National Poetry Day

3 Oct

I heard that today is National Poetry Day and decided that since Old Things R New is blessed with not one but two wonderful poets, I would like to honor them. How do you honor a poet? Well I could try my hand at a poem  but my efforts would fall far short of their skills so I decided to ask them to each honor us with one of their poems~Onisha

Happy Poetry Day



Somewhere there’s a place for me-

A place I have a need to be..

A  new plateau, a goal to meet-

Purpose, direction, without defeat.

Oh, God, give me strength

to greet each day-

with a cheerful countenance-

Don’t let me sway.

Please let me focus

on the issues of life

That bring joy to others,

that relieve their strife.

To have victory over

the enemy called “Fear”-

The energy and stamina to persevere.

And Lord, if any little word of mine

can help another soul-

Help me find that little word

to meet that needed goal.

Louise Gibson


Free Verse Poem

“Get in the box,” I said.

“I don’t fit!” He screamed.

“You must become

Rhythm, rhyme, formal verse.”

“I won’t!”

I picked him up by his scrawny neck,

Stuffed him in and closed the box.

He suffocated, poor little free verse poem.

Rest in peace.

DiVoran Lites

2 Responses to “National Poetry Day”

  1. Anonymous October 3, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    Hope my two favorite poets had a wonderful day!



  1. picturemypoetry - October 3, 2013

    […] National Poetry Day ( […]


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