddy, who was opposed to the whole idea of an inside pet, found that cat in his lap more often than not, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it!  At least, we found him petting Boots, quite absently.

I don’t remember exactly how long we had Boots when – much to our surprise – Tippy came home!  A bit worse for the wear, but he seemed to want to stay close to home now.  So we went from no cats – to TWO!!  They seemed to get along together quite well, and even romped and chased each other through the house.  As quiet as cats are, they sounded like a herd of elephants sometimes!




And then, one day, we came home to find that Tippy had been hit by a car and killed.  I don’t remember that Boots moped, but that he grew to be just our one and only cat.  He lived to a ripe old age of 13.





Mother said that she entered him in a cat show once, but would never do it again.  He won a pretty good prize, but she said that, as she approached his cage and spoke to him, he looked up at her and immediately walked over to his food and water and began eating.  The officials at the show said he had refused to eat or drink before that.  So Mother decided it was just too much to put him through again.

Occasionally, when he was outside, he would stalk birds in the trees in the back yard.  If he caught one, he would wound it, then bring it to the back door of the house and just yowl his head off until one of us came to the door and praise him for being such a good hunter.  Then he would kill and eat the bird.




He also caught the one and only mouse that got into our house.  We really enjoyed him.  We were blessed to have him as long as we did.






7 Mar

I think I may have discovered a hidden treasure. While visiting with a friend’s mom we began discussing books and this lead to writing which led to the discovery that she has been writing for years. Of course I pounced at the chance to have her as a guest on our blog. So today I am sharing with you  Louise Gibson, a friend and poet who has a delightful sense of humor Onisha




Trade Off


Pigeons are not on my list of favorite creatures


They destroy my peace of mind.


The feeder in my yard was dwarfed


By pigeons of every kind.



They came each day and flapped their wings


As they fought for a position.


The feeder was too small, you see,


Which affected their disposition.




My patio used to be a place


Of quietness and contentment


Until the pigeons came in droves


And filled me with resentment.




“Lord” I cried, “I need your help


I cannot stand their spats.”


The Lord obliged, to my chagrin


And sent instead eight cats.




No squirrels, no birds, they fled in fear-


The cats you see, do domineer.


Now you find no pigeons on Chipola


God sent them all to Lake Eola!




English: A flock of domestic Rock Pigeons (Col...

Downtown Orlando at Sunrise

Downtown Orlando at Sunrise (Photo credit: camflan)

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