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God Has Been Watching Over Me~Part 6

14 Dec

A Slice of Life

 Bill Lites


For years, after moving into our new house here in Florida, I had a real problem keeping the grass trimmed along the length of our backyard chain-linked fence. With all the rain we get here, it was hard for me to stay ahead of it. One day, I decided to eliminate the grass by burning it. I poured gasoline along the fence line and set it ablaze. That did a wonderful job of getting rid of all that unsightly grass, except for a few spots where the grass was the heaviest.




For some reason (I can’t remember why) I used a small bowl to pour some more gasoline on those unburned tufts of grass (of course the fire was out and they weren’t smoldering). At one point there must have been a glowing ember I couldn’t see, because fire suddenly ran from the grass up the stream of gasoline into the bowl I was holding. It happened so quick, I was startled and jumped back to get away from the fire, splashing flaming gasoline on the front of my shirt. I tried to throw myself to the ground, flat on my stomach, but that seemed to be happening in slow motion, taking what seemed like forever to get there. By then my polyester shirt had melted and would have stuck to, and caused severe burns to my chest and stomach, if it had not been for my habit of always wearing a tee shirt under my sport/dress shirts (now why do you suppose I do that?). Maybe God knew ahead of time what a foolish person I could be at times, and that I would be needing His protection from time to time.




In 1987, DiVoran and I took an all-inclusive vacation trip to St. Kitts Island in the West Indies. It is located in the Caribbean, and known as part of the Leeward Islands. The resort where we stayed was wonderful and provided every amenity anyone could ever ask for: great accommodations, all the delicious food you could eat, golf, swimming, surfing, and SCUBA diving; a real tropical paradise.




Ever since moving to Florida, one of the things DiVoran and I had wanted to do was to learn to SCUBA dive, but the time and money had never been available.When we saw that SCUBA diving was offered as part of our vacation package we jumped at the chance. We were among a number of the guests that were given lessons in the hotel swimming pool, and approved for “Supervised” shallow diving. The beauty of the water where we dove was spectacular, and I had a tendency to forget some of the basic safety lessons I had learned. At one point on the second day I found myself alone, waiting for the instructor to come back. A number of things could have gone wrong (that I don’t like to think about), if I had struck out on my own, but I felt God impressing me to just stay where I was until the instructor returned.




Then there are the 35 years, during which God has protected me while I worked in the Aerospace Industry as an Ordnance Engineer. Much of that time was spent working with explosives, around hazardous materials, and in hazardous areas where, at other times, workers have been hurt.




At this point in my life, I can’t begin to imagine how many times, over the years, God has had His hand on me (and I didn’t even know it) as I put myself in foolish or dangerous situations. He must have had other plans for my life, and how He could somehow use it to make His presence known to others. All I know, is that I am abundantly grateful to Him for His constant presence in my life and for His merciful protection all these years.

—–The End—–


Fight Your Battles

17 Jul


Judy Wills





During a recent stay in the hospital, Fred and I came upon a plaque on a door that says so much to us, that we wanted to share it with you. It is so very true, and applies to any and all battles in your life. Here’s the picture of it we took:


We happen to believe that this statement is quite true. You might find it a strange place to find this statement – in a hospital – but it defines the hospital. You see, it is Celebration Hospital/Health in Celebration, Florida. It is part of the Florida Hospital chain, and is founded by the Seventh Day Adventist denomination. I’m not sure that all the employees they hire are believers, but every single one that came in contact with me – up to and including the housekeeping personnel – left me with a “have a blessed day.”   And several of the nurses were talking together about the “spiritual” feel to the hospital, and how that makes a difference in their work atmosphere.

I had felt that before – when I had my total knee replacement last year. The nurses were saying the same thing that time, as well.

Although the hospital has pictures on their walls of Florida scenes, many of them have scripture verses along with them. One area has one picture for each of the days of creation. Impressive and beautiful.

I suspect that if more of us – not to mention our national leaders – would spend more time on their knees, asking God’s help with our problems, we would be in much more calm situations than we are in now.

God is my anchor. My battles will be on my knees.



Anchor for the Soul



3 Jan


Judy Wills



You might have gathered by now (if you read my postings consistently) that I glean a lot from facebook. If I find something that appeals to me, then I save it, and hope to use it in this venue.

I came across one recently that reached out and grabbed me. In a nutshell, it tells me that I can trust God to take care of me – no matter what the situation. (credit Cross Cards.com) It speaks of His all-powerful greatness.   It tells me I don’t have to worry about any situation I find myself in – because God can, and WILL take care of me.

I’ve found myself with cancer – and He was there.

I found myself with kidney stones – and He was there.

I found myself in physical therapy following total knee replacement – and He was there, giving me encouragement to push through the pain.

You see, I am His child. I’ve given my life to Him, to do with as he pleases. And because He made “all of this out of nothing,” I know I can trust Him to take care of me. And I know – without a single doubt – that God wants only the best for my life. He wants me to trust Him.

The world is in such a turmoil these days, that sometimes it’s overwhelming to think of “what if” and what “might” happen in the future. But my future is secure – it will be spending eternity with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And that delights me!

I am so very grateful that God has allowed me to be His child. The assurance He gives me carries me through each day – and through the remainder of my life.

May you and yours have a wonderful and blessed New Year – 2016 – in our Lord’s safety and assurance.


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