Five Keys to Make This New Year Happy

28 Dec

“We play games every night,” my friend said. “We’re miles apart but we spend time enjoying a game online. It’s great fun.” Imagine that. Sharing time online, playing, enjoying and connecting with loved ones without having to hop in an airplane.

“How cool is that!” I said. “It’s like being close to the person, interacting and enjoying the cyberspace company.” I pondered on what my friend shared. And since I have the habit of trying out what I hear is fun, interesting or enjoyable, I decided to check out this new pass-time.

Sadly, I lack the time to play games. So I thought I’d try my own version of online connection. I’d connect with God, with His Word and with His guidance on a more intimate level.

Here are five ways I plan to connect with Him in the cyberspace of His love.

1. When He makes the first move to open the door to serve Him, I respond with no reservations.

2. When He moves a tough situation my way, I respond by seeing the possibilities, not the obstacles.

3. When He makes the move to bless me, I’m quick to move into the gratitude mode.

4. When He seems silent and makes no move to answer my prayer, I respond with gratitude anyway.

5. When He moves, displaying His discipline, I respond with requests for wisdom to learn.

Maybe I’ll begin that game before the New Year. I’ll make the first move: “…Cast my cares on the LORD…” and He will respond with His promise: “He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall” (Psalm 55:22).

Father, for this New Year, I plan the online connection with you to be rich, my efforts to be rewarding and my satisfaction, profound. In Jesus’ name, amen.

• With whom are you connecting lately?

• Who brings the satisfaction that fills your soul?

• What new connections will this New Year bring?


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