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6 Dec


Judy Wills




Are you a worry-wart? That’s a good old-fashioned phrase that my Mother used to say.

And what better time of year to be a worry-wart than December? It always hits me in the face on December 1st that it is DECEMBER……and I don’t have a single THING purchased or made for ANYONE in the family! Worry……worry….worry………what will I get everyone, and when will I have to mail the packages…..

And how will I EVER get the house decorated in time for it to be worthwhile?

And how will I EVER get all the Christmas cards done and in the mail before Christmas Eve?

And then there are the Christmas cookies to make…..

And how will I EVER …………   Well, you get the picture.

I found this cartoon (credit Charles Schultz) on facebook recently, and it made me realize just how worthless all that worry is. See what you think.



And then, there is the directive from the scriptures that really just says it all:

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

Matthew 6:27

And here is the kicker:

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.

Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:34

I Decided to Change Thanksgiving

28 Nov

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

This year, I decided to change Thanksgiving. Every year since my parents passed away and my Thanksgivingbrother’s chose to not spend the holiday with me, I have mourned, cried, tried denial and even went on a Thanksgiving cruise. Nothing has worked to chase away the Thanksgiving blues.  This year I am changing things up.

First, I am working on my attitude. To be truthful, I have tried this every year and haven’t been successful. I would be fine up to “THE DAY” but would find myself in tears as my heart listened to the echo of years past, of kitchen banter, sharing recipes, children stories and just being family.

Secondly I needed to find something new and challenging on which to place my focus. I decided instead of roasting a whole turkey or even a turkey breast, I would purchase fresh turkey breast in a half-breast size. I chose four; each between two to three pounds and each adult in the family would be responsible for seasoning one. I seized the opportunity to try brining a turkey.  I plan to rub it with poultry seasoning and garlic infused oil before popping it into the roaster. I can’t wait until my son and his wife arrive to find out how they are seasoning theirs. I think the mixture of flavors will make the house smell delicious.

Why am I, a woman who knows she is truly blessed sharing this story? Because very few people have perfect lives. At some point most of us will face sorrow, loss and possibly rejection. This is my way of coping and I wanted you to know that this Thanksgiving I will be praying for you, that your heart will be made whole and maybe you could do the same for me?


Update Friday November 29,2013

Thanksgiving was so wonderful I don’t have words to express it. Thank you for your prayers.

One of our turkey breasts was brined with red pepper, garlic powder and peppercorns, one used A1 dry rub and the last one was brushed with rosemary and lemon infused oil. Everyone was eager to test each one. They were all delicious but hands down the brined one was the favorite.

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