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Circuitous Travel~Part 7

8 Oct


Judy Wills




We had spent one week traveling around England, Scotland and Wales. The second week of our vacation (circuitous travel from Germany to the U.S.) was to be spent in London and surrounding areas.

Fred and I had spent time (vacations) in England and London previously, but our girls had not been there before. So this would be a new adventure for them. We were eager to show them all the sights.

Let the fun begin!!

That first day, following breakfast at the B&B, we took the Underground (Tube) into London.

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The B&B wasn’t too far from a Tube station, so that was convenient. One thing we did, first, thing, was to get a Tube Pass for residents (not tourists, which was more expensive) – it enabled us to hop on and off the Tube whenever and wherever we were, without having to purchase a ticket for that particular ride. Our pictures were taken and attached to the ticket. We purchased the passes for one week. It was a great help, especially if we were in a hurry to make the train. It also allowed us to ride the red buses for in-town and the green buses for out-of-town travel without having to purchase a ticket for that ride.

After arriving in London, we did a lot of walking around the city, just taking it all in. We visited Westminster Abbey (something I understand is not allowed these days unless one is there to worship).



We saw Big Ben and the Parliament buildings – unfortunately, with the ever-present scaffolding!



We saw a delightful statue of Charlie Chaplin!



We saw the Cenetaph by Whitehall.



We spent some time in Trafalgar Square, with Lord Nelson. Magnificent column!



And we saw the back side of the Horse Guard building.



Of the two meals we had in town, lunch was at a Pizza Hut, and dinner/supper was at McDonald’s. Just getting our taste buds ready for our return to the States!

We had arranged to see the stage play “The Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie that evening.


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Karen and I had been reading a lot of Agatha Christie’s mysteries, so this was of great interest to us. Fred and Janet found it to be quite entertaining, as well. “The Mousetrap” has been in continuous performances since it first opened in 1952. Wikipedia states it is: The longest running West End show, it has by far the longest initial run of any play in history, with its 25,000th performance taking place on 18 November 2012. The play is known for its twist ending, which the audience are traditionally asked not to reveal after leaving the theatre.

After the show, we returned to Kew and our B&B via the Tube. It was a most fun and rewarding day in London.

The backyard of our B&B, by Kew Gardens.



~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~





Our Trip to UK~Part 2

11 Dec

A Slice of Life
Bill Lites


Now we headed west thru Portsmouth and Southampton toward Salisbury, with no Garmin, GPS tracker or cell phone to aid us.   I don’t know how we ever found our way the rest of that almost 85 miles to South Newton, Salisbury and to our first B & B, but 1we finally got there just before dusk.  Newton Cottage B & B was an “Olde Worlde” (circ.1670) thatched roof house, that we learned was listed as a building of historic and architectural interest.  It was typical of a lot of the homes in this area, many of which had been converted into B & Bs.  This was the only B & B reservation we had made from the U.S. and we were thrilled with the accommodations.  Of course, the doorways and ceilings were very low, the stairs and floors squeaked, and when the ad said “Central Heat” that meant warm enough for the English, not for someone use to Florida weather.

There was another couple staying at Newton Cottage with us and we all had a 2wonderful time comparing travel notes.  The local Pub, where we took our evening meals, was just across the street from our B & B, and down a small tree covered lane.  What a picture that made!  As it turned out, the Pub owner collected matchbook covers, as I did, and he gave me some of his duplicates.  I made arrangements to send him some of my duplicates as soon as we got home.  (Another fun hobby lost to the demands of the environmentalists).

 DiVoran remembers sitting in the kitchen one morning with Mrs. Clark, looking at a field across the road, full of gamboling lambs, and saying how sweet they were.  The mistress said, “Indeed they are adorable.  But, every spring when I see them, I must school myself not to think of roasted lamb.“

We stayed at Newton Cottage two nights while we spent the days visiting the sites in and around Salisbury.  Salisbury has a beautiful Cathedral which was finished around 31260 AD, after the city was first established in approximately 1220 AD.  We visited a unique War Memorial and cemetery for the men from this southern Wilshire area who fought and died in what was then called “The Great War” (1914-1917).

And, of course, we visited prehistoric Stonehenge, which is located only 8 miles north of Salisbury.  Archeologists now believed construction of the stone structure, as we know it, could have begun as early as 2500-3000 BC.  There are no written records of who built the monument or why, but the most popular theories are that over the years it was most probably used as an ancestral worship center and burial ground for 4many different cultures.  Whatever religious, mystical or spiritual elements were central to the construction of Stonehenge over the centuries, its design includes a celestial observatory function, which might have allowed for the prediction of eclipse, solstice, equinox and other celestial events important to contemporary religions of those different times.                                                                             

We asked our hosts at the Newton Cottage B & B to look over our guidebook, for the town of our next  planned night’s stop, and give us their recommendations for accommodations.  This turned out to be a wonderful way to set up our lodgings for the whole trip, as most of the time the B & B owners knew each other, or they knew of other respectable B & Bs which would best suit our needs.  This took a lot of pressure off us and made our trip much more enjoyable.




—–To Be Continued—–

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