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The Army of the Kind

22 Nov
From the Heart

Louise  Gibson

author of Window Wonders

If you have compassion for the homeless,
and charity is on your mind-
You are enrolled in God's army,
called "The Army of the Kind".

To an animal lover
a homeless animal is a cause of great concern.
All animals need our loving care,
our affection they want to earn.

At the moment, I feel like a recruiter-
Won't you please "step up to the plate?"
Do your best to fill a need, my friend,
before it is too late.

Join the army of people who care-
Open your heart to the homeless everywhere.
A kitten's purr will touch your soul
Let rescuing God's creatures be your goal.

             Animal facts:
Cats have overtaken dogs as the Number One pet in
the United States.

Cats do a better job of lowering stress and blood pressure-and purring may have a lot to do with that.
All from a simple stroke of a feline fur.
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