Fight Your Battles

17 Jul


Judy Wills





During a recent stay in the hospital, Fred and I came upon a plaque on a door that says so much to us, that we wanted to share it with you. It is so very true, and applies to any and all battles in your life. Here’s the picture of it we took:


We happen to believe that this statement is quite true. You might find it a strange place to find this statement – in a hospital – but it defines the hospital. You see, it is Celebration Hospital/Health in Celebration, Florida. It is part of the Florida Hospital chain, and is founded by the Seventh Day Adventist denomination. I’m not sure that all the employees they hire are believers, but every single one that came in contact with me – up to and including the housekeeping personnel – left me with a “have a blessed day.”   And several of the nurses were talking together about the “spiritual” feel to the hospital, and how that makes a difference in their work atmosphere.

I had felt that before – when I had my total knee replacement last year. The nurses were saying the same thing that time, as well.

Although the hospital has pictures on their walls of Florida scenes, many of them have scripture verses along with them. One area has one picture for each of the days of creation. Impressive and beautiful.

I suspect that if more of us – not to mention our national leaders – would spend more time on their knees, asking God’s help with our problems, we would be in much more calm situations than we are in now.

God is my anchor. My battles will be on my knees.



Anchor for the Soul


2 Responses to “Fight Your Battles”

  1. Onisha Ellis July 17, 2016 at 9:48 pm #

    God’s timing is perfect with this blog, Judy. I believe it is going to take many of us on our knees before God to banish the anger that is washing over the earth.


  2. Louise Gibson July 17, 2016 at 5:37 pm #


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