I Love to Read!

8 Dec


Judy Wills

I love to read.  I REALLY love to read.  I read a lot.  Mostly fiction…some suspense…some mystery…with a bit of romance thrown in.  Since I’ve retired from the working scene, I spend a lot of time in my glider, reading.  Since I purchased my Kindle e-reader,

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I read even more.  That little machine holds 3,000 books – certainly more than my house would hold!  I’ve tried to cut down on my purchases, and just re-read the ones I have and have enjoyed reading before.  It’s kind of like visiting with an old friend.

Recently, when going through some of my stuff – papers, mostly – I found the following Blondie cartoon, by Dean Young and Denis Lebrun.  It was a 2004 cartoon, so it’s been around quite a while.  But it describes me to a “T” – see what you think:

I’ve been known to read the first chapter of a book, and then the last chapter.  I like to know how it ends up, and if the characters end up together.  And then I go back to see how they get there.  I know…crazy, huh?

However, there was one book that I read that way, but when I gave the book to Karen to read (she had the same habit I did – first chapter/last chapter), I actually stapled the last chapter together so she couldn’t find out the solution before reading the entire book.  To say she was furious with me, is quite an understatement!   I even told her that if she unstapled that chapter and re-stapled it, I would be able to tell, as the staple “holes” wouldn’t line up.

But you see, it was an Agatha Christie mystery, titled And Then There Were None (also published as Ten Little Indians.)

Image result for agatha christie books and then there were none

And if you read the book, and know beforehand how it turns out, that really ruins the mystery!  After Karen finally read the story, she was glad that I had stapled the last chapter, and she had to wait to find out “who done it.”  But she was still furious with me.

One book that I love to read – that I don’t need to read the “last chapter” is the Bible.  

The Pursuit of God Bible, NIV   -     By: A.W. Tozer

Credit Google Search and ChristianBooks.com  

Except for a couple of the books (Leviticus and Numbers – dealing with genealogies and numbers within the tribes), I find the scriptures fascinating.  I’ve found ways to praise God in those scriptures.  I’ve found ways to live as God would have me live and love and deal with what comes my way.  I love the adventures that take place.  I’m amazed at the battles the LORD fights and wins.  I love that He fights my battles for me, if I just step aside and let Him handle it.  Oh wow…I just love the scriptures!

So, all-in-all – I just LOVE TO READ!

Judy is living in Central Florida with her retired U.S. Air Force husband of 50+ years. Born in Dallas, Texas, she grew up in the Southwestern United States.She met her husband at their church, where he was attending the university in her town. After college and seminary, he entered the Air Force, and their adventures began.They lived in eight of our United States, and spent six years in Europe, where their oldest daughter was born. She was a stay-at-home mom for many years .

  Judy has always been involved with music, both playing the piano and singing. Always interested in exercise, she was an aerobic dancing instructor, as well as a piano teacher for many years, and continues to faithfully exercise at home.

After moving to Central Florida, she served as a church secretary for nearly nine years.Her main hobby at this point in time is scanning pictures and 35mm slides into the computer. She also enjoys scrapbooking.She and her husband have two married daughters and four grandchildren, including grandtwins as well as a great-grandson. She and her husband enjoy the Disney parks as often as possible.

4 Responses to “I Love to Read!”

  1. Onisha Ellis December 15, 2019 at 9:52 pm #

    I loved to read since I first learned how. I chuckle when I remember how my mother geew frustrated that I always had my nose stuck in a book!


  2. divoran09 December 8, 2019 at 2:30 pm #

    Great post. As you know, I love to read, too and Bill loves to listen to audiobook novels.


    • Billie Ann HAYES December 9, 2019 at 3:43 am #

      LudyJA. Fabulous.


      • ludyja December 9, 2019 at 8:36 am #

        Billie, I am so glad you are enjoying my posts! If you read back in the archives, you will find yourself and Becky in some of them. You have always meant so much to me! Love you, my friend.


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