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God’s Creatures~Part 2

4 Feb

Melody Hendrix

A Time to Live

Photos from the zoo.


MelodyWelcome! I’m so glad you stopped in to visit. I am retired and enjoying life. My hobbies are my 5 grandchildren, son and daughter, and my loving husband. I am a photographer and extreme nature lover. I love spending time in my garden or in the wilderness connected to God my Creator.
What a beautiful world we live in. We all have that in common. Natural beauty is everywhere, but sometimes we are not connected until we see a picture, taken just right, that makes it really come into focus and be admired. My passion is to make a connection between the lens and your soul. Photography is my passion.
My photography passion began when my Father handed me his old Ricohflex box camera when I was 12.  It was love at first sight. I still have it. My hand was never empty of a camera since.
I am a native Floridian. I am so lucky to call it home. I was born in Orlando BF (before Disney). My family moved to the Winter Park area when I was very young. Central Florida was so simple and quaint at that time. I wandered the streets barefoot with my friends, never worrying that something bad could ever happen. My Mom used to pick the sand-spurs out of my feet. I still go barefoot. It grounds me to earth and connects me to nature.
I have extensively explored Florida and its diverse beauty. So much to see and so little time. I would love for you to join me in my travels through the images I have taken. I wish you could hear the sounds, smell the fragrance and feel the breath of it. But for now we must be content with exploring with our eyes and only imagine the rest.
Thank you for your interest.


9 Jun


 Judy Wills




 2When I was a small child, we lived in Dallas, Texas.  My mother’s mother and father lived in San Antonio, so it was probably a short ride (about four hours in today’s time) for a trip to visit with Granny and Grandpa.  I have many pictures of my brother and me in Granny’s yard.  They lived in the country, so there were lots of animals – particularly peacocks, cats and dogs.  Interesting times.

 Mother told me once that, as I was sitting on Granny’s back step, they heard me scream and then cry out.  When they rushed to see what was the matter – they discovered that the peacock had plucked my peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of my hand, and I was furious!

 San Antonio has a lot to offer – whether you are living there or just visiting.  And we 3found that one of the best zoos in this country is in San Antonio.  I actually remember visiting there often.  Remember – we moved from Texas to New Mexico when I was just four years old – so that is a long memory!  But one memory that has stayed with me for a very long time, is the elephant ride we took.  I have pictures of my brother and me on one of the elephants.
4While I don’t know whether or not the San Antonio Zoo still offers those elephant rides, I do know the zoo was still offering elephant rides when our girls were young and we were living in San Antonio.  I have pictures of both our girls – along with me – on an elephant ride.  I’m not sure Janet remembers that ride – she was pretty young – but I’m pretty sure that Karen does.


Apparently an elephant ride isn’t such an uncommon event.  Fred’s sister and her husband took a trip to Africa not too long ago, and they took an elephant ride, as well!


It’s always been interesting to me just what my mind has stored away.  But it only takes a comment, or a picture, to bring an event back into focus.  And the elephant ride of my childhood stands out as a grand event.

Singing In The Zoo

19 Mar

   Thanks to DiVoran for continuing to cover for me while I am away.Enjoy.

I love to hear the noises of the Gibbon apes at the Brevard County zoo. Last Tuesday I got there in time for the apera (short a) and the Gibbons were indeed singing. One was in the cement bunker whoo-whooing out and the other was outside answering in. The bunker made a fine echo and I think they appreciated it. You could hear them all over the zoo, and people were stopping to watch and listen as they always do.

I thought I’d walk around to a place where I could see better, but I ended up next to the kangaroo compound in Australia so I went back to where I was.  Now, however, both apes were singing from inside.

“There aren’t any apes in there,” I heard a tall young man say to a grandmotherly lady in a red straw hat, “that’s just a recording,” he went on, “to make the zoo seem more lively.”

“Oh,” the lady said, in a disappointed voice.

I told myself to mind my own business, but when the young man started to walk away, I took my chance and sidled up to the other woman.

“The apes are in there,” I said, “I saw one of them not five minutes ago.”

“I’d much rather hear that,” her face beamed.

“Me too,” I said. “Maybe, we’ll see them if we come back in a little while. Don’t they make a lovely noise, though.” She agreed.

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