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The Robins Are Gone

11 Aug


Speak Up Saturday

Patricia Franklin

    The robins are gone.  I do hear them calling once in a while, and one of the adults flew up onto our fence near the flower beds where I was working.  Instead of flying away, which I would expect, he flew down almost at my feet and retrieved something to eat.  The young ones come around every now and then too, and they all seem to be “our” robins, as they are not afraid and will continue looking for food.   
     As I left for Texas for a week, the mama dove was still sitting on her nest.  When we got back, there were two little heads peeking out from the flimsy nest and the mother was gone, but we could hear her cooing nearby.  Two days later, one little dove was sitting out on the branch. The next day, both of them were out of nest on the branch.  The following day they were out of sight.  I saw one on the front lawn a few days later and went over to get it, as the cat roams around out there. But when I got close, the little fellow flew into the tree, so I knew all were safe. 
    Now, a few weeks later, my husband and I were sitting on the patio last evening and two doves flew right close to us onto the bare branch just below the dove nest. We started talking and moving around, and instead of flying away as doves usually would, they settled down and kept us company, cocking their heads as though listening to what we had to say.  They stayed there as long as we were outside.  Is it my imagination, or did they recognize us and were seeking our company as well?
    At first I felt a little void in my life when I could not see the birds every day, but I know they are all still here and they come around now and then, while keeping up with their busy lives.  I decided I will encourage them to stick around, so have put out the bird bath, a hummingbird feeder and a little cage with suet to attract more birds. The finches seem to love it.  So they are chirping all over the place now and trying to avoid the aggressive little hummingbird who seems to think he owns the whole territory and tries to chase them all away.  And so …..  life goes on in my little bird world.


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