More Baby Animals in our Back Yard

18 Jul

My Take

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Squirell upside down


The next morning, sitting on the porch with coffee, I see a young squirrel crawl along a power line. I’ve never seen one traveling upside down before, I figure he’s trying to catch up with his playmates who zing over trees and over the heavy black lines as if they were running through air. This small one must have slipped off the top of the line and is now clinging to the bottom looking at the sky. He tries to get back on top, but the lines separate throwing him back into his awkward position. He stops and looks up. Surely he is asking God what to do next. I wouldn’t like to see him fall the twelve feet or so, and I join him in his prayer. He crawls for a second then stops to ponder again. I go closer without opening the screen door so I can see him better, but by the time I get to the screen he’s already greeting his pal on the pole.



Again, I looked up from my writing and there was the baby bunny I met on the trail a few days ago. (Not really, I’m sure it was a different one.) A larger one came too, probably a sibling. They came from the Diceranda Sanctuary behind our house. The sun through their ears, makes them resemble pink stained glass. Of course the bunnies are looking for something good to eat. Most of what we have is Spider Plant, Mexican Heather, and Purple Queen, as well as pesticide-free grass and our Azalea bush.


To farmers the eating habits of rabbits can be devastating, but I wished they’d find something they liked so they would return. When I look up again they’ve gone to the easement. Tomorrow, I’ll bring my binoculars so I can see the critters closer up. You think you know their habits, but they can always surprise you if you watch. I saw a cardinal eat an azalea once. Did you know cardinals ate azalea petals? I didn’t. In season our big bush has so many flowers I’d be hard pressed to know which ones he has consumed.



3 Responses to “More Baby Animals in our Back Yard”

  1. itsrebekahlyn July 18, 2016 at 5:49 pm #

    Bunnies I like, squirrels I’ve had issues with.


  2. Onisha Ellis July 18, 2016 at 11:06 am #

    DiVoran, I added pictures of your flowers as we have readers from across the globe and I wonder what these plants are called in other climates and countries. We have lots of bunnies this year and the chipmunks are busy too.


    • divoran09 July 18, 2016 at 5:42 pm #

      Thanks for using my pictures. They like being useful. They must call them by other names in some places.

      Love, DiVoran


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