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A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted

9 Jan

From my Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson


Stressed?  Try Humor!

Laughter is good medicine.

You can’t laugh and feel bad at the same time.


Remember, a good sense of humor

prevents hardening of the attitudes.

And attitude is the result of reasoning and rhyme


Bad things happen to everyone.

That is a fact of life.

But experience has taught me-

A positive attitude chases away strife!


I have lived to a ripe old age,

and this one thing I know-

Love and reliance on God, our Savior,

will set your heart aglow..




Use humor to cope with illness.

” Live each day as if it was the last day of your life:

one day you will be right.;”  (anonymous)


” Life does not cease to be funny when people die

any more  than it ceases to be serious when people laugh,”

George Bernard Shaw


DiVoran Painting Faith Love

Painting by DiVoran Lites



” With Mirth and Laughter Let Old Wrinkles Come”*

5 Dec

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson



When I read these words from Shakespeare, they resonated with me.

If given a choice between laughter or tears, I choose to live with glee.


Life does present its challenges, of this we can’t deny,

But past experience has proven to me-

I would rather laugh than cry.


“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face” *You can’t smile and frown at the same time..

So, choose mirth, a blessing to the human race.


Getting old isn’t the end, my friend.

It’s the beginning of eternity.

To meet my Maker at the end of life’s journey,

Is the ultimate goal for me..


VIctor Hugo


*Victor Hugo

Laughter~An Oil Change for the Brain

9 May

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Balderdash Mirth copy



{An Oil Change for the Brain)

Oh, what fun it was,
An evening of “Balderdash”-
A board game played by the “Gibson girls.”
Our reward was laughs, not cash

!I was reluctant to play, at first-
I felt intimidated by their knowledge.
I graduated from high school,
but I had never attended college.

The game, I found, was a stimulant.
It taxed my inner core-
We had to guess whose answer was true,
which made us laugh all the more.

I have to confess, I was a pretty good liar-
My answer was often chosen as “true”.
The game called for a great imagination,
based on our “point of view”.

The memories I treasure on Mother’s Day
are preserved in my heart-
I carry them with me at all times-
they are “riches” set apart!

Laughter in the Bible:

Genesis 18:13 “And the Lord said unto Abraham,
Wherefore did Sarah laugh, saying, “Shall I of a surety
bear a child, who am old?”

Eccl. 2:2 “I said of laughter, it is mad: and of mirth.
What doeth it?”

Psalm 126:2 “Then was our mouth full of laughter,
our tongue with singing”

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