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You Are a Star!

12 Aug

From the Heart

Louise Gibson



We can’t all be in the Olympics,
(nor do I want to be)
In spite of the expectations of others.
I truly just want to be me!


Being good isn’t good enough
to meet another’s expectations.
I’ll be the best I can be,
but I have to be Me.
“What do you see in your reflections?


God created us just as we are.
He had a plan, don’t you see?
In His plan for your life You are a Star!
But I will still remain me!


Oh,but God has a plan for all of us,
Even though we can’t all have top billing.
On the “Stage of Life” we all have a part.
To serve takes a heart that is willing.


God, Himself, came to seek and to save.
What an example He set for you and me.
Lay down your life for your fellow man.
We are here to serve all humanity.

1 Samuel 12;14 “Thou shall fear the Lord and serve Him”.





18 Sep

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson



At the end of my days, how will God evaluate
the time spent with my fellow man?
Will I have satisfied the commission
of our Lord’s ultimate plan?


Will I have loved my neighbor
as well as myself?
Will my “Must do” list be completed,
or still found on the shelf?


Did I abandon the longings,
the dreams, the vision?
Did I give in to circumstance,
the need for decision?


The still small voice of the Spirit
breaks through.
“My child, stop fretting.
I’m not through with you.”

The Key to Happiness Is Not in Someone Else’s Pocket

12 Jun

From the Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders

We can’t control all the circumstances in life,
But we can control how we react.
An attitude of optimism lightens the load.
That truly is a fact.

Negativity is heavy,
like a backpack we should remove.
When we work on our attitude,
our whole demeanor will improve.

There is something more to life
than what we can see.
Who we really are
Is our true identity

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