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31 Days of God’s Comfort~Day 31

3 Jul

Painting and paraphrase by DiVoran Lites


Day 31


Isaiah 41:10



Come let us talk reasonably together.

You need not evade or hide.

I know you and love you.

I am not angry with you.

At one time, your sins were like scarlet,

But now you are as white as snow.

Don’t be afraid to approach Me with anything.

Look for answers in My word.

Study My word and you’ll know my will.

Just the Two of Us.

14 Jun

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles

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With permission Wiki.

There he was, the main character, doing what he does best as the stunt man for one of the most popular action-packed shows in Disney World.

Among the audience of thousands, on the third row, nestled in her grandma’s lap, his 3-year-old daughter’s eyes danced with delight. She followed his leaps in the air, daring walls of fire and dropping from incredible heights. His skill displayed in the midst of the action that exploded all around that huge stage.

Then it happened. For a second, he glanced into the crowd and locked his eyes with his little girl’s. Then with a subtle move, he lifted his right hand and gave her an “I love you” sign.

Her chubby legs wiggled back and forth, making her brown curls bounce around her cheeks. And with a grin of delight, she made the same sign with her tiny hand back to him.

For a few seconds, there was a magical connection between daddy and daughter. The sign was for her. And her response was for him only.

Isn’t that the way God also connects with us? In the midst of His divine performance of making the universe happen, the sun  radiate, the moon shimmer and the stars light up the dark night, He’s sending an “I love you” sign to each of us, individually, personally and directly.

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