It’s All Relative

3 Oct

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson


Many years ago, when my ego was at its peak,

a small boy knocked at my door-

A donation he came to seek.


I smiled warmly down at him,

As I inquired, “What can I do for you, Son?

“Would you like to buy a ticket?

The other old lady down the street bought one.”


“O-u-c-h!” That hurt!”

You just ruined my day!!”

Who was he comparing me with?

Surely not – , aw-w-w, c’mon, NO WAY!”


My hair turned white prematurely,

which made it hard to judge my age.

I didn’t know what to attribute it to..

It certainly wasn’t to a calendar page.


Children are so candidly honest,

they don’t even try to be discreet.

While shopping recently, standing in the aisle,

a small child came ruining up to me, exclaiming,

“You have big feet!”


“Okay, so I’m an old lady with big feet!

What else?  Heaven only knows.

Here it comes!  When asked, “Isn’t she pretty?”

The answer was “Well, she does have a  b-i-g nose!”


I have learned to laugh at myself-

Life is so much more enjoyable that way.

God has blessed me with a sense of humor.

It serves me well each and every day.


Psalm 126:2

“Then was our mouth full of laughter,

our tongue with singing.”


Rejoice Green and purple

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