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What brings security for a mom?

13 May

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles



God chose to bring me into this world on a cold spring morning in La Paz, Bolivia. My mom sat up on that old, unsteady bed in a worn-out clinic.

“The baby…the baby…it’s coming,” she shouted.

The woman looked up as she sat on a squeaky chair. She sipped her coffee. “Sorry, Señora. The midwife went home for lunch.”

With sweat beads on her forehead, my mom pressed her hand on her stomach. Tears fell and she anguished with no one to help her deliver me.

Finally, the woman put her cup down and went to the door. “Can anyone help?” she called out into the courtyard. “A baby is coming.”

The delivery started, and I was born lacking adequate medical care.

That first year, with me in her arms, she stood in long lines to get a loaf of bread and some wilted carrots. The recent revolution in La Paz had turned the economy upside down. Everything was scarce except for Mom’s love.

Years later, we followed the daily routine. I sat before her on a box we used as a stool. “Someday we’ll leave Bolivia,” she said as she braided my black hair.

That day came after four years of preparation to meet the U.S. Immigration requirements. We sold all we had. And Mother and Father worked night and day to earn enough money for airplane tickets.

And that airplane took us to a special place. As a young girl, Mom had read the Spanish translation of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” which took place on the shores of the Mississippi River. Her dream was to someday visit those places.

And that’s how St. Louis, Missouri, became the city where we began our new life.

But the adjustment to the unfamiliar territory in America wasn’t as beautiful as the stories in those books. My parents, my younger brother nor I read or spoke English. Unable to understand food can labels, we ate cat food, thinking it was tuna.

Sixth grade girls surrounded my desk, pointed at me, whispered to each other and giggled. My pierced ears in 1964 was an oddity causing astonishment.

But Mom set the example. Her job was hard on her emotions. She endured harsh treatment and humiliation. And her lack of fluency in English kept her there for many years.

She sat at the kitchen table, reading her Bible while tears flowed.

And through her strength, she nurtured us, protected us and taught us perseverance. All served to mold my childhood.

Decades swept by. And unexpectedly, I had to enter another unfamiliar territory. My blindness at 30 thrust me into a dark, terrifying world.

But like Mom, God’s Word gave me eyes to see beyond my blindness. With headphones on, I heard the Bible.

God’s strength fueled my days to do the tasks of cooking, cleaning and doing laundry while unable to see. When obstacles came, God promised me His grace would remove them and cover my mistakes.

I was born in a third-world clinic. But God ushered me into a first-class place where His riches are available. His blessings abound. And when my days as a Mom turn difficult, I ease into His arms to soothe my soul and bring security back.

To those dear moms, I hope you have the happiest Mother’s Day ever!


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Source: What brings security for a mom? ~ Janet Perez Eckles


21 Apr

As I mentioned in a previous post, we ran free in our childhood and we did it barefoot or in flip-flops. I remember my mother and I walking down the sidewalk to visit a friend, our flip-flops taping a rhythm flip,slap,flop, slap on the sidewalk. I lived in flip flops all the years when they weren’t cool like they are today. Then disaster struck. I developed plantar fasciitis. The muscle of my foot became inflamed and wearing any open backed shoe was painful. I put away my flip-flops for years.

Eventually I was able to move into sandals and I discovered Kinos. Kino is a brand of fabulous leather sandals made in Key West. Some people go to the Keys for fishing, swimming, or history, me I go for the sandals. I dash off the cruise ship and head for the Kino store, they have odd hours and I don’t want to miss them. Alas, I haven’t cruised to Key West in a couple of years and my Kinos are worn out. I searched the stores for a replacement for my beloved shoes and met sticker shock. My last leather Kinos cost eleven dollars per pair. No way was I paying the asking price for the poorly made shoes in the stores.

So that is how I ended up back in flip-flops. It wasn’t easy finding a pair I liked that didn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money but I did finally find the perfect pair at Old Navy. I love them and I love the sound they make. In my mind, I am once again walking down the sidewalk with my mom and running through the old neighborhood streets.

My Newest Thing

23 Feb

I’ve added a new thing in my life and I never saw it coming. One day I was playing in the garden, canning and baking in the kitchen and the next thing I know, I am glued to my keyboard, pounding out 140 characters.

I thought I was going to spend a nice winter/spring in Florida, reversing the trend and mooching off our daughter. I planned to carry my weight with a little cooking and cleaning in exchange for a winter escape. It hasn’t quite worked out that way.

I was so proud of Rebekah when she self published her first book in the Seasons of Faith series. To be a writer has been her dream since she was a child, writing, “I’m very mad at you” on her chalkboard. She had to interpret the scribbles. Since we were mooching off of her for the winter, I offered to help her promote her book.

Book promotion has changed since the old days. Rebekah held a book signing at a friend’s restaurant and made an impact on seven people. I quickly learned social media is the way to go. Fortunately I love technology and was already a twitter addict. So here I am, pounding out 140 characters, hoping it makes a difference and best of all making new friends like you.

If you are new to social media and blogging. Check out this very short eBook by my new twitter friend. I promise it won’t overwhelm you.

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