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Write Your Own Positive Quote About Growing Older

19 May

From the Heart

Louise Gibson




The age I am is a welcome friend-

It is so patient, no rush to the end.


One day at a time is sufficient for me
to glean the promises of God eternally.


I want so much to continue to grow-
It is Christ, my Savior, I want to know.


Age is a gift from our Lord above.
Treasure the memories of His infinite love.


One rule I have made as I age.
“Don’t let your life be ruled by a calendar page”.


P.S. As long as God gives you life,
LIVE it!




When Do We Grow Old!

14 Oct

From the Heart

Louise Gibson





I woke up in the morning,
mind refreshed and full of hope.
There is so much I want to do-
all within my scope.


My mind is willing, my mind alert-
I’ll spring right out of bed.
My mind is saying, “Go girl”
but my back says, “Whoa” instead.


Ego! Yes, ego is the culprit
in this aging game we play.
I don’t mind saying “I’m 87″
But,” getting old??? “No way!”


“None are as old as those who
have outlived their enthusiasm”

Henry David Thoreau




23 Jun

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I'm a winner

I remember Summer vacations and the trips we made from Florida to North Carolina to visit with my parent’s families.  Getting together with my cousins was always fun but the visits where my parents sat and talked with their elderly relatives were torture. They would sit in rocking chairs and rock, talk, rock, talk, asking if this relative or that one was still living. Had it not been for my love of books I would have disgraced myself and pitched a fit to relieve my boredom.

Years later as I reflect on my childhood boredom I have a better understanding of it. As a child my memories were written on a virtually blank space, consisting for the most part of things my brothers did to aggravate me.There was very little to stimulate pleasant memories, because only a few had been written. Now, in my senior years, my mind bounces like the steel ball in a Pinball machine. A scent, a song or even picking up a frying pan used by my mother all set my memory bells dinging. My present and past mingle in pleasant harmony and sometimes my mind is so refreshed that the sharp pain of an aching knee comes as a shock.

My body betrays.

Disconnected from my soul.

Childish dreams remain.

Back in the “day” I had a tape by Beth Nielson Chapman. Her writing is poignant, expressing deep feeling.  I love the song Emily which talks of lasting friendship and Like a Child Again, which portrays the inner being of a person with Alzheimer’s. I decided to share Years with this post as it seemed most appropriate. I hope you enjoy it and check out her other songs.

Am I only one who is surprised when their body is not in sync with their mind?

How OLD Would You Be If You Didn’t Know How Old You Are?

2 Oct

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson



How OLD Would You Be

If You Didn’t Know How Old You Are?


I’d be old enough to know
that I should feed my spirit-
So my heart never wrinkles,
nourished by the thoughts within it.


No longer reminded of a chronological age,
I would not be bound by a calendar page.
I would let the young woman within have free reign.
Who knows what positive things I would gain.


Oh, I had better hurry.
I don’t want to be late,
You see, I have a very important date.



Nothing strenuous, most things are “nix”.
My back reminds me I am 86!

( …. )

Old Age is Not for Sissies

17 Aug

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Author, Poet and ArtistWhen the movie star, Bette Davis, became elderly, she had a pillow with these words embroidered on it. “Old age is not for sissies.” I admired that platitude and to this day, I try to live by it. Last week we met a woman in a rehab facility who is an example of courage in the face of aging.

In 1919 when World War 1 was ending, Helga was six years old, and it was almost Christmas. The teacher was busy planning a Christmas program so before school one day, Helga took an empty paper sack and smoothed it out so she could create a poem. It is a medium length poem about the birth of Christ. Helga recited every word by heart. She’s also a modern day, on- the-spot poet. Here’s the one she spoke for me.

“There’s a lady in a jacket of pink.

When she used to wash dishes, she stood by the sink.

Her blouse is full of flowers.

I hope the Lord gives you many happy hours.”

After the poem Helga invited us to sing along as she played on a battered harmonica about twelve inches long with key of G holes on one side and key of C holes on the other. She sat in the seat of her walker and told stories of her childhood. She asked us to say the words from John 3:16 with her, which we did, and to sing, “You are My Sunshine,” while she accompanied us. Here’s a bit of her story:

“In 1913, I was born of German parents in a Hoboken cold-water, walk up flat. By the time Americans entered WW 1 in 1917 I was four years old, and I thought Germans were nice. Mama taught us that Jesus wanted us to love people, and that we should never put ourselves above anyone else. I was amazed when I learned during the war that we could be thrown in jail for speaking The Father Tongue. All along American Germans were persecuted as spies. When word came that the war was over, the streets filled with people. We hugged and sang. Folks in wagons and cars drove past waving or honking their horns. One wagon was pulled by a white horse and had a saloon woman sitting on the seat next to the driver. I knew she was from around the corner where we were never allowed to go. In the back of the wagon someone had stuck a dummy, head first, into a toilet bowl and everyone was saying it was the Kaiser.”


