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Window Wonders

26 May

From the Heart

Louise Gibson




My kitchen window overlooks my patio.
It affords me an excellent view.
I observe the antics of my animal friends
while cooking, perhaps a stew.


My window wonders this week
have become a bit disturbing.
What used to be a heartwarming scene
has become very disconcerting.


I have a most unusual guest
who really is quite rude.
He appears uninvited at meal time
and devours all the food.


Lord, I need your help-
I really don’t want to be mean.
But that cute raccoon is gaining weight,
while my cats are looking lean.


I said he is cute because
his habits are disarming-
He picks up his food with his “hands”-
I must confess he is charming!


I take out fresh water for my cats,
but our visitor is quite pristine!
You see, he “washes” his food in it-
He is the original “Mr. Clean”.


And Lord, you see the other problem, too, I know-
How he trashes up my patio?
I get so tired of using my broom,
I moved the garbage can to the utility room.


Lord, I have a question, please-
“Was this your plan from the start,
to put me “under pressure”
to tenderize my heart?”




Do Birds Bond with People? 

27 May

 A Few Thoughts

Patricia Franklin

 Our friend Patricia Franklin wrote me this week. Here’s what she had to say about the robin that nests in her back yard-DiVoran


Sorry I have not answered your newsy letter…. and thanks so much for the interesting article on birds!  I guess they live and thrive by instinct, but I think they have a built in intelligence too, that we do not understand.  I think I mentioned that we have a robin’s nest in our back yard.  I have been waiting and watching for a couple of weeks for the 1st hatchling.  I usually sit out on the patio chair, I water my flowers, etc. and sometimes I talk to the robins if they are around.  They have found out that we do not bother them, in fact, I chased some intruders away the other day.  Do you think they bond with us in some way?   Here is what happened today.

We were sitting in the kitchen having a cup of tea after supper, with the patio door open, when I heard this scratching and tapping on the patio cement right outside.  I turned my head, and there right in front of the door was the mother robin tapping a little blue eggshell on the cement.  I got up and walked over to the door and said something like, ” Well, I have been wondering when you were going to hatch the first one.  I’m so happy for you.”  She actually strutted around, back and forth in front of me for a little while and then went flying off to her nest, leaving the eggshell for us.  Is that uncanny or what?  Am I reading too much into this?  I do feel a bond with them, and maybe they feel it too. It was the highlight of my weekend!  (Hey, I’m pretty simple and easy to please!)

The Birds

9 Feb


Judy Wills

Judy Wills

I’ve not always been fascinated by birds – they just came with the territory, right?  I don’t especially remember any birds in New Mexico that excited me – perhaps the road runner, but not much of that.

Then Fred and I married and moved to Fort Worth, Texas.  All of a sudden, there were birds chirping everywhere, and I had no clue what they were!  They made all kinds of different sounds.  When a friend said they were Mocking Birds, I was astounded.  Wow! I said – we don’t have those in Albuquerque!  Then SHE was astounded!  Judy!  They are everywhere!  Not in New Mexico!!  (They probably are, but what did I know?)

And so, little by little, I began to notice the birds wherever we went/moved.  Some were just birds, some were more interesting.  I noticed the Blue Jays; I noticed the tiny sparrows; I noticed the Robins.  And on and on.

One funny thing I remember is when Fred and I took our first Disney cruise.  The last port of call of the cruise is their private island, Castaway Cay.  We walked along, and, since it was getting to be lunch time, we began to notice the places where we could grab a bite to eat.  What caught our attention, is that someone had packed out a plate of food, but had left it on the table – probably to get themselves something to drink.  That was NOT the thing to do, as the little Finches are so abundant there, and a mass of them had descended upon that plate of food and were devouring it!  It was hilarious for us to see – no so much for the one wanting to eat the food!  Those little yellow birds were everywhere on the island.  Cute little things.


But I guess the birds that fascinate me the most are the Sandhill Cranes.  To me they are elegant.  They are so stately, and walk with such grace.  They have that beautiful triangle of red on their heads.  And the sound they make!  What a croak that is!  I’ve tried to duplicate it for our grandchildren, but have been unable to do so.  They just had to hear it for themselves.


We always like to go past a nearby pond in the Spring time, just to see if we can spot a Sandhill Crane family – Mom, Dad, and at least one fuzzball of a baby.  Frequently, we see twin fuzzballs!  Such fun!

When we moved to Florida, DiVoran asked me what we would like for them to give us to help us get “situated.”  I mentioned all the birds we saw there that were unfamiliar to us, so she gave us a bird book.  Once, when we were with Bill and DiVoran, I mentioned that I had learned that cranes fly with their necks and feet/legs straight out from their body – like a crane, while herons fly with their necks crooked and legs tucked.  DiVoran said, “how do you know that?”  I replied, “I learned it from the bird book you gave us!”

Eagles are probably my very favorite bird.  I’m so glad those in charge over-road Benjamin Franklin’s suggestion to make the turkey the American Bird – and chose the eagle.  So much more regal.  Arrogant?  Perhaps.  But to me they just symbolize America.  And to see them soar – and to hear their call – well, what’s not to notice?


 Isaiah 40:31

but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

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