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Halloween Hat

17 Sep

A Slice of Life

Bill Lites

Bill Lites


I don’t remember just what year it was, but late one October when our kids were young, and we were in our early camping years, we decided to try camping in the Ft. Lauderdale area of Southeast Florida. We found a beautiful State Park situated on the Atlantic Ocean and set up our small pop-up camper with a view of swaying palm trees and the ocean.



We played in the warm Gulf Stream water and walked the beach enjoying the beautiful, warm Florida weather. We had noticed, as we drove to the campground that there were coconut palms and coconuts everywhere. In fact, people put the coconuts out on the street for the trash men, just like we do with oranges and grapefruit here at home. We just wondered around the area picking up coconuts, opening them to drink the milk and eating the pure white meat. What a great time we had doing that. Later, as we wondered the campground, we came across this guy weaving hats out of strips of palm fronds. He had several different hat styles on display and asked me what style hat I would like to have. After I selected a style, he measured my head size (no laughing), and we watched him strip the green fronds and weave the hat before our very eyes.



He told us that when we got home to put the hat in the freezer overnight and it would turn the hat a beautiful dark mahogany color. Well, we did that, and it did change color just as he had said it would. As it turned out, we were camping there for the Halloween celebrations, and would you believe it, we had to deal with trick-or-treaters coming around to the campsites for handouts. Bah-Hum-Bug! Later that evening we had front row seats on the beach for the Ft. Lauderdale Halloween fireworks display. What a treat that was.



In 1967, when Titusville celebrated their 100th anniversary, the city fathers decided that as part of the city’s celebration there would be a requirement that all the men should grow a beard and wear period costumes when walking around town. All the women were required to wear period clothes and go without makeup. If a person was caught out of costume by any of the city “Enforcers” they could be fined.   I never did know anyone who was caught and fined, so I never did learn what kind of fines could or would have been imposed. Off course, most of the men didn’t mind letting their facial hair grow (there were some really unusual designs) but it was a different story for the women. Those heavy dresses they had to wear were bad enough, but they really didn’t like walking around town for everyone to see what they really looked like without their makeup on.


As the years went by, when I worked around the house or went for a walk in the woods, my favorite hat for the occasion was what I came to call my “Halloween Hat.” I continued to wear my palm-frond hat on all our camping trips around the many Florida springs over the years, because it was waterproof and kept the sun out of my eyes and the rain off my head. As a matter of fact, I still have that hat all these many years later. How’s that for durable?




—–The End—–

BooktoberFest and Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

4 Oct

It’s Booktoberfest time! We are excited at our house about Booktoberfest. Rebekah Lyn will be one of twenty authors at a meet and greet in the quaint town of Mount Dora, Florida. Since this is being held in October, the month of Fall festivals and Halloween, authors and guests are taking up the costume of their favorite book characters.

Rebekah writes Christian fiction and her characters are of the everyday  sort so it has been hard to decide who to portray. Finally she chose  Michelle of Winter’s End, the lead singer and guitar player for her band Tangled Web. It has been fun turning the very professional  Rebekah into a rocker and in the process throw in some clever branding. Pictures will be up at  Rebekah Lyn Books .

Be sure to click the link below for all the details of Booktoberfest. It is going to be a great event!

JLB Creatives -Bringing Fairy Tales to Life…One Novel at a Time. HIDDEN EARTH is a six novel series by best-selling author, Janet Beasley. Janet is the founder/owner of JLB Creatives, a company designed to bring light to the literary world. It is a company built on the fantastical imaginations of Janet and her family.

via Author Janet Beasley – BOOKTOBERFEST! 10/5/13.

At the event we will be inviting readers to sign up for the Rebekah Lyn Books newsletter and as a reward for signing up, we will  have a drawing  for a box of Grimaldi chocolate covered potato chips delivered right to your front door.


You Can Win These!

Not going to Booktoberfest? Sign up for Rebekah’s newsletter here and you are in the drawing. Good luck!

We will draw the name of one lucky winner from those who sign up between now and Sunday October 6, 2013 and you will be notified by email.

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