Hoboken, New Jersey


Helga will be 103 in February of 2016. I wanted to ask what she believed had kept her going this long, but I thought I knew the answer. I had once asked another 103 year old woman and her husband, who was 105 what kept them strong. They said it was being a follower of Jesus. I believe it. The joy of the Lord is Helga’s strength, too. That makes Helga no sissie at all.

What does age look like

19 Jun

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson

Getting old is inevitable-
but aging is optional.
How you are going to age is up to you.

As we get older
it increases our confidence.
There is a part of us that is eternal.
Try to keep a healthy point of view.

Don’t let your age put you in a box.
Exercise your gray matter.
A good sense of humor will see you through.

A friend of mine shared this with me.
I would like to pass it on to you.

“Older people do not decline mentally with age.
It just takes them longer to recall facts
because they have more information in
their brain, scientists believe.
Much like a computer struggles as the hard
drive gets full, so do humans take longer
to access information. it has been suggested.
Researchers say this slowing down is not the same
as cognitive decline. “The human brain works more
slowly in old age”, said Dr. Michael Ramscar, “but
only because we have stored more information
over time. “The brains of older people do not get weak.
On the contrary, they simply know more.”

(I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!)

Brains of elderly slow because they know so much

When Does One Get Old?

20 Mar

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson




I woke up in the morning,

mind refreshed and full of hope.

There is so much I want to do-

all within my scope.


My spirit is willing, my mind alert-

I’ll spring right out of bed.

My mind is saying, “Go Girl”-

but my back says “Whoa”, instead.


Ego!  Yes, ego is the culprit

in this aging game we play.

I don’t mind saying “I”m 86”,

But “getting old?”  No way! “,




” With Mirth and Laughter Let Old Wrinkles Come”*

5 Dec

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson



When I read these words from Shakespeare, they resonated with me.

If given a choice between laughter or tears, I choose to live with glee.


Life does present its challenges, of this we can’t deny,

But past experience has proven to me-

I would rather laugh than cry.


“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face” *You can’t smile and frown at the same time..

So, choose mirth, a blessing to the human race.


Getting old isn’t the end, my friend.

It’s the beginning of eternity.

To meet my Maker at the end of life’s journey,

Is the ultimate goal for me..


VIctor Hugo


*Victor Hugo

It’s All Relative

3 Oct

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson


Many years ago, when my ego was at its peak,

a small boy knocked at my door-

A donation he came to seek.


I smiled warmly down at him,

As I inquired, “What can I do for you, Son?

“Would you like to buy a ticket?

The other old lady down the street bought one.”


“O-u-c-h!” That hurt!”

You just ruined my day!!”

Who was he comparing me with?

Surely not – , aw-w-w, c’mon, NO WAY!”


My hair turned white prematurely,

which made it hard to judge my age.

I didn’t know what to attribute it to..

It certainly wasn’t to a calendar page.


Children are so candidly honest,

they don’t even try to be discreet.

While shopping recently, standing in the aisle,

a small child came ruining up to me, exclaiming,

“You have big feet!”


“Okay, so I’m an old lady with big feet!

What else?  Heaven only knows.

Here it comes!  When asked, “Isn’t she pretty?”

The answer was “Well, she does have a  b-i-g nose!”


I have learned to laugh at myself-

Life is so much more enjoyable that way.

God has blessed me with a sense of humor.

It serves me well each and every day.


Psalm 126:2

“Then was our mouth full of laughter,

our tongue with singing.”


Rejoice Green and purple

A Young Woman in An Old Body

24 Jan

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

The young woman in me
keeps knocking on my memory.
“I don’t like what’s happening to you-
Remember what you USED to do?
Your transportation was a two-wheel bike-
until you reached “21”
and no longer had to hike

And your first car was a convertible-
very “sporty” for an adventurous girl!
But you have to accept reality-
tho young at heart,
your body’s not free.

You used to be 5’8
and 120 was your weight-
Now you’ve shrunk to 5′ 2
and you can’t stop what’s happening to you.”

“I refuse to be captive by a calendar page-
I’ll let my mind select my present age..
“Twenty one?” “No, that’s not realistic!”
Tho my experiences reflect my zeal,
Dear Lord, to be completely honest,
A “rocking chair” has great appeal”.

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