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Stop That Thief

21 Apr

From the Heart

Louise Gibson



His name is “Loneliness”.
He steals our contentment.
I didn’t recognize his strategy
until I suffered from resentment.


Being alone is not always a choice-
Circumstance plays a role.
Prepare your heart for the inevitable.
Prevent it from taking a toll.


Use your ‘alone time’ as a blessing.
Plant the seed of creativity and watch it
You may amaze yourself.
You are far more talented than you know.


Church in the Wildwood by DiVoran Lites

Keep Your Eyes on the One Who is Invisible

2 Sep

From the Heart

Louise Gibson



As a child, who did you go to for answers?
As a teenager, who was your “go-to” friend?
As an adult, do you have a mentor who helps you
find answers you seek?
You can engage the wisest person in the universe
as your councilor to the end.


(Without council, plans go awry,
but in the multitude of councilors
they are established. Proverbs 15:22)


Move in the direction of life, not fear.
Stand on the promises of God, our Savior,
He promised to always be near.


If you are feeling “in the dark”,
look up to “The Light”.
Keep your eyes on the one who is invisible,
He will guide you safely through the night


Light in the dark



Think Higher and Feel Deeper

22 Jul

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson




Just as our body requires exercise,
we need to stretch our mind.
Think higher and feel deeper;
To yourself be kind.


Open your heart.
What do you want the world to know?
It’s never too late to plant the seed of optimism,
and stand in awe as you watch it grow.


Every day is a blessing.
Keep looking up, dear friend.
Put your trust in our Savior.
Life on earth is not the end.


Psalm 100
Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all ye lands.


“The holiest of all holidays are those kept
by ourselves in silence and apart.
The secret anniversaries of the heart.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

man on mountaintop arms raised

Reflections of the Heart: January 2007

22 Jan


From the Heart
Louise Gibson
Louise Gibson
My kitchen has always been a busy place 
that occupies my days.
It welcomes family and friends alike
And serves in many ways.
It has a picture window
where I often stand to view
The fascinations of nature
While cooking, perhaps, a stew.
I wonder why the Blue Jay
defies the danger of its play,
As he swoops down on the patio
to the cats’ bowl everyday.
I put bird seed in the feeder
so safe up in the tree.
Why he prefers the cats’ food
is a mystery to me.
And the scrawny little Hibiscus tree
was an epic in the making.
Oft full of buds that never bloomed,
My attention I was forsaking.
As I poured my morning coffee one day,
I glanced, as I always do,
 to see what nature had in store for me-
My senses to renew.
Oh, Lord, I can’t believe my eyes.
Is that really a flower I see?
What glorious color, and, oh so proud 
Is that small Hibiscus tree.
Frost warnings came on the news all day-
“Protect your plants”, the newscasters say.
So I spread the mulch over the roots of young trees
Praying, “Keep them all safe, dear Lord, please”
As I approached the small Hibiscus tree,
reality set in-
It’s leaves were dry and curled up,
much to my chagrin.
The tree was supported by a tall green stick,
tied with a plastic band.
As I reached to straighten the little tree,
it broke off in my hand.
The beautiful flower was its swan song-
It must have known its fate.
It rewarded my window wonder
before it was too late!
by DiVoran Lites

by DiVoran Lites


Source: Reflections of the Heart: January 2007

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