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7 Jun

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

You have heard of “Charley’s Angels”,

But these are quite unique!–

They were born during Hurricane Charley

When the winds were at their peak

They were the start of my WindowWonders

Their appearance was a shock to my eyes.

One by one they came out of our shed-

Their appearance was a disturbing surprise!

I had such mixed emotions-

“Lord, is this really true?

You know my husband doesn’t like cats-

What am I to do?”

The Lord doesn’t make mistakes-

Our future is foreseen

He sent the cats for me to love-

Definitely not to be mean.

“Big Momma” is a disciplinarian,

Who rules her kids with her paw-

But, conversely so, her affection

Has filled my heart with awe!

They truly are a family,

Bonded in loyalty-

Their protection of one another

Is a sight worthy to see.

It took awhile to name them-

Personalities came into play

“Big Momma”, “Ginger”, “Pepper” and “Tinkerbell

Bonded in every way.

“Corky” and “Angel” two black and whites

Live indoors with me-

Their presence is truly heartwarming-

Their antics a joy to see.

Have you ever had a “furry friend”

That truly communicated with you-

With tender eyes that seemed to say,

“Thank you, I love you, too”?

I don’t look forward to hurricanes-

They fill me with fear and dread-

But “Charley” truly was a blessing

Intended to bring comfort, instead!

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