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Omicron Observations and Making Bread

21 Jan

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

I have found the use of masks in my Florida town to be interesting. For those who don’t live here, you may not know that Florida is a mask mandate free zone. You would think that would mean mask wearing would be slight, but from my observations, that is not the case. During our October road trip we traveled in many areas with the mandate. With the exception of the Memphis, Tennessee area, I didn’t observe extensive mask use.

As Omicron began to make its presence felt in our community in early January, mask use ballooned.

Photo by Padli Pradana on Pexels.com

I found that to be curious as during the height of the dreaded Delta, masking while present was not prevalent.

Two weeks later on my weekly shopping trip to Publix supermarket, masking levels seemed back to normal. I pondered this. Then I pondered again mentally collecting data reports and personal stories of infection. But it wasn’t until I factored in the CDC suggestions of quarantining for 5 days then wearing a mask for another 5 days that I reached my conclusion.

Data and personal stories told me that our county had been hit hard with probably Omicron. I think our county for the week ending January 13 was 31% positive. The explosion of mask use in early January may have been due to people coming out of quarantine while following the CDC guidelines.

I’m hoping the numbers for last week will be lower. I think Omicron was active in Florida before it was officially recognized and I am hoping we have summited the curve and are on the way down. Maybe my weekly trip to Publix today will give me a hint.

For the record, I am thankful for my community. To mask or not mask is not an issue for harassment (well except on Facebook and I’m not sure who those people are.)

Now to the bread making. We follow a low carb life style and we have missed good bread. I have made various recipes and they are ok but they weren’t wow. Well, I have discovered wow bread!

I am a member of a paid subscription low carb cooking group. I joined as I want to change up my meals to a slightly higher protein and I need help navigating the change. A month ago the leader of the group posted a recipe for white bread followed by a recipe for cinnamon bread to rave reviews.

I decided to give the recipes a try. My first loaf of the white bread didn’t cook through in the middle even though it appeared done. The rest of the bread was delicious and the closest to conventional bread texture I had eaten. Eventually I figured out that the glass loaf pan I was using was smaller than the suggested metal pan, making the loaf thicker. So far all my loaves have come out perfect since. The cinnamon bread is absolutely delicious and would make a fantastic french toast breakfast casserole.

I have also baked the bread in a muffin top pan to make round sandwich rolls. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed eating a burger patty on a bun. I need to make more sandwich buns for the weekend I can’t decide if I want to make a full recipe this week and divide it between rolls and mini loaves, or a half recipe of just rolls.

I almost forgot to share this discovery. Last Sunday I put butter and garlic on some bread slices and put them under the broiler to make garlic toast It was ok but not oh my gosh good. We had one piece left over that lingered in the fridge for several days. I found it when I was scrounging for something to tide me over until supper. I heated it in the microwave for about 15 seconds and took a bite, not expecting much flavor. Woohoo! It tasted like I was eating buttery, garlic Texas toast. So good! The time in the fridge marinated the garlic into the bread. I will be marinating some more bread for the weekend!

Disclaimer: Anything Covid related are just my observations and thoughts.

PS… The Space X launch on Tuesday night was beautiful. The moon was full, the sky almost cloudless and the rocket appeared to be heading directly to the moon. My daughter captured this photo with her cell phone which does not do it justice at all.

A local photographer, Richard Gallagher captured some fantastic photos. Wish I could share them but they are copyrighted. Here is a link to his site.


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Excitement from diverse places

7 Feb

Reblogged 2/7/18 with permission from Rebekah Lyn’s Kitchen


For an author to be without words is never a good thing, but AND today I am struggling to find the right words to describe the emotions coursing through me.

It started this morning when I woke up grumpy. I’ve been fighting some type of sinus/cold virus for almost a month and I’m at my wits end. I wanted to whine, but didn’t want to subject anyone I love to that self-pity so I cocooned in my room, putting away laundry and trying to pray.

When my cell phone started chirping with text after text I grabbed it in frustration, then smiled. A dear friend was announcing the release of her first book. She’s been working on this for quite some time and I’m delighted it has all come together. The multiple texts from other members of our writers group showed all were just as happy. Reports of orders being placed on Amazon warmed my heart and energized me to get dressed and head out the door.



It was 10:15 and I wanted to see how many people were already in town for the much anticipated SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. Growing up during the Space Shuttle program, I admit I grew jaded with the crowds that tromped into town for launch days. Cars clogged the roads and every empty field along the river. Families wandered into the road without looking and causing us locals to be extra vigilant as we went about our daily lives. This morning, though, I reveled in the cars parked along the side of the road and the visitors milling around. I ached to stick around and be a part of this historic day, but work called and I had to get home to get ready.


Early birds get the best views

Be careful! Eager spectators crossing.

By the time I arrived at the office, the launch had been pushed from 1:30 to 2:20 due to upper level winds. I felt a selfish sense of hope that the launch would be scrubbed and rescheduled to tomorrow when I would be home to see it. When the next delay pushing back to 3:45 was announced, again that selfish spirit perked up.

As 3:00 approached, I prepared to access the SpaceX livestream. The minutes ticked down and there was no announcement of another delay or a scrub so I chose to hope that all would go well. My pulse quickened when we reached five minutes before launch. I focused on my work until we were just under two minutes then my eyes couldn’t be torn from the video. Steam billowed around the three rockets strapped together and I clasped my hands in front of my face, whispering words of encouragement as if the machine could hear me.

With the last seconds my throat tightened and my breath caught. Would it fire? Would it rise off the ground? Would it explode on the spot or a few seconds into flight? Memories of Challenger gnawed at the back of my mind. The rocket rose higher and higher, three flames of fire blended into one. The excitement of the SpaceX team was tangible as each milestone was ticked off. I watched in awe, knowing how unheard of a successful test flight such as this is. I felt the tears gathering in my eyes and longed to share the excitement with a crowd of like-minded spectators.

The adrenaline has faded away and I think about how long it has been since the American people had a hope for exploration beyond our own planet. We have sent machines to gather data, but we need to send people to experience the outer regions first hand, to provide information only a human can express. Today, was the first step toward sending humans beyond the International Space Station and I feel an excitement that I hope you all can share.

In case you missed the launch, you can watch a replay below.

Source: Excitement from diverse places

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