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What Type of Reader are You?

29 Jun

On the Porch
Onisha Ellis


This morning I was idly thinking about my reading habits. I consider myself a “fluff’ reader.  I didn’t enjoy what my teachers called the classics. Steinbeck and Hemingway bored me to tears and I really wanted that old man in the sea to just cut-the-line. And what was the point in the Iliad and the Odyssey and sirens luring men to their death? Hello, who didn’t know that men will fall for a pretty face and enticing body. Reading the book was not going to change that. Give me a good mystery or romance novel. I also enjoy a rousing action story.

I definitely don’t enjoy fantasy novels, although I have read a couple that engaged my attention. Thinking about reading made me wonder about authors. What influences their choice of genre?

It seems to me that authors of fiction fall into two very general categories, fixers and story tellers. Fixers write in genres that involve building worlds that are a better place, especially fantasy novelists. The authors who write dystopia and thriller/war create problems then set about solving them. Romance novelist are serious fixers. They create wounded characters and spend the entire book setting them up to be restored, complete with a happy ever after ending.

Story tellers take a more gentle approach. Their characters need to be fixed but that is not the point of the novel. My favorite story tellers are D.E. Stevenson and Miss Read.




Their books and writing style are now considered simplistic and old fashioned but they draw me into the lives of their characters and include me in their journey. James Herriot was a fine story-teller as well.  His books are classics I can relate to.



Reader friends, are you drawn to fixers or story tellers? To my author friends, I would enjoy your take on my theory. Do you see your writing in terms of fixing or telling a great story?

BooktoberFest and Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

4 Oct

It’s Booktoberfest time! We are excited at our house about Booktoberfest. Rebekah Lyn will be one of twenty authors at a meet and greet in the quaint town of Mount Dora, Florida. Since this is being held in October, the month of Fall festivals and Halloween, authors and guests are taking up the costume of their favorite book characters.

Rebekah writes Christian fiction and her characters are of the everyday  sort so it has been hard to decide who to portray. Finally she chose  Michelle of Winter’s End, the lead singer and guitar player for her band Tangled Web. It has been fun turning the very professional  Rebekah into a rocker and in the process throw in some clever branding. Pictures will be up at  Rebekah Lyn Books .

Be sure to click the link below for all the details of Booktoberfest. It is going to be a great event!

JLB Creatives -Bringing Fairy Tales to Life…One Novel at a Time. HIDDEN EARTH is a six novel series by best-selling author, Janet Beasley. Janet is the founder/owner of JLB Creatives, a company designed to bring light to the literary world. It is a company built on the fantastical imaginations of Janet and her family.

via Author Janet Beasley – BOOKTOBERFEST! 10/5/13.

At the event we will be inviting readers to sign up for the Rebekah Lyn Books newsletter and as a reward for signing up, we will  have a drawing  for a box of Grimaldi chocolate covered potato chips delivered right to your front door.


You Can Win These!

Not going to Booktoberfest? Sign up for Rebekah’s newsletter here and you are in the drawing. Good luck!

We will draw the name of one lucky winner from those who sign up between now and Sunday October 6, 2013 and you will be notified by email.

Match the Mother/Daughter Game

7 May

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis


We wanted to do something special for Mother’s Day this year. With five bloggers we each have different thoughts so I decided we would do a “collage” blog post. Each of us contributing in our own way, some as a memory, others a poem. As for me, I am a last-minute blogger so I have no clue. We are also planning a Match the Mother/Daughter game. Those who get them all correct will be put into a drawing for a FREE  digital copy of one of Rebekah Lyn’s Amazon best-selling books. I think I may be able to persuade DiVoran to donate one too.

See you on Sunday!

I’m Looking For a Few Good Authors

17 May

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I’m looking for a few good authors. I’d like them to be no older than forty years of age. I’ve reached the time of life when the authors I spent my youth and middle age with are dying.  It just isn’t right.  One should never outlive their children or their favorite authors. I will tell you who my favorites are and you can tell me yours.

My all time favorite author is D.E. Stevenson. Here is what Wikipedia says about her. D.E. Stevenson was born in 1892 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was educated at home by governesses. She started to write at eight, but because her parents and governesses disapproved she had to do this in secret. She later wanted to go to university but her father refused, concerned about having an educated woman in the family. Stevenson was married in 1916 to a captain in the 6th Ghurkha Rifles.

Isn’t that an  amazing bio? She died in 1973 after writing forty novels. It took me years to find all her books but I think I may have read almost all of them and she is one of the few authors I collect. Her books transported me to the gentle countryside of Scotland into the lives of everyday people getting into scrapes  and of course, food was mentioned a lot, which explains to some degree my fascination with her books.

After Stevenson there is no particular order to my favorite deceased authors. I do genuinely miss Eugenia Price. The St. Simon’s Trilogy was a favorite for myself as well as my daughter, requiring a girl’s weekend to St. Simons Island to visit the marshes and cemetery we felt a bond with. Even today all I have to say to my daughter is “John died” and we tear up. Now that is writing. Savannah Quartet is not to be missed either. I went to Goodreads to skim some reviews and refresh my memory and I was saddened to see how hardened some readers are. They can’t relate to a time when human honor and duty were valued.

Eugenia died in 1996 and was buried in her beloved Christ Church cemetery on St. Simon. I foresee another trip to the island to visit her grave. She is buried step away from the pastor she immortalized in her books.

Since I have a self-imposed five hundred-word limit for my blog posts, I can see this will have to be continued. I would love to hear from you. Which authors have you read for years and now they are gone?

: Christ Episcopal Church

: Christ Episcopal Church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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