Celebrate Who You Are

7 Oct

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Fresh journal page by DiVoran Lites

Fresh journal page by DiVoran Lites



There is more to life
than what we can see.
Who we really are
is our true identity.


Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by talents of others.
God created you to be unique!
He gave you special gifts of your own –
You are far more talented than you think.


We are all actors on the stage of life.
Study the script, my friend.
Notice that even the brevity of parts
doesn’t determine the end!


Do your best to honor the Lord –
Serve honestly and be fervent.
In the end you’ll hear the Master’s words,
“Welcome to the joy of the Lord,
good and faithful servant.”


Quote by Reverend Oliver G. Green
“Use what talents you have –
the woods would have little music
if no birds sang their song
except those who sang best.”


One Response to “Celebrate Who You Are”

  1. Onisha Ellis October 9, 2016 at 12:00 pm #

    Much truth in this, Louise. I have often felt we are all actors on a stage, playing out our parts.


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