Singing In The Zoo

19 Mar

   Thanks to DiVoran for continuing to cover for me while I am away.Enjoy.

I love to hear the noises of the Gibbon apes at the Brevard County zoo. Last Tuesday I got there in time for the apera (short a) and the Gibbons were indeed singing. One was in the cement bunker whoo-whooing out and the other was outside answering in. The bunker made a fine echo and I think they appreciated it. You could hear them all over the zoo, and people were stopping to watch and listen as they always do.

I thought I’d walk around to a place where I could see better, but I ended up next to the kangaroo compound in Australia so I went back to where I was.  Now, however, both apes were singing from inside.

“There aren’t any apes in there,” I heard a tall young man say to a grandmotherly lady in a red straw hat, “that’s just a recording,” he went on, “to make the zoo seem more lively.”

“Oh,” the lady said, in a disappointed voice.

I told myself to mind my own business, but when the young man started to walk away, I took my chance and sidled up to the other woman.

“The apes are in there,” I said, “I saw one of them not five minutes ago.”

“I’d much rather hear that,” her face beamed.

“Me too,” I said. “Maybe, we’ll see them if we come back in a little while. Don’t they make a lovely noise, though.” She agreed.

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