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Let Me Tell You About My Grandchildren~ Katie Part 2

28 Jan


Judy Wills 



I mentioned last time that we have two sets of grandchildren – one set (boy and girl) from our oldest daughter, and one set (boy and girl – twins) from our youngest daughter.

I also mentioned that our oldest granddaughter, Katie, has complained that I have written about all the grandchildren except her! So I wrote that post for Katie. And so is this one. I’ve remembered some things about her that I would like to share.

I mentioned that Katie has recently graduated with a degree in Theatre Design and Management. Her specialty is stage management. And she’s very good at it! When she was here back in September of 2017, Fred and I took her to see La Nouba at the Cirque du Soleil at Disney Springs. Fred and I have seen it several times, but Katie had never seen it. While I knew she would enjoy the show – it is very much like a three-ring circus at times!! – I also knew she would be keeping an eye on all the production end of the performance. That’s just her nature now. She did just that, all the while enjoying that magnificent performance. We are sorry to see it ending in 2017. We hope they will bring another type of performance like La Nouba to this venue.

Katie, Karen and Brian came down for a visit January 1st this year for a few days. The weather was not the best, and so we thought to do some things indoors. One of the things we did was to take them to Disney. Well, we parked the car at the Polynesian Resort at Magic Kingdom, hopped aboard the Monorail, and got off at all the resorts along the Monorail track. We saw all the Christmas decorations still up in the Grand Floridian Resort, and Polynesian Resort, and the Contemporary Resort. It’s a fun thing to do, and free. And Disney really does it up right!


Credit Google Search – Grand Floridian Resort

Here’s a picture of her in front of the Gingerbread house in the Grand Floridian Resort.



While at the Contemporary Resort, we came upon a “Gingerbread” stand – there was a small gingerbread house, with a booth where one could purchase a cookie and cider.


Credit Google Search – Contemporary Resort

As we were ogling the display, we noticed a remote-controlled BB-8 rolling around. It rolled toward Katie, and stopped and “looked up” at her. Katie was enthralled!! It is a memory to keep, for sure! (P.S. – in case you don’t know who BB-8 is – it is a robot from the Star Wars series)



Karen told me once that Katie had asked her why Grandpa (Fred) called everyone “Jack?” Well, you see, when Fred gets upset with other drivers, he says things like, “where did YOU learn to drive, Jack??” And other goodies. Just a name he pulled out of the hat to call other drivers.

I know there are other funny and adorable things about Katie that I will remember in future times, but at the moment, these are for my readers to enjoy. I have most certainly enjoyed remembering them and putting them to paper.

Katie – I love you! Granny



















Let Me Tell You About My Grandchildren Forrest~Part 2

8 Mar


Judy Wills




As I began my story about my grandchildren last time, I told you that our oldest daughter and her husband gave us our first grandchild – a boy, Forrest.1


Last time, I forgot to add this picture. It’s one of my favorite pictures of him and his dad.



Karen has often said that she was just a “vessel” for her children. They both take after their dad’s side of the family. And you can really see it in this picture.


There was a bit of competition between us and the other grandparents. Forrest is the oldest grandchild on both sides. As a matter of fact, the other grandparents (grandpa especially) tried to get Forrest to call us “Aunt Judy” and “Uncle Fred.” So we had to correct him every time we saw him.

In mid-1990’s, Fred and I moved to Florida. Brian brought his family down that first Christmas, and of course we went to Disney. Later, the other grandpa stated that HE had wanted to be the one to introduce Disney to Forrest, but then we “went to Florida and bought the place up!” One up for the Wills side!

When he was learning his “ABC’s” we would say a word association with whatever letter he spoke. He did fine until he got to “G” – and I would say “Granny.” He would just look at me and grin – but wouldn’t say Granny. Took him quite a few years to call me that. Never did figure out what the hang-up was.

Our family has always been heavily involved with whatever church we found ourselves members of. Karen was brought up in this environment. Her husband, Brian was the son of a pastor, so he was, as well. So it was no surprise to see that family heavily involved in their church. When they moved to the Chicago area, they found a large church that they loved. Lots of good Bible study and classes for the children.

About 10+ years ago, that church decided the Lord wanted them to branch out and plant another body of believers. They began meeting – and still do – in a local high school. Karen and Brian felt the Lord leading them to be part of that new body of believers, and volunteered to help establish it. But because it was a small grouping, Forrest and Katie still attended the original church for their youth functions.



Forrest and Katie have both been on mission trips, sponsored by this church. Forrest went on several mission trips, including one to South Africa. He loved it all.



He is a delightful young man. When he graduated from Wheaton College, he had some choices to make about employment. But his heart was in a Christian program called Alpha (alphausa.org). It is an evangelistic program that was started in England, but has outreach in our country and others.


There is an office near where Forrest and Alyssa live, and he accepted a job with them. They are pleased to have him, and he is delighted to be working for the company. He loves the Lord greatly.

As I said last time, we are so very proud of Forrest, and thank God for his presence in our lives. God gets all the glory for this young man.







9 Nov

On the Porch

Onisha Ellis

Friday my husband, our daughter and myself drove from Florida to the mountains of North Carolina. I read on Facebook that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park had a large snowfall during Hurricane Sandy and I couldn’t wait to check it out. The highest point in the park is Clingman’s dome and the road up to it is closed during the winter beginning December first, so this would be a rare opportunity to visit it covered in snow.

Saturday we picked up our two grandchildren and loaded the car up with an assortment of jackets, plastic sleds and picnic supplies. When we arrived at Clingman’s Dome the parking lot was jam-packed. Jumping out of the car we were hit by a cold wind and hurriedly pulled on jackets, scarves, hats and gloves. It was at least twenty degrees colder up there! Due to the ice and our fear for our old bones we didn’t make it to the top but the grandkids still had a blast.

Next we drove to Newfound Gap and had an unconventional picnic before moving on to the area we affectionately call “sled hill”. The children are sledding pros and quickly owned the hill. Rebekah took several rides down the hill as well. As for me, I did take one ride and loved it, but bowed to prudence and gave up my sled.

Seeing our grandchildren having fun was worth the trip but something else made it really special. We ended up having two sleds not in use. As families came to watch we offered the use of them. Some families accepted, some didn’t. One little guy was with his grandpa and had been begging to go sledding. He was quite brave and bold as he came down the hill laughing. Best of all was a group of young men in their twenties. From their appearance and accent, I think they may have been from India. I got the impression they might be seeing snow for the first time. They tentatively picked up some snow, rolled it around in their hands and made a snowball. Watching them, I noticed how their eyes followed the sledders. I decided to be bold and ask them if they would like to sled. It was interesting to see their internal struggle, should they or should they not. For a second or two I was afraid my offer may have offended their sense of dignity, then decided what the heck. I offered again in a teasing voice, “come on, you know you want to try it, just do it”. Their eyes dashed from one to another until one of the more mature appearing men stepped forward and held out his hand. What fun they had! They all took turns.

During the time we were there we shared the sleds with children, adults and differing races and nationalities. It was one of those rare perfect days. I wish it could have lasted all week.

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