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12 Things You Should Know about Indie Authors Before You Snub Them

19 Nov

DiVoran and my daughter are both Indie authors. It is an exciting time to be an author. Did  you know it is also an exciting time to be a reader?

12 Things You Should Know about Indie Authors Before You Snub Them.

If you are interested in DiVoran and Rebekah’s books, you can find them at Rebekah Lyn Books  along with great writing books by Mary Sayler.

National Poetry Day

3 Oct

I heard that today is National Poetry Day and decided that since Old Things R New is blessed with not one but two wonderful poets, I would like to honor them. How do you honor a poet? Well I could try my hand at a poem  but my efforts would fall far short of their skills so I decided to ask them to each honor us with one of their poems~Onisha

Happy Poetry Day



Somewhere there’s a place for me-

A place I have a need to be..

A  new plateau, a goal to meet-

Purpose, direction, without defeat.

Oh, God, give me strength

to greet each day-

with a cheerful countenance-

Don’t let me sway.

Please let me focus

on the issues of life

That bring joy to others,

that relieve their strife.

To have victory over

the enemy called “Fear”-

The energy and stamina to persevere.

And Lord, if any little word of mine

can help another soul-

Help me find that little word

to meet that needed goal.

Louise Gibson


Free Verse Poem

“Get in the box,” I said.

“I don’t fit!” He screamed.

“You must become

Rhythm, rhyme, formal verse.”

“I won’t!”

I picked him up by his scrawny neck,

Stuffed him in and closed the box.

He suffocated, poor little free verse poem.

Rest in peace.

DiVoran Lites

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